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Overview of Light Body Levels
  Light Body Study Sequence Chart of Levels and Path

Light Body Chart of Skills, Key States Taught at Each Level

Graduate Light Body eNewsletters
As a graduate, if we have your email address you will receive our graduate light body eNewsletters sent several times a year with information about graduate light body courses, seminars, and links to important information. (These are not the same as our physical newsletters.)

You are now eligible for Graduate Light Body courses

Congratulations on graduating from the Awakening Your Light Body course; this is a wonderful accomplishment! As a Light Body graduate you are eligible to order any of our graduate Light Body courses.  Refer to our Light Body Study Sequence Chart below for a better understanding of the light body courses and levels taught.

product imageTo continue on the Light Body path, we suggest working with DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting-Building Your Light Body (LB131) audio course, or any of the seminars that use the self-exciting skills, indicated in the chart below. The self-exciting skills provide you with a base for many of the new light body skills DaBen is currently teaching and will greatly help when you want to take more advanced graduate courses. 

product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct imageAlso suggested is DaBen and Orin's seven-part Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies (LB121-LB221) skills which help you fill in the frequencies of your light body so you can get into and sustain self-exciting states, as well as create your reality using energy and light.

Do I need to study these courses in order?

You can study any level at any time after graduating from the basic Awakening Your Light Body course. However, following the basic levels upward, i.e. moving from Awakening Your Light Body, to Self-Exciting and Frequencies, to Light Body Consciousness, to the Infinite Being series, then to the Luminous Body level and so on, gives you more skill as you continue to move into even higher levels.

However, during any of DaBen’s journeys you can experience states of consciousness that are many levels above the level taught in the course; all levels are available to you in each journey.

While you can reach higher realms without a foundation, you may not be as able to know what to do once you are there. It is like walking into a room where the light is too bright; it takes awhile before you can see and know what space and energies you are in. The lower levels give you increasing ability to “see” in a higher light, and more skill in interpreting the patterns and navigating the energies and flows as they change.

You do not need to complete all of the courses at any level to move to higher levels.

Every course you study will add to your foundation and skill with the energies as you explore higher, finer, and more light-filled realms and radiate that energy to your life and to everyone around you. In each course, DaBen teaches you the key light body skills needed to experience what is offered in that course. Always study the courses that most appeal to you.

You can have life-changing realizations and incredible experiences at any level, throughout each light body course and meditation.

All light body courses offer wonderful experiences. There is truly no "higher" or "better," for you can have breath-taking, profound, and memorable experiences in all light body meditations. At all levels of study, the light body courses guide you to experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, and deeply transformative.

Trust your intuition and take the courses that you feel drawn to, and trust that you will be guided from within to the next step on your path.

Graduate Light Body Seminars
As a light body graduate, you are eligible to take any of Duane and DaBen's graduate light body seminars. Please check out our seminar schedule here with links to upcoming seminars. You can participate in person, or take the seminars online, remotely.

Seminars: Be among the first to experience these energies - an incredible opportunity!

DaBen teaches his latest work and offers us energies that are new to the earth plane during each seminar meditation. You who participate in these seminars when they are first presented are opening up these energies for yourself and for humanity. You are at the leading edge of human consciousness. Because you will be among the first to open to this new consciousness, you will receive extra support by DaBen and many beings of light during and after the seminar times.

DaBen’s transmissions to you who are among the first to seed these energies for humanity are more intense and include many opportunities for you to move into much higher consciousness.

People who work with these energies after the initial opening are also very important, as later the energies are more set up, easier to find, and more stable. Those who follow later will be helping to solidify the development of the consciousness that supports the energy spaces being taught, as you do when you take any of the light body courses.

Am I skilled enough with the light body to do well at a seminar?

Yes! You can have expansive, breakthrough experiences at all levels of skill as you open up to the energy spaces DaBen is transmitting. You will experience exactly what you need to shift into higher consciousness in whatever way is perfect for you, and DaBen will transmit to you during each journey to assist you in getting the most out of the spaces he is teaching. 

