Amazing and incredible     July 11, 2016
By R. G.  (Australia)
Oh my God, INCREDIBLE! My relationship with DaBen is relatively new, but I have loved Orin for years and years. When the meditations start, my heart melts and my face lights up at the sound of Orin through Sanayas beautiful voice.

Yesterday was AMAZING! I did the You are a Master, Compassion and nectar nectar nectar and just the perfect timing (of course). I learnt so much yesterday, and today I go off to another dimensional planet and meet some one who ACTUALLY WNTS TO SPONSER ME! ME. She was so lovely, I was blown away at than, then we blend with her Master who wanted to receive my experiences and share hers with mine! Soooooooo cool! I realise I am not altogether eloquent in my words, but WOW! The best fun in my life and I've had an awesome life! School was never this wicked fun :-). Hugest love, infinite love xxxxx

My heart explodes with love     July 6, 2016
By R. G.  (Australia)
I'm a light body student, I'm up to Staying Neutral. I just wish to share how extraordinary I feel and how grateful I am to DaBens teachings. Incredible. I would love to become a worthy light body teacher when the time comes. No words can express my gratitude to Orin and DaBen for what you have taught me. My heart explodes with love

Moving into the True Heart Center     May 26, 2015
By S. S.  (CA)
There is so much about this series that I love. I love that what is transmitted isn't a dogmatic box of do's and don't. I love that the awakening of each center is both purely the consciousness and light of the center, and as unique as the souls expression. And the journeys... I come back to them often because I've always felt a special connection to Orin.

The Ranthia is bliss. Even today, years after the course I am moving deeper into trust, love, and allowing the God/Goddess/All that is to move through me, so that I can move with it. The other centers are wonderful tools as well, teaching me how to shift energies, move through stuck emotional layers of being, and not just for myself, it's instrumental in shifting energy in the environment around me, clients, homes, work.

The journeys build upon themselves, you rise upon the building. Where I felt that the first journey was initiatory and a "shift" these second set transmissions take you deeper into the mystery of your being and the metaphysical world.

VERY Highly Recommended     October 31, 2012
By B. P.  (MS)
When I finished working with Part One, I was still somewhat skeptical. I couldn't tell if it was because the AYLB course really was having an effect on me or if it was just because of the powerful spiritual/psychic awakening I had experienced in July of this year. In reviewing some of my old things, like Reiki, I found that I do have an easier time working with and understanding older materials but nothing gave me reliable connection to flowing energies around me like the vibrational centers of the Light Body course. My complaint was that it could be too subtle or I wouldn't start to really feel the energies flowing until right at the end of a meditation. Working with the Ranthia center has deepened, expanded, and increased all of my sensations of energy. I am now feeling the energies flowing around and through me within the first minute or two of meditations and by the end of it, I am floating, peaceful, happy... I'm clairsentient, so I can't really observe the Ranthia mentally very well. I just bring up an image, let it go, then just ride the feelings. When I started doing that, it REALLY deepened and has been more profound than anything else. My life hasn't changed that much since I started working with the centers - my life had to change dramatically to put me in a space where I could work with them. Now it's my INNER life that has been changing and I love every minute of it. I am so prepared for the rest of this course and am so thankful for my supportive and loving family and the light body teacher they ended up guiding me to. Thank you so much for what you do! :)

Thoroughly Enjoying     October 18, 2010
By S. L.  (NY)
I am thoroughly enjoying the light body course and am so appreciative of finding this resource.

My Favorite Thing in My Life Right Now     October 13, 2010
By M. C.  (CA)
Thanks so much for this. I am working with Part 2 Awakening Your Heart Center. I just wanted to give you feedback and thank and gratitude for this series. It's pretty much my favorite thing in my life right now. I love the energy of it.

thank you     October 5, 2010
By S. L.  (WA)
I just want to tell you what a difference you have made for me in my life. I'm so grateful that I began studying the Awakening Your Light Body course. It has returned me to my higher self in ways that I couldn't have imagined and my personal evolution is ever unfolding.

