Awakening Your Light Body Path - Key States and Qualities
(Some key experiences you may have at various levels of the light body)
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Enjoy reading a fun story/analogy of the light body path to better understand it.


Medicine Lake, California

Flight at 30,000 feet

The space station seen with the curve of Earth in the distance

Earthrise as seen from Apollo 8 Enjoy a fun analogy/ story of the light body path by clicking on any of the four pictures. 
Notice the story the four pictures are telling. Click on any picture to read an interesting story/analogy that can give you new ways to think about what you are doing as you awaken, build, fill-in, and lift into higher levels of your light body.  This story also gives you another way to talk about your light body journey to your friends.

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We have provided a suggested path of study as indicated by arrows in the overview chart below. You can study any level at any time after graduating from the basic six-part Awakening Your Light Body courses, and you do not have to complete the courses at one level to move to the next. You can have wonderful, expansive, and breakthrough experiences at all levels of study as you get into light body spaces, and you have the opportunity in each meditation to expand into the highest energies you can reach. Skill at the lower levels will assist you in having more depth to your experience of higher energies, in knowing how to navigate them, sustain and have a more in-depth experience of them.

Each light body journey can bring you incredible experiences
and life-changing realizations at any level of study.

The more skills you have with the light body, the better you become at translating the higher spaces back into insights, directions, and guidance. However, these skills are not necessary to experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative at all levels of study.  The journeys in all courses offer you unique, memorable, and wonderful experiences that will expand your consciousness. 

Evolving Into Your Luminous Body Light Body Exploring Infinite Being Channeling Series Light Body Consciousness Courses Light Body Self-Exciting and Frequencies Awakening Your Light Body Basic Course Awakening Your Light Body Basic Course DaBen’s Radiance Self-Exciting (LB131) DaBen's Light Body Consciousness (LB941-LB945) DaBens's Exploring Infinite Being Channeling Series Evolving Into Your Luminous Body Awakening Your Light Body Basic Course Light Body Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Light Body Divine Manifesting Courses Light Body Vision Courses Light Body Celebrations of Radiance Courses Light Body Ceremonies of Initiation Courses Light Body Radiance: Building Consciousness Courses Light Body Expanded Courses Transitions into Balance Exploring Connections Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness