This book changed my life     April 6, 2022
By Y. B.  (Great Britain)
I don't even remember how I came to have a copy of it but I know it gave me an energetic upgrade when I read it 20+ years ago.

I *HIGHLY* recommend it to everyone. I am sure it helped changed my path for the better.

I am a better person     February 13, 2014
By C. L.  (VA)
This review is from: Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self (Earth Life Series) (Kindle Edition)

How many times have you heard people say that they are 'spiritual but not religious' and knew you were also in that same category? I was/am one of those people. A spiritual person may or may not feel comfortable observing religious ritual and may even be selective in which beliefs to follow. How, then, does a spiritual person find his/her way in the world?

"Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self" is a wonderful 'triptik' for this journey on earth. It lays out a path but says where do YOU want to go? It gives great tips of how to stay on the path, how to deal with the detours and, ultimately, how to feel at home in your own skin, wherever you are. At least, that is what it did for me. It was life changing and I am now enjoying the journey!

Like so many other people, I did not know what my Higher Self was but now I know that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I was ready. I know I am a better person for connecting with Sanaya Roman/Orin. I love all of your books and audio meditations. Thank you, Sanaya/Orin.

It is so tangible     September 19, 2011
By J. P.  (Canada)
I am reading Spiritual Growth & like the other books, I feel as if Orin is speaking or having a telepathic conversation with me as I read. It is so tangible as I read it & am underlining each line as it resonates so completely with me. I am going through many if not all of the transformations discussed - I am so grateful for all the books & cannot wait for more - THANK YOU! I am so grateful.

Spiritual Growth     July 28, 2011
By S. K.  (MI)
I have found "Spiritual Growth" to be extremely transformative, and I have recommended it to several people. I've had the pleasure of reading all of the Orin/DaBen books. However, Spiritual Growth is one of my favorites. It provides so many wonderful exercises to help people connect with their higher selves and create a more positive reality.

It is just amazing how different I feel!     July 7, 2011
By L. S.  (Great Britain)
I was just browsing Amazon as I had a £10.00 book voucher to spend and I came across "Spiritual Growth - Being your Higher Self". I just had to order it and it arrived yesterday.....I have read the first chapter and done the meditation exercise and I am feeling already such a profound shift in my energy that I feel so grateful to you for this book already! It is written in such a compassionate and beautiful way and I am keen to continue on my light's just amazing how different I feel! Thank you so much for this wonderful contribution to healing and light living.

I feel like a human sponge soaking up answers to questions I have had all my life     February 7, 2011
By B. T.  (CA)
My mother gave me a copy of Spiritual Growth many years ago. I just read it about 6 months ago. I have since picked up every book of yours I can get my hands on. The information is so powerful! I feel like a human sponge soaking up answers to questions I have had all my life. Now my best friend is hooked as well. Thank You.

This book has really enlightened me     December 6, 2010
By J. C.  (GA)
I am reading Spiritual Growth now (12/2010; I am almost finished. This book has really enlightened me regarding what I have been experiencing these past few years....(the shift)now I understand and I want to understand more.

resonated with my soul more than anything I have read     November 22, 2010
By J. G.  (TX)
Personal Power Through Awareness and Spiritual Growth were phenomenal books that resonated with my soul more than anything I have read in my life. I recently ordered Living with Joy and some audio meditations. I plan on meditating with you on the Inner Planes on Sunday mornings and have signed up to receive the newsletter. I am so excited to have this material available to help me and I send you my deepest love and gratitude for sharing it! I feel a deep connection with Orin already and look forward to studying with DaBen as well.

Read all the books     September 27, 2010
By T. M.  (Australia)
2010=I first read Spiritual Growth 9 years ago and then read all the others. Over the years I have often gone to a book on the shelf and picked out just the right page, paragraph etc to read. I have also lent and recommended your books to others. About 7 years ago I ordered and listen to the Creating Your Ideal Body meditations. Also I have been on and off the website and reading newsletters etc during this time. It is interesting how we are guided to that which we need at the time. In my practice, I work with people to identify and bring awareness to outdated beliefs as well as working on my own beliefs and transcending the ego. I was lead back to your site and was excited to see the transcending your ego series (mind you the ego wasn't as excited) I sat with it for a couple of hours to and froing "do I buy part 1 and then part 2 etc or buy all together?".. I went with the series and after I heard it I was very excited as it was exactly what I needed and fit into what was going to take me to the next levels of my growth. I do follow my guidance on which meditation to listen to and this has worked well for me. So I thank you for this wonderful series. Love and light.

Loved Spiritual Growth     April 1, 2010
By B. R.  (OK)
I loved the Spiritual Growth book and have ordered two more books and the meditations for Creating Money.

By -. -.  ()
I've read all of your books several times. Many of the pieces have fallen into place. I know what I'm here to do. I will never be the same.

By -. -.  ()
Spiritual Growth has made a phenomenal impact on my life in terms of energy, awareness and awakening. Keep the books coming!

By G. W.  (Australia)
I first came across your book 'spiritual growth' many years ago and it really felt like I was reading material that within, I already knew. Every chapter felt true for me and so powerful. 5-6 years on I am re-reading it and reading all of your books. I feel a great sense of peace and calm, not to mention personal power when ever I do. I love the playsheets and I believe they are very powerful in drawing in to your being all that has been covered in the chapters. I have just started listening to the meditations and I intend on purchasing some of your audio and music. I am very grateful for the time and effort you have put into sharing such empowering material.

