DaBen's Light Body Consciousness:
Manifesting From Light Body Consciousness
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Series Title: Light Body Consciousness Connections and Manifesting Part 2 of 2
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 24 Meditations, Duane Talks
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: LB947

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Audio, PDF with Transcripts
Product Number: LB948
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DaBen's Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness

A Duane/DaBen Graduate Light Body Course
Prerequisite: Part 1: Exploring Connections with Light Body Consciousness


Welcome to DaBen's Manifesting From Light Body Consciousness course
With the completion of Part 1, Exploring Connections, you are ready to learn manifesting from light body consciousness. As you join the flow of life and become part of the ocean of consciousness, which was taught in Part 1: Exploring Connections, you move out of the old way of manifesting. You stop trying to get the universe to give you what you think you want.
Learn fourth-dimensional manifesting
Imagine that you are a two-dimensional being and that a fence has been created between you and what you want. It would appear as a rectangle. The only way through to getting what you want is by cutting through the fence, and so everything you study at this level would be about how to move through obstacles and cut through fences.
If you were suddenly given 3rd-dimensional consciousness, you would look from “above” at the two dimensional rectangle and realize you could simply reach in and take what you want, and that the rectangle was not an obstacle from this higher perspective.
Now imagine you have 4th dimensional consciousness. As you learn the light body consciousness skills taught in Parts 1 and 2, you will learn to view your ordinary, 3 dimensional reality from the 4th dimension. From this higher dimension, what appear as obstacles and limitations disappear.
As you gain consciousness of the process of manifesting, you can recognize that discovering and the creating of ideas begins the process of manifesting in your life. The clearer you are about the “source” of ideas and how they are connected to all of the energies in your life, the more you can make choices about what to manifest. You will be guided on many journeys to get creative, innovative, new ideas about many areas of your life.  You will learn how to play with ideas to determine which ones have the most potential to follow and bring into manifestation. 
People commented often during this course how many new ideas they had about all areas of their life; about their health, body, relationships, jobs, projects, career, and anything they focused on.
Manifesting is no longer about "how" to manifest,
but instead about "what" to manifest.
With this course, the “how” of manifesting becomes easier and more effective.  DaBen teaches you how to "match" the vibration between you and the form being manifested. In this way you can become conscious of manifesting your entire earth life.
You can experience abundance, peace, and joy in your life, enjoying gratitude, and able to find the flow of the energy of your life from the Immense Space to ordinary reality.
You can transform areas of
lack and limitation into abundance

In this course, DaBen offers many guided meditations where you can work with various areas of your life to transform any lack and limitation into abundance. If there is any area of your life you would like to work better, to have more flow, abundance, and forward movement, you will have many opportunities during the course journeys to transform them.  Shifting energy at the level of consciousness you will reach even just once during the audio course can change your life in wonderful ways. This shift can express as new opportunities, circumstances, ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking.
You let go of thinking that you will have more abundance if you work hard, put in more hours, worry, or convince people to do things. You no longer think that having what you want is dependent on someone else. You no longer experience obstacles such as lack of funds, opportunities, jobs, clients, sales, ideas, and so on.
You will learn how to manifest using all five levels
of light body consciousness, including connections.
You will develop more skill with the last phase light body consciousness, that of choosing to express, where after you have done all the "energy work" you will then choose what expressions of this energy to manifest into your ordinary reality.
In the Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness course journeys, DaBen will:
  • Guide you to start changing your life immediately, opening up new potential in every area of your life.
  • Teach you ways to increase your ability and skill of manifesting, aiding you in being able to manifest from the light body consciousness level.
  • Help you precipitate shifts at a higher level which can be manifested in many ways, some materially, and others as inner knowingness, peace, and new ideas.
  • Assist you in understanding how manifesting happens automatically – things begin to appear as you need them.
  • Show you how shifting energy at the light body consciousness level can change your life in wonderful ways, and you will have many opportunities to shift energy throughout the course for every area of your life.  This shift can manifest in many ways, including as new opportunities, circumstances, ideas, perspectives, and new ways of thinking. What you manifest will come about automatically and will be a reflection of the connections you have become aware of and the new potential you activate from this higher level.
  • Show you how you can work with various areas of your life to transform any areas of lack and limitation into flow and abundance. 
  • If there is any area of your life you would like to work better, to have more flow, abundance, and forward movement, you will have many opportunities during the course to transform this and other areas.
  • Aid you in realizing that what seems like obstacles and limitations from a lower level do not really exist.
Manifesting from light body consciousness involves finding the highest flows, choosing the energy you want from the higher level, and then learning how to express this energy in your earth life. Manifesting is more than just creating forms; it is about finding the highest expression of these forms so that everything you create lifts you, expands your life in some way, and contributes to all the energies around you.
In the new way of manifesting you focus on being in harmony with the universe and being a part of the flow. You trust that you will be carried by that flow into all the circumstances, relationships, supply, and situations that are perfect for you. You realize that if you don’t control things mentally, the universe will give you more and even better than what you could have thought to ask for.
Manifesting becomes automatic,
a natural outcome of your consciousness.
That is what manifesting from light body consciousness is about–moving into a higher consciousness that allows you to change things experientially from light body spaces, playing with the energies, making them more beautiful, opening to higher consciousness, and finding and following the flow. After you work at higher levels, you are in the flow, changes simply happen, and manifesting becomes automatic. Things work better. You are happy in areas of your life you have never felt happy in before. You have an increasing recognition that you have what you need in every moment.
Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness
is far more than manifesting an object.
It is manifesting your entire earth life.
Expanding your consciousness allows you to manifest everything in your life in harmony with your deepest being. The shifts you precipitate at a higher level will express or manifest in many ways, some materially, and others as changes in your consciousness such as more love, an inner knowingness of actions to take, feeling more peaceful, and a wider understanding of whatever you focus on.
Read an excellent article on Light Body Manifesting to better understand how this is done, and start now to manifest with your light body
This course was originally taught as a live seminar.  The audio has been professionally edited and produced to studio quality. Includes 24 DaBen journeys, numerous Duane talks and exercises.  Also includes PDF booklet with transcripts of all talks and journeys.
Teaching Light Body Consciousness
If you want to teach this and the Light Body Consciousnesses courses Levels 1-5, please go to Light Body Consciousness Teacher's Course, LB854 for these courses.

