Consciousness profoundly changed     March 15, 2018
By R. W.  (Great Britain)
I've studied the AYLB courses, through Radiance, teacher's courses, luminous body and am now studying Being.

I wanted to write and thank you for assisting me in accessing the Being states. I do really love expanding my consciousness but I felt that this went further and the base consciousness I'd been using on the Earth plane has changed profoundly, like shifting to a new kind of continum. Well that's my perspective now, since the last seminar it has felt at times that I was self-exciting number 10s and had begun mass producing them. But as always the growth and beauty that brings me are profound and lasting and worth ruffling a few personality feathers for. So my deepest thanks and I look very much forward to registering for the upcoming seminars over the next couple of days and experiencing that which is currently beyond me to conceive of.

Many thanks

Blissful Nature of Luminous Light     November 19, 2017
By R. A.  (FL)
This seminar brought exquisite experiences of bliss to my entire awareness and a whole new expanse of finer energy in which to explore the limitlessness of energies explored previously. In that expanse of finer energy it is easier and more gratifying to build skills and harmonies from previous courses. This is epic Light Body and expanded Luminous Body awareness. Thank you for this course and this journey into Being Luminous Light.