By I. B.  (CA)
I have been studying the texts Spiritual Growth, Opening to Channel and Personal Power through Awareness for numerous years. I enjoy them all so much that I can't remember what life was like before I discovered these books. I have recommended them to friends who have been equally moved. Bottom line, they just resonate with truth to me.

By S. F.  (TX)
Spiritual Growth and Opening to Channel have made a remarkable difference in my life. The book Spiritual Growth is with me when I travel and is not placed on the bookshelves, I keep it in open view for visitors. I thank you for sharing Spiritual Growth with the world. Everyday I am able to experience new detailed accomplishments.

By J. H.  (United Kingdom)
Hello,i have read 3 books spiritual growth book,opening to channel, and just finished soul love, im just starting living with joy. I just want to say your books are fantastic!!!and I have strong feelings with them. I also feel different in myself PEACE! can I say a big thank you.

By D. B.  (CT)
I have been reading Living with Joy, personal power Through Awareness and Spriitual Growth over and over for nearly a year now. I can't put them down and have highly recommended them to another. Thank you. I have been on my path for nearly seven years now and have noticed and felt a tremendous difference in myself. I am more calm, (people have also told me that I have a calming affect on them), I experience inner peace, tranquility, joy, happiness and have opened my heart more, which I am still working on, as well as boundries. I am also working on keeping in balance when around negative or low energies, which has been a challenge for me. I look forward to receiving your newletters. I have evolved and grown a great deal in seven years; I continue to strive to become my Higher Self. I feel ready for World Service, although I have been in a slump time recenly, (another learning experience) however only good will come tomorrow and thereafter, as it always does. With love and light

By A. C.  (Australia)
I thought I'd share with you how helpful Orin's Book "Spiritual Growth" has been to me. I've had the book on and off for years, (I'd get one lend it out have to replace it and so on, put it down, pick it up again...) - any way,last week I picked up my "ole favourite" book "Spiritual Growth" by Orin. I have been reading it and find it so helpful, that it assists greatly with all the things I wish to do regarding Light, Energy, and lots of things that I've been studying in other teachings. But Orin is SO PRACTICAL, I feel alot of assistance is to be had by reading this book steadily from cover to cover. Previously I read it "open to a page" style (I still do that sometimes) but feel I am now ready for the full platter of Orin's Teaching. I think there will always be more and more understanding to come through his material, as I re-read it over the years to come. I think they are, in particular this book, very good for any stage one thinks one might be at on the path. It's one thing to read a book, another to be able to do what it says, to call in light, be your higher self, be transparent to certain energy etc.

By L. P.  (MA)
Hello I have been studying 3 of your books for many years - living with joy, Personal Power through awareness and Spiritual Growth. My life has changed so dramatically since I first began reading them that I am currently working on a memoir of my experiences with the intention of inspiring others to go for their dreams no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. The changes in my life have been so incredible, so full of love and joy that I want to pass this on through my story. I am writing today as it makes me feel that I am strengthening my intention and clarity about projects I am working on. And also, although I send my thanks daily, I have never written to you and thanked you personally and I wanted to convey my heartfelt gratitude. Hugs

By G. W.  (NJ)
Several years ago I first found your books in a bookstore. I had been fascinated by them... it was when I first began to understand what martial arts was all about... not fighting as you know.... Then they were put away until this past year... which has reawakened all those old questions and yearning for understanding.... I visit your site often and reread those books.. each time gaining a newer and deeper understanding.... thank you for putting me onto the right path of life... I am at a point now where I need to expand and gain even further knowledge.. develop more spiritually. The books that I am talking about are: Living With Joy, Personal Power thru Awareness, and Spiritual Growth.

By M. K.  (Thailand)
thank you for bringing these wonderful books into my life. I find them easy to read and they give me very good fact i see little transparent hearts coming out of the pages when i read them.This happens whenever i read really uplifting spiritual texts. I feel loved and clarity through these books and so i have bookmarked this page in my laptop as i spend a lot of time on it. I have in my bookshelf creating money,soul love,living with joy,personal power through awareness,spiritual growth and opening to channel. Although i have not finished reading all of them,i like having them around so i can browse through them .Thank you once again

By W. N.  (Hong Kong)
Please kindly include me in your transmissions of abundance from Orin and DaBen. I will connect this energy to others in Hong Kong as well. I have brought the following books a couple years ago after opening a page from one of the book. Amazingly, I immediately felt energy transmission from the page that went through me like charging a battery. Here are the titles: "living with joy" "Personal Power through Awareness" "Spiritual Growth" "Open to Channel" Most appreciate of your effort on helping those venture on their spiritual paths, and providing such a great platform for sharing Divine wisdoms and teachings. Please kindly update me on your mailing list. Blessings with Love

Spiritual Growth    
By S. K.  (MI)
I have found "Spiritual Growth" to be extremely transformative, and I have recommended it to several people. I've had the pleasure of reading all of the Orin/Daben books. However, Spiritual Growth is one of my favorites. It provides so many wonderful exercises to help people connect with their higher selves and create a more positive reality.