You can experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative as you participate in DaBen’s seminars. Your experience will be amplified by the large number of people focused on expanding into these energies together in a similar time-frame. People at all levels of skill with their light body enjoy these courses and are able to lift higher than ever before.

Teaching the light bodyTeaching and Sponsoring Others in Awakening their Light Bodies
As a light body graduate, with the completion of the Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher's Course, (LB851) and DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting Course, (LB131) you have the light body skills you will need to teach by making the sounds of the centers as DaBen does. You will need to sign a Teacher's Agreement with LuminEssence, as well as an Internet Listing form if you want to be listed on our site as a light body teacher.

Go here for Information about qualifications for teaching various light body courses, including sponsoring others.
Download the free PDF Teacher's manual. This is included in the Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher's course.
Read more about sponsoring others in the Sponsor's Manual. When you sponsor others you do not transmit the sounds of the centers; instead you hold a focus for them as they listen to your audio course. Please see our rules on sharing your light body audio courses with others.

You can also teach graduate light body courses with the fulfillment of additional teacher's course such as the Radiance: Transmitting Self-Exciting (LB852)  and fulfilling certain qualifications.

Let us know if you plan on teaching or sponsoring someone, and Sanaya and Duane will send energy to you and your student(s). We will send you additional information when we hear from you. You can read about teaching by following the links on the left side of our website menu under Light Body Teachers.

An overview of Light Body Levels
There are five levels of the light body taught by Duane and DaBen so far. These are:

Level 1: The basic Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course. This is required before moving to the next levels.
Level 2: Self-Exciting and Frequencies, (Building and Filling in Your Light Body)
Level 3: Light Body Consciousness, (Higher Levels of the Light Body)
Level 4: Infinite Being, (Upper Light Body)
Level 5: Luminous Body, (Beyond the Light Body)

Do I need to study these courses in order? See above.

Throughout all courses you are developing a sensory system that allows you to lift above ordinary reality and sense higher and finer energies and beings. Every light body meditation expands your ability to experience energies that are closer to Source.  See the chart below for an idea of some of the keys to what you will explore at each level.

You can have wonderful, high, transformative experiences at all levels of study as you get into light body spaces, and you have the opportunity in each meditation to expand into the highest energies you can reach. Skill at the lower levels will assist you in having more depth to your experience of higher energies, in knowing how to navigate them, sustain and have a more in-depth experience of them.

Each light body journey can bring you incredible experiences
and life-changing realizations at any level of study.

The more skills you have with the light body, the better you become at translating the higher spaces back into insights, directions, and guidance. However, these skills are not necessary to experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative at all levels of study.  The journeys in all courses offer you an opportunity to experience many expansions of consciousness that will change your life and the way you view yourself, other people, and the world.

Light Body Study Sequence Chart of Levels and Path
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Click on the center circle to read more about that level.
View and download a printable PDF version of the charts and information below.


 Light Body Chart of Skills, Key States Taught at Each Level
Some key experiences you may have at various levels of the light body

Medicine Lake, California

Flight at 30,000 feet

The space station seen with the curve of Earth in the distance

Earthrise as seen from Apollo 8 Enjoy a fun analogy/ story of the light body path by clicking on any of the four pictures. 
Notice the story the four pictures are telling. Click on any picture to read an interesting story/analogy that can give you new ways to think about what you are doing as you awaken, build, fill-in, and lift into higher levels of your light body.  This story also gives you another way to talk about your light body journey to your friends. Light Body Exploring Infinite Being Channeling Series Light Body Consciousness Courses Light Body Self-Exciting and Frequencies Awakening Your Light Body Basic Course Awakening Your Light Body Basic Course DaBen’s Radiance Self-Exciting (LB131) DaBen's Light Body Consciousness (LB941-LB945) DaBens's Exploring Infinite Being Channeling Series Evolving Into Your Luminous Body Awakening Your Light Body Basic Course Light Body Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Light Body Divine Manifesting Courses Light Body Vision Courses Light Body Celebrations of Radiance Courses Light Body Ceremonies of Initiation Courses Light Body Radiance: Building Consciousness Courses Light Body Expanded Courses Transitions into Balance Exploring Connections Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness