Spiritual Sun
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Type: Music
Journeys By: Thaddeus
Contains: 4 Music Tracks
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: 2 Hours

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4 Music Tracks
Product Number: MS209
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1 Spiritual Sun Opening30:15$6.00
2 Spiritual Sun Lifting28:51$6.00
3 Spiritual Sun Vortex30:26$6.00
4 Illumination29:31$6.00

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Thaddeus music accompanies most of Orin's journeys and many of DaBen's Light Body journeys.
Go to Music Listening Room to listen to samples of all of Thaddeus' music tracks.
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The Spiritual Sun

Thaddeus' music is composed on synthesizers using strings, angelic voices, and other sounds that will take you into the great Central Spiritual Sun, the light of synthesis, beauty, and love. Become an infinite, endless, eternal light as you journey to the Spiritual Sun.

We are now offering Thaddeus' new music that we have been using in our light body seminars for several years. We use the music on The Spiritual Sun album for our most expansive, uplifting DaBen and Orin journeys in our seminars. This music lifts you to high, flowing, expanded states of consciousness as you listen. It is expansive and peaceful, and opens you to the consciousness of the Spiritual Sun, the light of beauty, perfection, and oneness.

You can play this music as background to help you sustain high, peaceful states, and to support feelings of joy and well-being. This music can also assist you in shifting into spiritual spaces, and to maintain those spaces throughout the day. This music can assist you in falling asleep at night, or at any time when you want to calm down or go at a slower pace, as it is very relaxing.

You can play it for group gatherings, a quiet dinner, peaceful times with friends, or use it to concentrate, focus, and be in higher states while you work. This is excellent background music for massage, or for using at the dentist or in a hospital to stay calm, and to set a healing space. You can play it while you teach or meditate, and to set a space of peace and flow while you do creative work of any kind.

Spiritual Sun Opening
Open to the Spiritual Sun as you bathe in its light. Thaddeus presents specific sounds and sequences of notes to assist you in expanding your consciousness in this great light of infinite awareness. Long sustained harmonies that lift you increasingly higher.

Spiritual Sun Lifting
Let your spirit soar! Feel the expansion of your heart as you listen to these chords and sequences that lift you to the Central Spiritual Sun. Many shifts of consciousness as possible as you listen.  Very soothing, calming music with long sustained harmonies of strings and other sounds.

Spiritual Sun Vortex
Enjoy traveling into a vortex of light and love as you move into the illumination of the Spiritual Sun. Relax and let this music take you on a journey into the light of higher consciousness. Every time you listen and journey to the Central Sun something will be transformed within you.  Music is some of Orin's most expansive and uplifting. 

Feel the illumination of the Central Spiritual Sun as it pours into your spirit and into your mind for mental illumination. Let this set a space of illumination where you can see and know your higher path more clearly, recognize light in yourself, in others, and release any energy that does not serve you.

This album has approximately 2 hours of music and is ideal for meditation, healing, relaxation, and for pure listening enjoyment.

A listener wrote: For me, each piece is an inspiration that lifts my consciousness toward the infinite perfection of the Great Spiritual Sun. I experience each musical journey as a seed that unfolds and evolves into greater harmony and balance, and provides me with opportunities for exploring the inner realms of consciousness. Each time I listen I have a completely new experience. This is some of Thaddeus' most beautiful music. It takes people to an even higher octave of consciousness than previously.

Another listener wrote: Thaddeus' music beckons the listener to become one with this great Consciousness of Divine Love and Grace and provides a doorway for an individual's consciousness to lift into this higher realm of Truth. It supports you making a bridge to this highest light so you can move to a higher octave of light.

About Thaddeus Music

Listen to 50 minutes of continuous Thaddeus music samples in the Thaddeus Music Listening Room. (Scroll down page.)

Sanaya has created a line of meditation music by working with an Angelic being called Thaddeus.  Thaddeus is an angelic being of light channeled by Sanaya who brings musical harmonies of love and joy, peace and harmony from his realm to you. His music is the background on all the Orin guided meditations and many of the light body meditations.  The music is soft, melodic, and uplifting. The music has been created on synthesizers using strings, harp, piano, angelic voices, and many beautiful sounds. Experience the amazing transformative qualities of this music as you play it for yourself or others.

