Asking and Receiving From Your Divine Self
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Series Title: Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 13 Meditations, PDF with Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 6 hrs

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13 Meditations, PDF with Transcripts
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Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self

Orin Welcome to This Course
Orin created this course to assist you in opening to the infinite possibilities for good that await you in every area of your life. You no longer need to live with lack or limitation. Life need not be a struggle. You ask for so much less than you can have! Orin offers you these journeys to assist you in recognizing more of what you can ask for, in knowing that you can ask for and receive far more than you ever dreamed possible. 

This audio course consists of 13 audio guided meditations and an online PDF manual that contains much additional information to assist you in learning how to effectively ask and receive from your Divine Self.

  Listen to a Free Orin audio journey, Opening to Your True Identity to experience connecting with your Divine Self.
A transcript of Orin's Meditation Opening to Your True Identity is also available by clicking on the above link.

In this course, you will learn a step-by-step process to learn how to ask and receive from your Divine Self:
Program 1 Step 1  Recognition: Knowing Who You Are
Program 2 Step 2  Truth: Seeing Divine Perfection
Program 3 Step 3  Silence: Opening to Receive
Program 4 Step 4  Response: Recognizing When You Have Been Answered
Program 5 Step 5  Clarity: Receiving Clear Guidance
Program 6 Step 6  Clearing: Releasing Interference to Receiving
Program 7 Step 7  Receptivity: Ongoing Receiving
Program 8 Step 8  Certainty: Knowing What Actions to Take

Journeys to Ask for and Receive:
Program 9    Abundant Supply of All You Need
Program 10  Greater Physical Well-Being
Program 11  Divine Love and Joy Consciousness
Program 12  Higher Mind Qualities
Program 13  Help in a Crisis

Note: A PDF booklet with transcripts is included with the MP3 downloads.  This PDF booklet is an online product, and there is no printed version that will be sent to you. The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads and Seminars" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.  Guided meditations are approximately 30 minutes each except for Program 13, a shorter journey you can use when there is a crisis or immediate need.

Ways Your Life Can Change When You Learn How to Ask and Receive
Becoming aware of the divine consciousness that is who you are through learning to ask and receive from your Divine Self brings about a great transformation of consciousness. When you realize that what you think is hard is not hard, that all the strain, struggle, and effort you thought was necessary is not required to fulfill your needs; when you recognize that what you thought were obstacles and blockages do not exist, your identity and sense of self changes in major ways.

You no longer feel blocked or stuck because you know you can ask for the gifts of consciousness from your Divine Self that allow you to more easily let go of the past and all that holds you back, and that bring you answers and solutions, showing you the way forward. Life becomes easier. You discover that miracles are possible all the time.

You can have unlimited good in your life.

As you open to your Divine Self, learn how to ask and receive, and unfold divine consciousness, it dawns on you that you have not even asked for a small portion of what you can have - the wisdom, love, vision, clarity and more that can be yours. As you connect with your Divine Self and ask, you realize that you can have unlimited good in your life. The challenge becomes how much you can allow yourself to ask for and how much good you can accept into your life.

You will no longer worry about the future.

You realize that whatever you think you lack or whatever need you have can be fulfilled in each moment, simply by making contact with your Divine Self and asking for the consciousness to fulfill any perceived lack or need. For instance, you can recognize when you need clarity or guidance, and ask for it. You can ask for the guidance to be so clear that you cannot possibly misinterpret it.

You can ask for and receive the consciousness of joy, confidence, abundance, well-being and peace. You can ask for and receive answers, solutions, and creative ideas whenever you need them. You can ask for understanding, insights, and vision. Whatever qualities you ask for sincerely, are committed to having, and are open to receive will come to you.

Asking and receiving can greatly accelerate
your spiritual growth.

Every time you ask and receive, you strengthen your ability to experience your true identity and to know who you are as a magnificent, divine being. Learning to ask and then opening to receive from your Divine Self can allow you to make a quantum leap in consciousness. For instance, asking your Divine Self to assist you in becoming more aware of what you can ask for opens the door for a wealth of ideas about more qualities and assistance to ask for that you were not even aware were possible to have. 

