Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses:
 Part 2 Exploring Infinite Being
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Series Title: Exploring Infinite Being Part 2 of 6
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 5 Preparatory, 20 DaBen and 1 Orin Meditation, Talks, PDF Manual with Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: LB116

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Meditations, Talks, and PDF Manual
Product Number: LB952
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Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses

Imagine a classroom of light, created just for you who are ready
by DaBen and some very, very evolved Beings of light. 
These inner teachers are gathering to assist you in reaching levels of
consciousness, light, and beauty never before offered.

Welcome to DaBen's Discovering Other Beings and Consciousness Course

DaBen wants to offer you this very special teaching that has been his private work with Duane for many years, as he feels that many of you are now ready to vastly expand your consciousness in this way.

In this course you will connect with consciousnesses (beings) wherever your consciousness can take you. DaBen will lead you to discover other focuses of consciousness (beings) that connect with or contribute to your earth plane life. For instance, you might discover groups of beings, of consciousnesses, at various levels of evolution that you can contribute to and receive energy and assistance from that you have not yet recognized as distinct, coherent conscious energy before. You will have the opportunity to experience the dynamic nature of Source and the seemingly resultant life forms. You can play with discovering conscious energy in manifest forms as you open to Source as energy and consciousness.

In addition to aspect selves of Part 1 of this course, you will explore your parallel existences and other organizations of your consciousness in different planes of reality. You will continue to work with your guide to deepen your channeling ability. Your guide will assist you in discovering those groups of consciousnesses that will be most instructive for you to play with, and to work with in other ways as well, such as in the ways that DaBen assists Duane in exploring. You will explore how recognizing and experiencing other consciousnesses can lead to opening your life on the earth plane in ordinary reality as a spiritual practice. 

A quantum shift into a new type of consciousness is offered in this course
Duane: This new consciousness is a structural shift, a quantum shift in consciousness into what DaBen calls "Emergent Consciousness."  The best I can find to describe this shift is that it turns your consciousness into something else, (not just getting smarter or becoming more conscious).  When this shift happens it transforms who and what you think you are. This shift assists you in having a more stable and sustained awareness of the totality of your being including your presence in other realities and dimensions. You will be able to more easily stay connected to your guide and to vast Beings of light and higher forces and to positively affect your earth life from this higher level.

With the expansion into Emergent Consciousness, your insights, creativity, decisions, and choices will flow from a higher level of understanding and connection to a larger universe. Your creations will embody more of the beauty and perfection of the higher dimensions. You will be more aligned with the flow and purpose of your life on a moment-to-moment basis. With this Emergent Consciousness you will have clearer guidance and a greater sense of what to do in any given situation to experience the divine perfection that lies within it, waiting to be revealed and manifested. You will gain more skill at connecting with consciousness itself, from the less evolved to greater evolved forms and Beings.

You do not need to complete Part 1 to be able to experience the spaces DaBen is transmitting in Part 2.

 product imageYou will connect with many highly evolved Beings
I asked for the most evolved Beings to join us in this course that it is possible for you to experience and learn from. My experiences with those Beings who have responded have been so far beyond what I expected that I am very much looking forward to having you experience what they have to offer. For me, working with them has brought many transcendent experiences of beauty, harmony, and magnificent energies and spaces. I have had to greatly expand my ability to receive and be open to handle so much bliss and beauty. As I come back, even more beauty, harmony, and love begins to unfold in my inner and outer life. I am no longer as bound by time and space, realizing even more of the limitlessness and timelessness of being.

Receive gifts of new consciousness throughout DaBen's journeys
In the classroom of light on the inner realms, you will connect with some very evolved Beings of various types of consciousness. Each of the highly evolved Beings you will discover and link with has a rare and exquisitely beautiful gift of consciousness and light to offer you. They are prepared to work with you individually to aid you in using and unfolding these gifts of light. They will be available forever with continued gifts of consciousness whenever you connect with them. They have been chosen because they can assist you in deepening the quantum shift you are making into Emergent Consciousness.

A Gift of LightA gift of light for you to prepare you for this new consciousness right now
If you would like to start opening and preparing for this Emergent Consciousness, whether or not you plan on participating in this course, set your intention to do so.  Stop for a moment and allow yourself to get very quiet within. Sense your light body. Connect with DaBen and come into resonance with the energy he is holding, energy that will assist you in opening to Emergent Consciousness.  There are many Beings working with DaBen to make this light available, and you may sense these Beings as well as DaBen. 

Imagine entering into a void, into an infinitely large space.  At first you can sense or see very little. Imagine that slowly you are able to sense or see more in this void, until you can experience in some way a down-flow of the most exquisite, beautiful light imaginable. As you draw in this light, allow it to bring you a new gift of consciousness that will expand your consciousness in some wonderful way that will assist you in preparing for a shift into Emergent Consciousness. You may feel this shift now, or at some time in the future.