Thaddeus' music can assist you in expanding your consciousness and connecting with the higher dimensions of light through the use of certain sequences and combinations of tones, the rhythm, the musical sounds used, and the reflection of the consciousness of Thaddeus himself that is contained in the music. The music is paced to relax your body and slow your breathing, opening doorways into higher states of awareness. You can use this music to heal your body, transform your emotions, and evolve your mind as you listen and draw these high, fine vibrations into your being.  

You may listen to this music as much as you want for pure enjoyment and to receive the energies being transmitted. These are excellent for background music for meditation, meetings with friends, classes, bodywork, yoga, or anywhere you want to set a healing, uplifting, relaxing space. Play this music at low volume while you sleep, or play it for loved ones who are ill. Experience the amazing transformative qualities of this music as you play it for yourself or others.

People's Comments About Thaddeus' Music
People have written us with wonderful stories about Thaddeus' music. Some have told us they do their best writing, thinking, art, and creative work while playing Thaddeus' music. Students say it helps them to study and concentrate. Many tell us it helps them reach and sustain a high place in their meditation. Some use Thaddeus' music for yoga, Reiki, deep breathing, and other practices where they need to reach and hold peaceful, high states. Massage therapists say it helps people relax and makes their bodywork more effective. Light body teachers and other teachers use it in their classes to assist class members in reaching high spaces.

Many tell us they play Thaddeus' music for company when they want people to relax and enjoy an evening of connecting and conversation. Some play Thaddeus' music to create a calm, peaceful space in their home throughout the day. Some people reported playing Thaddeus' music during a stay in the hospital, with amazing recoveries, in themselves or in others they played it for.

People tell us it works better than anything else they have tried to fall asleep and to wake up feeling refreshed. Others say it helps them feel emotionally balanced or to release negative energy. I hope you enjoy!

Story of Thaddeus' Music by Sanaya
As a child, I studied classical piano. Although I always dreamed of being a concert pianist, I didn't pursue that path, but enjoyed playing the piano whenever I could. Years later, for fun, I purchased a keyboard that could produce a number of wonderful sounds, such as piano, angelic voices, harp, and strings. One day, as I was playing the keyboards, I felt the presence of an enormous, radiant angel. I somehow knew that he wanted to join me to create music. I opened my heart to this lighted being, whom I now call "Thaddeus," and blended my consciousness with his.

Suddenly, my hands were guided to play chords and notes I could now hear with my inner ears. With Thaddeus present, my skill with music went way beyond my normal ability and limited knowledge of chords and sounds. Out of that blending with Thaddeus, a song was created that took me to a wonderful place of love and light each time I listened.

Since then, Thaddeus has come to join me a number of times to create musical pieces, each one with a special spiritual purpose. I cannot summon Thaddeus; I often wait weeks, months, or even years before Thaddeus is present to guide my hands and lift me up into his realms of angelic music.

As I create music by blending with Thaddeus, I often sense an enormous, sometimes fiery, angelic presence of great love and power. Through Thaddeus I begin to "hear" the prayers of humanity. Sometimes I hear children praying for their parents, or parents praying for their children. I sense people praying for help for themselves and others, and for the good of the world. I hear the soft voices of hungry children asking for food, of the sick praying to get well, and of those feeling unloved praying for love. Thaddeus is one of the angels that answers people's prayers. His music is one way of sending angelic healing energy to anyone who is open to receive it.

Thaddeus' music is created to help people awaken inner strength, to heal past pain, to lift out of denser energies into the light, and to link with the Beings of Light who always stand ready to assist.

Each musical journey by Thaddeus brings an opportunity for healing and for evolution. The titles and descriptions will guide you to the spiritual purpose of each musical piece that has been created.

Royalty-Free Use of Thaddeus' music
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Thaddeus Music

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