Amazing     February 2, 2017
By L. B.  (Canada)
Hi everyone, I just listened to a first few journeys of these series and it's absolutely amazing. I want to say it's the best album yet, but they are all so different..

I can typically look at your work and get a good energetic signature of the content. I definitely felt drawn to the album below, without much thought almost on an impulse.. but then when I was looking at the downloads.. I couldn't really pick up any frequencies from them, as if all the energies went silent.

Then 2min. in the first journey I had a very profound realization on how to shift energy in a group setting and it was so simple, felt like child play.. as I kept going and even later during the day I could see positive implications that could be massive on the global scale.

Anyways, I am just so amazed this is getting better and better! More fun.. I've been meditating with Orin and Daben almost every day for the past twelve years and I really wish I get to meet you guys in person soon.

It's incredible.

Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work!

I also want to add.. my life has been super amazing lately and definitely the sense of harmony has increased tremendously. It's as if the frequencies from your October 2016 (LB968) seminars started to seep into my life way before I actually made an effort to learn them. By osmosis.