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We no longer offer any shipped product, including books and courses in CD format.  However, all books are available as eBooks and Audio is available in streaming/download format.  We can usually assist you in getting streaming to work on your phone or computer.

Ordering Online/ Finding a Product
Find a product you are interested in by going to our Browse/ Search Page where you can find what products or live seminars you are interested in, add them to your shopping cart, and then go through the checkout process. All the information you need to complete your order online is on the checkout pages.

Payments Methods Payment by credit cards and Pay Pal are best. Please do not send cash or international money orders. 

Payments made via PayPal are an easy, convenient way to place an order. You may use any payment method accepted by PayPal. You may want to set up a PayPal account.

Contact Us
LuminEssence Productions
1900 NE 3rd St #106-202
Bend, OR 97701 USA

Call our office, leave a message, and we will probably call you back if you are in U.S.A., Canada, or Mexico, however we might respond by email if we think that would be a clearer response.   If you leave a voice mail from other countries then we will probably email you due to the difference in time zones.  Whenever possible make sure we have a current email address for you.  If you need to change the email address associated with your account, you can do so after logging into your Member Area on our website.

Phone: 541-770-6700 (USA)

The most efficient way to contact us is to use our Guest Book.  If you have addressed your comments to Sanaya and Duane, please note that they are unable to personally answer you, however they do read your guest book messages and appreciate your comments.