You can ask for spiritual qualities such as more compassion, grace, surrender, openness, receptivity to light, ability to lift higher, and to connect with a guide.  You can ask for an acceleration of your spiritual growth.  You can ask for the ability to sustain Divine Self awareness, to live in the consciousness of oneness, to stop being a seeker and know you are there, to awaken your spiritual vision, and so much more! 

Your Divine Self is always looking out for you.

It loves you unconditionally and wants only good for you. It is always reaching out to you, offering you all it has — Its many gifts of consciousness, of joy, love, peace, harmony, and fulfillment. To receive these gifts you must make conscious contact with this Self and be open to receive all of its gifts that will unfold in your life as events, situations, answers, guidance, opportunities, and more.

There is never a need without the means to fulfill it.

Your Divine Self knows what you need, and is always offering you the consciousness to fulfill your needs. Your innermost Self goes out ahead of you, clearing the way. You do not need to use will power, to struggle, or to experience conflict and be in battle to receive your higher good.

When you ask and receive,
you are opening to a new way of being
that leads to a better and more fulfilling life.

As you remember to ask for anything that you need, you are letting go of old ways of being. You are breaking up old habits and patterns and outdated ways of facing the world. You are no longer “asleep,” running on automatic. You are bringing in the consciousness of your Divine Self that knows that life need not be hard, that in fact you can experience a sense of well-being no matter what is happening in your life.  You can be a source of light, peace, and harmony to everyone around. 

Once you make a connection to your Divine Self, as Orin will guide you to do in this course, you can ask your Divine Self for whatever you can think to ask for. You can ask for the divine consciousness to remember to ask in each moment when you become aware of a need, drawing in the consciousness of fulfillment rather than that of lack or limitation.

As you open to divine consciousness you can receive answers, guidance, light, and energy so you can know what actions to take to bring about the best results.  You can ask in each moment for what you need including mental clarity, emotional calm, and physical well-being.  You can ask to feel energized, inspired, alert, and awake at all levels. Orin will assist you throughout the course in knowing how to receive, opening to the divine perfection that is possible in your life, and learning how to stay in a state of receiving from your Divine Self throughout the day.

You can live life with a feeling of flow and ease.

There is a feeling of well being that comes from knowing you will have all you need in each moment as you consciously connect with your Divine Self, and learn to ask and receive. As you ask for and receive divine consciousness from your Divine Self, events and situations come about wonderfully and flowingly.  You are no longer living from problem to problem, but instead are focused on what you love and want to do. There is a sense that the future holds good things.

As you consciously connect with your Divine Self, doors open, the connections that you need are there as you need them, and thoughts come into your mind showing you what to do. You can better hear and follow the still, small inner voice of your Divine Self, and you have greater certainty about what actions to take. There is a wonderful rhythm and flow to your life; you feel open, balanced, and alive.

It is the great pleasure of your Divine Self
to give you all that it has.

Everything the Divine Self has is yours.  There is nothing you cannot ask for! This Self within you, your true, innermost Self, is infinite good, unlimited love, creative intelligence, and all-knowing wisdom.  All requests to your Divine Self are answered with gifts of consciousness, including those for material objects.  For instance, the ability to manifest a home or car comes from the consciousness you have.  Because you have asked and are open to receive, your Divine Self will assist you in having these by offering you the new consciousness, understanding, and awareness you will need to manifest them.  Your Divine Self will bring you what you ask for in a way that serves your highest good, at the right time and in a form that empowers you.

All the keys to the kingdom lie within you. All the joy, love, peace, companionship, supply; all the feelings of security, comfort, and fulfillment are within you, waiting to be tapped into and consciously realized. Your Divine Self knows what you need and is always trying to give it to you. It can only give you Its infinite gifts of consciousness to the degree to which you make contact with It, believe in It, open to It, ask, receive, listen to, and act upon Its on-going guidance.  As you live in the awareness of your Divine Self, problems are increasingly minimized and begin to drop away.

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