Immensely practical
What you learn from these Beings will illuminate your consciousness. Everything around you will have to respond in some way to the new consciousness you will become and the greater illumination you will express. These energies transform your mind, emotions, perspectives, and physical well-being. They elevate your relationships into greater peace and harmony. It becomes easier and quicker to resolve earth plane issues, and many times, issues of the past no longer even arise. 

DaBen will teach you ways to create a more solid and consistent channel to your guide
Throughout these courses you will learn how to use light body skills to greatly expand your connection to your guide and broaden the scope of what you can experience and work on with your guide.  You will discover ways to work with your guide to reach insightful and useful information, and find exciting new areas to explore.

Your guide will assist you in discovering the experiences, Beings, and spaces that will be the most beneficial for you to explore, those that will offer you the most spiritual growth. You will learn ways to connect with your guide to broaden the scope of what you can receive information about.

While it will be beneficial to have some prior experience connecting with a guide, it is not required. You will need to be open to meeting your guide on the inner realms during DaBen's journeys as you will have many opportunities to meet and work with your guide during the courses.

Prerequisites To understand DaBen's instructions and experience the wonderful expanded states of consciousness he offers, you need to be an Awakening Your Light Body graduate with knowledge of the 7 vibrational energy and 3 light body centers as taught by DaBen through Duane Packer. 

Enjoy five (5) awesome DaBen Additional Journeys in addition to the course journeys:
"Opening to the Immense Space with Light Body Consciousness"

product imageThese 5 guided light body journeys offer you an overview of the five levels of Light Body Consciousness and come with transcripts. The journeys include a preliminary experience of the Immense Space, the place from which you will connect with your guide, view more of the totality of "you," and meet and converse with evolved Beings.  These five journeys are a course within themselves and are very transformative.  They are the preparatory journeys for all of the Exploring Infinite Being Channeling courses. Experiencing your consciousness from this expanded space can bring about a paradigm shift in your understanding of who you are that can shift every area of your life.

Exploring 'You' as a Focus of Consciousness: Part 1 Exploring Infinite Being

product imageExperience yourself as a focus of consciousness in the Oneness, and experience a major evolutionary paradigm shift in your understanding of who you are. This shift can change how you perceive every part of your life as it gives you a new context from which to view all your circumstances and relationships. With this new understanding it is much easier to feel loving and peaceful, stop efforting, and flow with the universe.

Meet and work with highly evolved Beings who have volunteered to offer you many expansions of consciousness, including a deeper understanding of what it means to be a focus of consciousness, and how this understanding can enhance your life. You will also explore other existences you have, such as those DaBen calls “aspect selves” who are living an earth life right now. You will explore ways to enhance your daily life with this new understanding. 26 DaBen and 2 Orin meditations, Duane talks, and PDF manual with transcripts. Download only.

Channeling Your Guide, Discovering Connections: Part 3 Exploring Infinite Being

product imagePart 3: Channeling Your Guide, Discovering Connections (LB953)
Increase the quality of your connection to your guide. Play in the sea of connections to discover your connections to higher energies far beyond the earth plane for greater understanding, clearer guidance, and more details about anything you channel or focus on.

You can experience a quantum leap in consciousness that allows you to gain more awareness of all the choices and potentials that are there for you in every area such as relationships, work, projects, your overall life direction, career, manifesting skills, to spiritual issues. You will explore more about time and how to work from the space of simultaneous time where everything exists in the eternal now.

You will work with your guide from the space of the eternal now to get a sense of the future and future possibilities. You will discover more about how manifesting happens as you learn how to direct your life from a higher space, and discover how to create your life and circumstances from this higher level.

Contains 26 DaBen journeys, Duane talks, and PDF manual with transcripts.  Download

Channeling to 'Converse' with Other Sentient Beings: Part 4 Exploring Infinite Being

product imagePart 4, Channeling to "Converse" with Other Sentient Beings (LB954)
DaBen and your guide will assist you in learning how to “converse” with very evolved Beings, far beyond human consciousness. These Beings have volunteered to work individually with you and are aware that you will be contacting them. Every time you work with them you will be offered many expansions of consciousness. DaBen will teach you energy skills that allow you to directly experience their higher reality.

You will work with Beings who can show you more about the nature of thought forms and learn how to recognize, breakup, and release thoughtforms and beliefs that have limited you so you can recognize and release limitations you may have accepted unknowingly, as part of the culture you live in. You can learn much from these Beings that will assist you in transforming your earth life as they greatly expand your concepts of what is possible. Other highly evolved Beings will teach you how to move out of linear time where you can see all probabilities; fear and worry disappear, and the way forward can be clearly seen.

Contains 26 DaBen journeys, Duane talks, and PDF manual with transcripts. Download

Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousnesses: Part 5 Exploring Infinite Being

LB955Part 5 Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousnesses (LB955)

Learn how to connect with Vast Consciousnesses, Beings, that are very evolved and divine in nature. These Beings are so vast and illumined that every time you connect with them you come back transformed. The highly evolved Beings you will link with have rare and beautiful gifts of consciousness to offer you. They can teach you much about the energies you live in, opening up potential for your life that did not exist before this contact. As you connect with them, previous limitations are dissolved.

