Intuition     July 18, 2012
By G. S.  (Panama)
I have no words to explain how much this and the other courses from both Orin and DaBen have transformed my world, myself, and my identity. I started listening to a few of the single mp3 meditations on special subjects, to the courses and series. This one in particular deeply enhanced my intuition to the point that I have had sudden urges to carry out something that later on proved to be crucial to a plan I was working on. I am infinitely grateful and do expect to continue on this path that Orin and DaBen have opened for me.

By J. C.  (AZ)
This is an account of what I experienced taking the Intuition course. The course was sensed by how crown energy would activate, including the 3rd eye. Sometimes it felt like I had a helmet or grid coming down over the top of my head to my temple area. I saw colors, points of light ad pulsing shapes. The pressure in my head felt intense, it felt huge and often dizzy. I expanded as much as possible and used the methods taught in LB. One meditation was so powerful, I kept going unconscious, returning and going off again, allowing whatever was happening to happen. Sometimes the energy was very subtle and at times very, very intense.