Enjoyed very much     February 28, 2011
By J. G.  (Australia)
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was a beautiful seminar. Emergent consciousness is so pure and quite spectacular. Really enjoyed the fun photon beings. And, my guide becomes more amazing with each journey. I've said this before, but you continue to wow and outdo yourself with each workshop.

I am filled with amazing joy     February 28, 2011
By P. W.  (WA)
Right after this seminar I began listening to the journeys again, rather than waiting for a while, which was what I had done before. Those journeys were much more within my grasp this time around and I felt that I was really making progress.

Now I am noticing that slowly, one by one, these seminar journeys are opening up to me like bright stars of new consciousness. Every time I feel like I have more consciously received the energy of a journey, I am filled with amazing joy. I know that my new guide is quite involved in supporting me with these openings. He also comes in strongly when I channel now.

And life is much more fun, with wonderful surprises and synchronicities peppering my path daily.

I really enjoyed the DaBen course     December 1, 2010
By W. I.  (New Zealand)
I really enjoyed the DaBen course, and found it easier than before to follow where DaBen was taking us.

I was also less “spaced out” after wards, so hope that it means that I am integrating the spaces into my own life more.