Deep state     February 7, 2021
By M. V.  (Netherlands)
Hello everyone,

It was a deep state experience with a lot of harmony .

I like the transitions between

The group consciousness and other groups ,universal consciousness

Different kind of consciousness

It is very subtle energie and other hand very strong and powerfull.

There is a lot to discover and learn from other consciousness with a unique vibration. Light and a different look what consciousness is,

I love to explore and meet those unique expressions light,consciousness

There was also a group consciousness with electric beings , electric pulsation,waves ,spheres,

Very interesting

Thank you all

Have a great day , mark

The intelligence of consciousness     January 9, 2021
By M. V.  (Netherlands)
Hello everybody

It was great yesterday

I like so much the group consciousness

That formed a base to even more evolve,expand, in an totally new way.

How more we got out of the way, and do nothing and let the light, consciousness

Do the work , you experience really expand, the aliveness from the light

The Will from the consciousness to express itself is so strong.

It amazing to experience that.

If we go before the light expressions that consciousness, energie, is like a portal on itself.

Is like experience the intelligence from that consciousness in a new way.

Thank you all, duane.

For the wonderful new way to experience the light and consciousness


Light expansions     December 11, 2020
By M. V.  (Netherlands)
Light Expansions.

It was fantastic yesterday with the Light Expansions. Meditations

The deep flow in the group.

The group dynamics were very strong and stable.

The Will of the group consciousnesses to evolve,.was so strong.

It is a force by itself , The Will to explore , to understand the group consciousness.

It is verysubtle,and there is so much variety in the energie.

10.000 or more lightbody ‘sin a group to explore the flow , the dynamic ,

Is 360 degrees experience ,

Thank you to you all.