Light Body Consciousness Courses

DaBen's goal with these five courses is to create a shift for each of you and for humanity that in a significant, lasting, and new way, expands how individuality (the you that you know) can express itself. You can then live in cooperation with all the energies about you, and those in higher realms and dimensions as well.

DaBen has been putting out a call to those of you who are ready for this work.  He feels that this course can be as big a step in expanding your consciousness as your experiences of awakening your light body.  As a participant in the Light Body Consciousness courses, DaBen will include you in ongoing transmissions to support you in learning light body consciousness. You will receive transmissions from many beings of light throughout the course to support you in making this shift of consciousness. This series is much more than just a series of courses, for it offers you a new way of living, experiencing, and being in the world.

This series consists of five (5) DaBen Light Body Consciousness courses, with DaBen journeys and talks by Duane.  These are progressive, sequenced courses, and you will need to complete each level before moving onto the next level, as each level builds on the previous level.  You can study at any pace that is comfortable for you. 

Orin journeys are included with Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 to further assist you in making the transition to a new consciousness.
If you would like to meet others on a similar path, we recommend attending a live light body seminar, a wonderful way to meet other light body graduates.

Information about Each Level
All courses below include a PDF manual including transcripts of the journeys, and color artwork for your MP3 player that you can also print if you are burning CDs. 
LB941Level 1: Light Body Consciousness—Perceiving Energy, Developing Dimensions.  Contains 19 DaBen journeys and talks by Duane.  LB941

LB942Level 2: Light Body Consciousness—Discovering Equilibrium, Becoming Discernment.   Contains 20 DaBen journeys and talks by Duane and 2 Orin Meditations. LB942

LB943Level 3: Light Body Consciousness—Creating Focus, Mastering Flows. Contains 21 DaBen journeys and talks by Duane, and 3 Orin meditations called Expansions of Self.   LB943

LB944Level 4: Light Body Consciousness—Precipitating Shift, Manifesting Consciousness.  Contains 22 DaBen journeys and talks by Duane, and 10 Orin meditations called Birthing New Consciousness.  LB944

LB945Level 5: Light Body Consciousness—Being, Beyond Experience and Choosing to Express. Contains 23 DaBen journeys and talks by Duane, and 4 Orin meditations called Transitions to a New Consciousness.  LB945 

Awakening Your Light Body Path InformationFor information on graduate light body courses and how they relate to each other, read the Awakening Your Light Body Path Information, click on the picture.

