it works!     August 3, 2015
By A. L.  (CA)
Thaddeus’ music is so powerful for me because there are no words. You know I am a lover of words, a verbal person; but, it is SO refreshing to have these transmissions without any words. Their energy is always there, unfolding, and opening up new spaces. It works as background and it works as foreground. I am so grateful for the gift of this music and the transmissions you offer through it. It reaches between words, in the spaces where words do not go.

Thank you     December 29, 2010
By A. S.  (TX)
While all of Thadeus' music is good, the Spiritual Sun CD is spectacular! It just sends me off into high vibration every time I listen!! Thank you so much for your work! I hope to continue with the Light Body work and attend some of your seminars soon!

By S. G.  (MA)
I received my music CD today and am very grateful you are willing to share such light filled music for meditation. I record one meditation CD a month for my study program and also teach meditation. I will surely sing your praises. Thanks again. Blessings

By B. F.  (CO)
I have visited your website for many years and have used your music CD's as background music in my group meditations. These meditations seem to have a very special effect on my participants, they are always deeply affected by them, especially with SPIRITUAL SUN playing in the background.