A World of Opportunities Opening Up     January 30, 2013
By V. M.  (New Zealand)
This album truly is a blessing and opened up a world of opportunities for me - in knowing what to ask for and in honouring the truth of my Divine Self. It has made the path so much easier. Thank you Orin, DaBen, Sanaya, Duane and Thaddeus for your love and light.

Receiving from My Divine Self     December 29, 2011
By E. S.  (CO)
I have done many of the audio sets from Orin. This newer course on receiving has been profound. The structure of the meditations are different from the others I've done, but go very deep. Once you learn the process of receiving it gets easier and I feel a deep sense of inner peace.

Thank you     September 8, 2011
By M. G.  (Norway)
I have been learning through Orin and DaBen's meditations for about five years now. The Becoming your Divine Self series is the most recent one I have worked with and lead to a major breakthrough. I have just downloaded Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self and can't wait to get started on it. I would like to take this opportunity, Sanaya and Duane, to thank you for the invaluable work you do and the two wonderful Light Beings you channel. Love and Light

Healed my Migraine     August 22, 2011
By M. T.  (HI)
Thank you for your latest offering of Orin meditations, Asking and Receiving from your Divine Self. I have found the journeys to be engaging and useful. I worked through first 8 journeys, learning the process and steps. Then yesterday I was hit with a terrible migraine headache, for the first time in long time. I have asked for support from my Divine Self throughout this illness and received some relief but the difficulty remained. Then today I realized there was a journey for support of the physical body in this most recent series. I put on my headphones and sat with Orin and my Divine Self. Afterwards, I am still a little stiff and some soreness remains in my neck but my headache has finally abated and I feel mostly normal again. What a blessing and a gift to be able to connect to my deepest reality and realign with well-being in this profound and effective way. May you be blessed in this day and every day for all your work and all you offer.