Note from Sanaya and Duane to Light Body Graduates

If we have your Email address, you can receive special messages from us just for you, a Light Body graduate, in our Light Body eNewsletter.  We send these 2-4 times a year, and they can include links to online audio light body meditations as well as current seminar information and other light body news.  If you have not yet given us your email address, need to change your email address, or if we do not know you are a light body graduate, please create a membership, log-in and let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter.  You can also sign our Guestbook to let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter. All information you give us is confidential; we never share or sell your contact information.


2023 Graduate Light Body Seminar Dates and Titles
Dear Light Body Group, these upcoming courses have been canceled.
We have left them available for you to see what Duane and DaBen had planned for these classes and the dates should you desire to meditate at that time.
Your Light Consciousness
Mini-seminar Series - Light Body Explorations
Four monthly half-day mini-seminars, more than 20 DaBen journeys LB507E $375
Part 1 16 June 2023, Part 2 14 July 2023, Part 3 11 August 2023, Part 4 8 September 2023
Prerequisite is April 2023 Main Seminar LB985E
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Expanding Awakening Light Body Consciousness
Mini-seminar Series - Evolving Awakening Light Body Consciousness
Four monthly half-day mini-seminars, more than 20 DaBen journeys LB142E $375
Part 1 23 June 2023, Part 2 21 July 2023, Part 3 18 August 2023, Part 4 15 September 2023
Prerequisite Awakening Your Light Body graduate LB116E
Register or read more


Being Your Unique Light
Main Seminar, Second of Two in a New Series - Being Light
Three days, more than 25 DaBen journeys LB986E $575
20 through 22 October 2023
Prerequisite Awakening Your Light Body graduate LB116E
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Choosing Light
Mini-seminar Series - Light Body Explorations
Four monthly half-day mini-seminars, more than 20 DaBen journeys LB508E $375
Part 1 8 December 2023, Part 2 12 January 2024, Part 3 9 February 2024, Part 4 8 March 2024
Prerequisite October 2023 Main Seminar LB986E
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Weaving Consciousness Expressions
Light Play Seminar, mini-seminar format - Being of Light following October 2023 Main Seminar LB986E
Four monthly half-day mini-seminars, more than 20 DaBen journeys LB722E $375
Part 1 15 December 2023, Part 2 19 January 2024, Part 3 16 February 2024, Part 4 15 March 2024
Prerequisite October 2023 Main Seminar LB986E
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Prerequisites for all light body graduate seminars: You need to have completed DaBen's Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course or have taken it with a teacher to enroll in any of the graduate light body courses above.
To participate in the two-day Light Play seminars, you will need to have taken the Main Seminar as a prerequisite, as the Light Play seminars build on what was taught in the three-day (Friday through Sunday) Main seminars.
There will be four mini-seminars (Fridays, 9AM-12PM PST) offered in-between the April and October seminars for graduates of the Main seminars.


What preparation do you need to get the most out of DaBen's seminars?
You can have wonderful, expansive, and breakthrough experiences at all levels of study as you get into the energy spaces DaBen is transmitting. Success with DaBen's meditations is not about keeping up with the group or getting the same thing as everybody else is getting, (because everyone will have a completely unique experience as well). It is about opening to the individual opportunities that are the right ones for you.


During each journey DaBen transmits to you
whatever energies are next for you.


Each light body meditation can bring you incredible experiences and life-changing realizations. You will experience exactly what you need to shift into higher consciousness in whatever way is perfect for you. You can experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative as you participate in DaBen's seminar journeys. Each DaBen meditation offers you an opportunity to experience unique, memorable, and insightful experiences that will expand your consciousness.


DaBen's goal for every seminar is to offer you a significant shift in consciousness that is part of a larger path of reaching new and higher states of consciousness with each course. DaBen's goal for every journey is to offer you an opportunity to have a memorable experience. You can listen again and again, continuing to have peak experiences as you do.


In the upcoming seminars,
DaBen will offer you yet another immense shift in consciousness.


Each seminar is designed to be experienced and enjoyed without needing to complete the previous seminars in the series. However, every light body course you take will enhance your ability to experience what is being taught in the seminars.


As you open to the energies being offered you can shift into as high a space as you are able to experience. DaBen's transmissions will assist you in opening to a vastly expanded perspective of your life from a higher level, often from beyond the earth plane.  In this seminar series, you will reach these higher planes by going through portals, getting to meet and work with some amazing, highly evolved beings as you do.


As a metaphor, you might think of living in one room, where your perspective comes from just that room. Then one day you walk outside the room, and see that room is part of a house, with a whole environment around it. It completely changes your perspective of your room and your life in it. DaBen equates the room to living from an earth plane consciousness.