You are able to view your life from a wider perspective, with greater clarity. When you need to create something in your life, you now have more choices to creatively manifest better forms and circumstances. The more contact you have with these Beings, the more possibilities open up for your life. This is an ongoing opportunity that will be available forever, whenever you contact these vast Beings.

Contains 26 DaBen journeys, Duane talks, and PDF with transcripts. Download 

Basking in the Love, Joy, and Peace of Your Creations: Part 6 Exploring Infinite Being

product imagePart 6 Basking in the Love, Joy, and Peace of Your Creations (LB956)

Duane: Learn to experience a state of consciousness that DaBen introduced me to that has been one of the most spectacular spaces I have ever experienced where you can experience the higher energies and ordinary reality simultaneously. This gives you extraordinary vision into your daily reality so you can bring ordinary reality into coherence with higher energies. 

You can better recognize:

  • Possible futures and paths that can be taken
  • What will be easy to do and supported by higher energies
  • When you need to change directions or let something go
  • When it is time to make adjustments to whatever you are doing
  • New activities you might initiate that will be an expression of the higher energies
  • That what you thought of as limitations or constraints do not exist
  • Things you might never have thought of creating or doing that will bring wonderful results or eliminate struggle in some area.

DaBen will lead you into the Immense Space beyond time, where you will link with your guide and some very evolved Beings to learn how to "capture" and express all the light, consciousness, insights, and awareness you have gained to positively transform your life, circumstances, relationships, and your very being.  Contains 23 DaBen journeys, Duane talks, and transcripts. Download only.

Order all six volumes of this series at the same time and save $200.  Total cost of ordering all six volumes together is $1,000, for a savings of $200 if ordered separately. To take advantage of this special offer, you will need to contact our office. Before you do so, please set up a member's account, make sure your credit card information is correct, and email us to let us know that you want to order all 6 in this series, Exploring Infinite Being.

Awakening Your Light Body Path InformationIn this series of courses you will be opening to your infinite being, working at the upper light body level. Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for information on the light body levels and how the graduate courses relate to each other to help you determine what light body courses might be next for you.

Note from Sanaya and Duane to Light Body Graduates

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the Orin DaBen Foundation


~100 Years of Light In-Person Seminar ~

Evolving the Work of Orin and DaBen

 October 11-13, 2024
Ashland, Oregon


 Orin and DaBen tell us that we are the Seeds of this work. Each of us who have loved and evolved with these energies for years and decades are the current expression of these light frequencies into earth plane and beyond. As the embodiment of this extraordinary Light, it is a gift to offer it to generations to come.

As Duane often reminded us, we cannot do this alone—we need each other. You are an integral part of the creation of this incoming pattern of Light. Your presence is essential to creating the most richness possible. Join us in person in October as we evolve this shimmering mandala that is our community of Light Beings.

Be among the first to hear NEW works. This Seminar will include previously unpublished material from both our teachers, Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. There is a small archive of unpublished work which is being lovingly curated by the Board and LuminEssence staff. Some of this work will be shared at the seminar. We expect to also offer journeys and talks from our published archives. There will be live transmissions and teachings from Senior Teachers and some new faces as well. We plan to have Seed/Discovery and Teachers group gatherings. There will be time to play and socialize, too.

We truly hope you will join us in the joy of bringing forth the energies that are becoming the Orin DaBen Foundation. Be a part of these first steps into the future which Orin and DaBen, Duane and Sanaya have prepared for us.


Welcome Home!

The Seminar Committee and Board of the Orin DaBen Foundation

Event Details:

FN100E - 100 Years of Light
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October 11-13 2024
9am-5pm Friday and Saturday
9am-1pm Sunday
Cost: $375

Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites
2525 Ashland Street
Ashland OR 97520

Reservations: 855-482-8310

Call the hotel directly at 541-482-8310 and request group rates for
the 'Orin DaBen Foundation' in October to receive a discounted rate

or go online and follow these steps:

·       Visit our booking site at

·       Enter the date of their stay and number of nights

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Important Information:

~ If you’re flying, the closest airport is Medford (MFR)

~ You’ll need to drive or Uber to the hotel in Ashland, about 20 minutes away. There is no shuttle service to Ashland Hills Hotel from Medford. (Uber ride is approximately $25) The hotel is not within walking distance of downtown Ashland.

~ Please register as soon as you know you will attend. It will help the Planning Committee in their setup and planning.

~ Please come in person to have the greatest experience of the energies! There will be recordings made of the seminar. These recordings will be available online as soon as possible, as LuminEssence did in the past. You will receive these recordings in your Member's Area online. There will be no live video or audio feed.

~ There is a restaurant in the hotel Here is a restaurant list from TripAdvisor (updated in February):

More Details to Come!