Beautiful!     May 26, 2020
By A. C.  (MA)
I bought and took this course like 8 years ago. I have been taking other courses, including the Light Body ones but somehow, my eyes came to this download that I had forgotten I had and decided to do a "refresh".

Gosh! I had forgotten how beautiful this course is! The course is supposed to be very basic, but it is so helpful.

This course is a great point to start if you are new to these meditations and a great point to "go back to the basics". My suggestion is print the transcripts, read them before doing the meditation; it will help so much in keeping focused.

Love it!     May 20, 2014
By C. W.  (CA)
I have found great JOY in the audio series Living With Joy!! Love it and have shared with several others who have also discovered joy through it. I have bought and used many singular audio journey--started with Self-Love and still use it.

Life changing!     January 26, 2014
By W. H.  (Germany)
I was going through a very difficult phase last summer, and the book Opening to Channel came to me 'accidentally'. Its Kindle version was bought by me---but I did not know how or why I bought that book as I was never thinking about channeling. Later in autumn, even tougher things happened, it was so hard that I did not know how I should feel or react. I began to read Opening to Channel but I realized it was not a good time for me to do channeling because I did not feel well enough. But I was drawn to this book - Living With Joy, and its audio course as well. It worked immediately. The first time I listened to it before bed, I felt being surrounded by a field, and had a weird feeling on my heart, and I could remember nothing about what Sanaya was saying. But in the next morning, my depression was gone, I had it since about 7 or 8 years and always had problem getting up early. But it is gone now and everyone realized my change immediately. Further I studied other courses and single meditations of Orin and DaBen in the last two months, I never did any course completely or sequentially, just listened to the tracks I felt drawn to. My life was changed and is still being changed by these materials, sometimes I could feel an immediate change, especially when I lost my consciousness and really did not know what I was listening to. Many thanks for your amazing work!

Expanding capacity for joy!     December 2, 2012
By G. B.  (CA)
The audio courses that go along with the book, Living With Joy, are a wonderful collection of journeys by Orin. These meditations have really helped me to integrate the material from the book in deeper and more profound ways. I love to return to them again and again through the years; each time I get something brand new from them. Thank you for all your wonderful work! Each and every audio course by Orin and DaBen is pure joy.

it has brought so much love and energy my way     October 27, 2010
By M. R.  (Great Britain)
Hello everyone at Orin DaBen, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do. I'm half way through the Living with Joy book and audios ... wow! it has brought so much love and energy my way and I am now on the way to creating a wonderful business, sharing my gifts with others.

I absolutely adore the Creating your highest future room and affirmations room, I visit them every day, several times a day in fact, they keep me focused.