Opening to Your Natural Knowingness
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Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: DaBen and Orin
Contains: 20 Meditations, Talks
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 9 hours
Prerequisites: LB116

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Product Number: LB924
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Intuition: Opening to Your Natural Knowingness DaBen and Orin

 In this graduate light body course, you will explore through guided meditations with DaBen and Orin ways to be in touch with your intuition, to trust it, to follow it, and to allow it to become a guiding force in your life. Your intuition can show you the way through the many choices and decisions you are faced with daily. It guides you in following and living your soul's intentions and purposes. It leads you to be in the right place at the right time. As you follow your intuition, there is a sense of a higher power at work in your life.

What is intuition?
Intuition is knowing without words, sensing the truth without explanations. It operates beyond time and space and is a link to your higher self, your divine Self, your soul and spirit. Intuition often speaks to you as the playful child that would lure you away from a harder path to a more joyful one. Your intuition is always leading you toward aliveness and joy, and out of stuck places. Your intuitive mind synthesizes information in a flash, giving you answers to problems and decisions. It shows you the most effective steps to take to achieve your goals and dreams.

Why follow your intuition?
Following your intuition leads you to taking better care of yourself, your health, and your emotions, and to having better relationships with people. It can make your career, creative endeavors, and work life better, more enjoyable, and even effortless. Following your intuition can increase the flow of money and prosperity in your life, for as your internal guide and teacher, it is always showing you what to do to increase the flow of energy. Money is one symbol of energy flow in your life, and as you act upon your intuitive guidance, you will experience more aliveness and flow in all areas.

When you follow your intuition, you have more energy moving through you. You are in the flow, you feel alive! When you don't follow your intuition, life can become a struggle, like swimming against the tide. You can train your intellect to listen to your intuitive knowingness, and learn not to ignore, discount, or contradict the intuitive feelings you are getting. You can trust your own inner knowingness, and make yourself the authority of what is right for you.

Experience the Divine Will to Harmonize
In the Orin journeys you will work with the Will to Harmonize, a quality of Divine Will that deepens your intuition. Orin will lead you on journeys to assist you in recognizing the voice of your intuition as different from other internal voices, such as the voice of doubt or fear. You will examine and release those things that stop you from trusting and acting on this internal guidance, such as a lack of trust in following your feelings, a belief you should listen only to your rational mind, or fear of making a mistake.

You may have been taught to suppress your spontaneous impulses, to follow certain rules of behavior, and to do what is expected. You may be concerned about pleasing others, living up to their expectations, or worry about upsetting or disappointing someone if you follow your intuition. Following your intuition can feel like “jumping off a cliff” because your intuition works in the moment, showing you the next step, but usually not the whole picture. It can feel as if you are making things up.

As you work with the Will to Harmonize, you will release the concept of "right" and "wrong" ways to grow, or choices, and instead affirm that everything you have done is leading you forward and a part of your path and purpose. You have made no mistakes when seen from this higher level. It is all learning and growth! You will learn to look at choices as energy, and pick those that might bring you the most beauty and unfoldment in your life.  

DaBen will teach you light body skills to enhance intuition

DaBen will teach you how to open to your intuition as an innate part of your consciousness that can take the various perceptions that your physical body itself has, including cellular knowledge, and develop the ability to bring that knowingness into a concept or form of action.

Your intuition is often lost in the "noise" of other sensations, physical feelings, and internal voices. To hear it you need to be in a state of emotional flow and physical ease, so that you are approaching living in the moment. You may lose awareness of your intuition unless you are looking for it, or are able to live with moment-to-moment awareness. DaBen will show you how to use your light body skills to be in the moment, noticing the "energy signature" of natural, intuitive knowingness as different from other states. He will show you what this energy feels like and how to enhance it so you can recognize, trust, and act upon it.

Orin's Journey to meet and blend with your divine Self, that is the source of intuitive guidance

Orin will guide you to blending with your divine Self, a Self that exists at a higher level than your soul, also called spirit. With this connection you can hear the "still, quiet voice" that is always reassuring you and guiding you to your higher good. You will discover that you have done everything perfectly, and that you have taken no wrong turns in your life as you feel the reassurance and love of your divine Self.

Recognize the voice of the divine Self within you, that still quiet voice of love and reassurance. You will open all channels to your divine Self. You will learn to receive intuitive guidance from your divine Self, learn how to recognize it, open to new thoughts and perspectives, and surrender what you expect in the way of an answer, learning to hold states of openness and a willingness to receive. You will open the channels of communication between you and your divine Self so you can receive the divine blueprint and perfected pattern of every area of your life. You will work with your divine Self to awaken your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Clear your mind and emotions of all that blocks you from recognizing higher guidance
You will clear your mind of those thoughts that invalidate your intuition, and gain more confidence in your ability to be able to hear, trust, and follow your inner guidance. You will work with your divine Self to clear any emotions that block your being able to trust in your intuition and build an emotional body that is receptive to the higher guidance that is always being sent to you.

You will spin out of your aura attachments that are not for your highest good, desires for things less than you are capable of, mass thoughtforms, and more until your inner light shines brightly and inappropriate and limiting beliefs are released.

Sense the divine Self of others through your third eye
You will learn to work with and sense the divine Self of others, release judgment, and see others through your third eye, opening up the energy between the two of you to have the best possible relationship.

Journey into the field of all potential
You will journey to the field of all potential, enter into it, and birth into this reality all the skills, talents, directions, art, creativity, music, and talents you have yet to draw from the field of the unmanifest into the manifest. You will infuse yourself with greater light as you work with many masters and guides, as well as your soul and divine Self.

Transform areas of lack and limitation as you follow your intuition
You will work with light body spaces and with your divine Self to transform areas of limitation and lack and to restore and sustain the divine blueprint in any area you want to shift. You will merge over and over with your divine Self, using the Will to Harmonize that ends all separation, to know that you are your divine Self and that the two have become one.

Course contains 10 Orin meditations, 10 DaBen meditations, talks by Sanaya and Duane about intuition, and written material. Music is by Thaddeus.

PDF booklet with transcripts is an online product (there is no printed version that will be sent to you). The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.

This course was originally taught as a live seminar and was the result of a year of concentrated focus by Orin and DaBen.  During the live event, a vortex of energy was created that still exists and is growing even stronger over time, as each person participates.  This vortex of energy provides you with an established base of energy that supports the shifts being offered in this course. As you listen to these journeys, you will be joining with the group who took this course in person.  Orin and DaBen tell us that in their reality there is no time, and that they are aware of every one of you as you listen.  Orin and DaBen transmit to you as you work with these journeys.  All the beings of light who were present at the live seminar will be with you when you listen to the journeys. The course has been digitally re-mastered for a very high-quality listening experience.

Prerequisites To understand DaBen's instructions and experience the wonderful expanded states of consciousness he offers, you need to be an Awakening Your Light Body graduate with knowledge of the 7 vibrational energy and 3 light body centers as taught by DaBen through Duane Packer. 

Awakening Your Light Body Path InformationThis course is taught at the Self-Exciting/ Frequencies level where you are building and filling in your light body. Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other.

Orin journeys from this seminar can be purchased as a separate course. For information view, Orin's Intuition: Connecting with Your Divine Self (DW914)

Recommended Companion Course

Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind

lb925In this graduate light body course called Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind, DaBen, Orin and many beings of light will assist you in shifting your thoughts to a higher octave in this graduate light body course. Orin will guide you to work with the Divine Will to Act, with a Great One who transmits energy that awakens your higher mind and links your mind with the Universal Mind, to have an illumined mind.  DaBen will teach you light body skills to have an illumined mind, to blend the lower and higher aspects of your mind for insights, revelations, and clear, focused thoughts, or no thoughts, if you choose.  

The Universal Mind knows only infinite perfection, beauty, and truth. When you link with the Universal Mind, your thoughts can reflect the truth of your Divine Self that show you how to create unlimited abundance, joy, harmony, good health, loving relationships and peace in every area of your life. You will strengthen your connection to your Divine Self through building a bridge of light to this Self.  You will be better able to experience thoughts that show you what is real and what is illusion, thoughts that lead to your freedom from all imprisoning forms, circumstances, and relationships. You will be better able to trust and act on your intuition, have thoughts that bring you answers, and that reveal your path and next steps.

