Feedback     June 21, 2019
By R. A.  (FL)
I completed LB967: Accessing Greater Depths of Your Being a few days ago. It was an insightful, transformative experience, and the shifts I experienced reached new levels of my awareness. It was also highly instructive, helping me understand essential parts of what is needed for me to move forward on my path through both experience and explanation in the talks between journeys.
I know that my life currently has the flexibility to allow for the tremendous shifts available from that course, but my earth plane life and conceptual models did not have as much flexibility at the time that the course was offered live. The spaces are readily accessible. I was able to experience shifts and see in new ways in advance of some of the descriptions in the talks.
I welcome these shifts now as I live in and experience the energies more fully, manifest new ways of making a living, manifest new connections, and manifest more compatible expressions of friendship and other significant relationships in my life. I thank DaBen, all the beings of light, and everyone who makes this possible.

Mood improved drastically     June 1, 2016
By R. A.  (FL)
Drastic improvement in mood has occurred.

A Healing for Humanity     June 1, 2016
By R. A.  (FL)
It seems like this is a healing of consciousness for humanity.