Over the course, I transformed the paradigms that gave me my perception of life in new and exciting ways. I left my ambition driven life and found my purpose in life, establishing my own business. Looking back, I shed old habits and ways of being like resentment, my need for the approval of others, smoking, eating meat, etc.

I look forward to our continued journey of expansion, love, light and information and thank you and all of the higher frequencies from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you     August 12, 2010
By D. M.  (Czech Republic)
Dear Orin and DaBen, I thank you very much for everything. I am now beginning the 5th part of Awaking Your Light Body. I love it, my life begins to change and I feel, that it is the way for me.

By -. -.  ()
I have been married for 25 years and I had given up on my husband complimenting me or offering to assist me around the house. Miracles have been happening. I have been running the energy every day, occasionally working with Orin's journey on forgiveness to forgive my husband for not being more considerate. One day he washed the car for me, and he hates washing the car. Another day he told me how nice I looked. He continues to change in ways that amaze me-I love it!

By -. -.  ()
My husband has tolerated all the "New Age" things I have studied for years, but never been enthusiastic about them. Whenever I took a class or tried to talk to him about a book I was reading that excited me he usually smiled but acted bored. I was running the energy, not even focusing on him, when he came into the room and said, 'Honey, whatever you are doing is the best thing you have ever done. I have never seen you so happy, so peaceful, and so enjoyable to be around.' It is the first time in 20 years of marriage he has acknowledged what I am doing as something valuable. I had tears in my eyes afterward.

By -. -.  ()
I had been trying so hard to make my relationship with my girlfriend work. The more I ran the energy the more I saw how judgmental and negative we had become toward each other. I knew then that one of us had to have the courage to end the relationship. We had both been staying in it out of fear of leaving, not because our relationship was making us happy. I was so nervous about talking to her I ran the energy for an hour beforehand. I pictured us parting with love and remaining friends. After our talk I could not believe how well things went. I ran the energy, stayed in my Ranthia, and was able to feel calm during what would have been a most difficult, painful conversation in the past. I have never been able to stay calm and centered during an emotionally confrontive situation. I have never seen her stay calm, be easy to talk to, and respond so lovingly to such a confrontive conversation. We agreed to part, yet stay friends. This works!

By -. -.  ()
I never liked that my husband did not communicate his feelings to me. The more I opened my heart, the more I wanted us to be close, and the harder I tried to get him to talk, the more resentful I felt when he did not respond. I felt very unloved for a while, and even considered getting a divorce. I stayed with those feelings, ran the energy, and had some very startling insights about myself. I came to realize that I was not in touch with my own feelings and that I was denying myself doing the things I wanted to do. I began to accept my feelings more and started nurturing myself in small but significant ways. I stopped focusing on what he was doing wrong. I would include him in my awareness when I ran the energy, that is all. Slowly, things began to change. He would come into the living room (he never sought my company in the past, I was always the one trying to get more attention from him) and started talking to me more frequently. Although things are not perfect, they are better than they have ever been.

By -. -.  ()
I was working with a man who was dying. Normally the death process is very painful for people with traumatic injuries, as they are physically uncomfortable. I took the man's hand and ran the energy. I simply included him in my awareness. He changed instantly, calming down, and his entire body seemed to relax. I watched him cross over peacefully. I have never felt such energy. One of the other doctors came over and commented that she had never seen such a peaceful transition. I have been able to use these energies with remarkable results in many other less critical situations.

By -. -.  ()
Even though people had issues coming up that they needed to work through, they felt the quality of their lives was increasing. Over and over people wrote, "I feel more alive." "I would not trade these experiences for anything-being on this path is the most wonderful thing I have ever done." "I feel I am really on my path and there is a joy in meeting the challenges that I experience." "I know changes are occurring at a deep level. This is what I have been waiting for."