Your thoughts will show you what to manifest that is in alignment with your Divine Self. Illumined thoughts allow you to experience unlimited spiritual power, unconditional love, and wisdom.  You can more easily release doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty, as well as thoughts and beliefs that may be creating disease, pain, suffering, lack, limitation, disharmony, blockages, or discord in any area of your life.  You experience thoughts that empower you and guide you to create a life that expresses the inspiration of your Divine Self. Your mind becomes a vehicle through which your Divine Self can express wisdom, spiritual awareness, and knowledge. 

With an illumined mind you can think clearly, with concentration and focus, and receive insights and inspired thoughts about whatever you focus on.  You understand the nature of the energy you are dealing with, and know what actions to take to produce the highest and best results. You think calmly and objectively about the issues in your life, viewing them from a higher perspective. Your thoughts lead to freedom, liberation, and to enlightenment. 

Course contains 21 meditations by DaBen and Orin, and talks by Duane and Sanaya. Music is by Thaddeus.

Orin's journeys given during the Illumination seminar are available separately.  Orin's course is called Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind and contains 10 Orin journeys, talks by Sanaya, and written information. 

Note from Sanaya and Duane to Light Body Graduates

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the Orin DaBen Foundation


~100 Years of Light In-Person Seminar ~

Evolving the Work of Orin and DaBen

 October 11-13, 2024
Ashland, Oregon


 Orin and DaBen tell us that we are the Seeds of this work. Each of us who have loved and evolved with these energies for years and decades are the current expression of these light frequencies into earth plane and beyond. As the embodiment of this extraordinary Light, it is a gift to offer it to generations to come.

As Duane often reminded us, we cannot do this alone—we need each other. You are an integral part of the creation of this incoming pattern of Light. Your presence is essential to creating the most richness possible. Join us in person in October as we evolve this shimmering mandala that is our community of Light Beings.

Be among the first to hear NEW works. This Seminar will include previously unpublished material from both our teachers, Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. There is a small archive of unpublished work which is being lovingly curated by the Board and LuminEssence staff. Some of this work will be shared at the seminar. We expect to also offer journeys and talks from our published archives. There will be live transmissions and teachings from Senior Teachers and some new faces as well. We plan to have Seed/Discovery and Teachers group gatherings. There will be time to play and socialize, too.

We truly hope you will join us in the joy of bringing forth the energies that are becoming the Orin DaBen Foundation. Be a part of these first steps into the future which Orin and DaBen, Duane and Sanaya have prepared for us.


Welcome Home!

The Seminar Committee and Board of the Orin DaBen Foundation

Event Details:

FN100E - 100 Years of Light
Register here)

October 11-13 2024
9am-5pm Friday and Saturday
9am-1pm Sunday
Cost: $375

Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites
2525 Ashland Street
Ashland OR 97520

Reservations: 855-482-8310

Call the hotel directly at 541-482-8310 and request group rates for
the 'Orin DaBen Foundation' in October to receive a discounted rate

or go online and follow these steps:

·       Visit our booking site at

·       Enter the date of their stay and number of nights

      ·       Enter your GROUP ID NUMBER 658337 in the Group ID field

Important Information:

~ If you’re flying, the closest airport is Medford (MFR)

~ You’ll need to drive or Uber to the hotel in Ashland, about 20 minutes away. There is no shuttle service to Ashland Hills Hotel from Medford. (Uber ride is approximately $25) The hotel is not within walking distance of downtown Ashland.

~ Please register as soon as you know you will attend. It will help the Planning Committee in their setup and planning.

~ Please come in person to have the greatest experience of the energies! There will be recordings made of the seminar. These recordings will be available online as soon as possible, as LuminEssence did in the past. You will receive these recordings in your Member's Area online. There will be no live video or audio feed.

~ There is a restaurant in the hotel Here is a restaurant list from TripAdvisor (updated in February):

More Details to Come!