Light Expansions:
Parts 1-4
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Series Title: Light Body Explorations
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 20+ DaBen Meditations, Talks, Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: LB977
Product Number: LB502
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New!  Duane and DaBen Graduate Light Body 4-Part Event
Just for graduates of DaBen's Seminar, Living as Light: Beyond Earth Life seminar

Light Expansions - a Four Part Seminar Event
Part 1 December 11, 2020
Part 2 January 8, 2021
Part 3 February 5, 2021
Part 4 March 5, 2021
Each seminar event runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Fridays
There will be approximately 5-6 DaBen journeys per each mini-seminar.
Transcripts will be available online.

Duane and DaBen's four mini-seminars were so popular that we are offering them again to further open spaces that you started to explore in the October, 2020 main seminar. This DaBen online seminar event Light Expansions is for graduates of DaBen's seminar, LB977, Living as Light: Beyond Earth Life. This will be taught as a four-part mini-seminar, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM once a month. All journeys contain DaBen's transmissions of light just for you as you listen, as DaBen is aware that you are participating. 

DaBen wants to assist you in continuing to
further experience new expansions of light.

Over a period of four months you will come together with DaBen for a half day of journeys. You can experience even more of the shifts that are possible to make in the state of consciousness you learned in October. However, these four mini-seminars are not required to take the upcoming April 2021 seminar, Experiencing Reality: What is It?  These events are to assist you in going deeper into these spaces and hopefully as a way for you to maintain these higher vibrations in these interesting times on the earth plane and all the energies you are around.
DaBen Message: These online events will be a combination of high spaces, building skills, and increasing your abilities to use the new senses you have been acquiring throughout your experiences of high light body spaces. You will explore experientially more completely your connection to the group energy of those taking these courses, and by extension to other "like attracts like" groups and individuals. We will continue to play with the very loving beings you joined with before, as well as continue to open the portal to higher dimensional light.
DaBen and I look forward to you joining us in the spaces!
We will once again have a Facebook group for you to use to connect with each other and share this group event. Information will be on the download/ streaming page. Facebook pages are available to anyone enrolled in this course.

Note: You can join in at any time, even after the event has been presented. Whenever you enroll you will have access to all the DaBen journeys and talks in this series.