FANTASTIC!     May 6, 2015
By L. H.  (CO)
I love the course! It is the most amazing thing I have ever done!

Forever grateful     June 13, 2013
By H. A.  (Iceland)
I am really happy with my purchase, I have been wanting to take this course for years and years, now finally the right time has come for this unique experience. I´m really enjoying this. Duane is really an extraordinary human being for being able to channel these unique journeys to the rest of us. I am forever grateful for being given the opportunity to receive all these energies.

Fantastic Adventure     August 26, 2010
By J. M.  (Netherlands)
I would like to thank you again, this 2010 year was amazing. After the seminars I feel so fulfilled, this year for the first time I feel in total alignment and the connection is always there, is very solid. Also giving the Self-Exciting training as a teacher had brought me new dimensions which I translate easily in daily life, also for my students. I feel very grateful for this fantastic adventure.