Joy     April 1, 2016
By R. A.  (FL)
This course is transformative. It has expanded the light in my being. I understand more of the ways that light is transmitted to Earth plane than I did before. It provides me a foundation for experiences with light that integrate well with all my spiritual studies. It answers my questions about how all the traditions I've studied coexist. I wanted clarity about the sources of light in the Universe, and the experiences in this course not only taught me more about them, but provided an amazing experience of them. Now I have a new perspective for understanding on the light I experience in other courses from Orin and DaBen. This course helps me tap in to amazing sources of light to apply in my life whenever I want to listen, but it also teaches that I am my source of light.

By E. S.  (Canada)
One set of tapes I keep going back to over and over again... is the entire set of MM020 - The Millennium Meditations, Vol 2, Expanding your Consciousness. I remember when they first came out, I thought they were terrific and one at least, a challenge - #11. My opinion about how wonderful they are hasn't changed, I still keep doing them in preference to the others.

By D. H.  (New Zealand)
I recently completed (and am repeating lots of the meditations) the 4 volumes of the millennium series. Absolutely loved them and feel I have got so much from them. I have all your books which I read periodically. Working with your materials is so incredibly transformational. Thank you so very much for all the wonderful materials you have created. It has helped me to begin loving others in beautiful ways, and (as I am a singersongwriter/musician) to create music that I love. Many, many thanks. Love and light