A sense of freedom     July 5, 2019
By R. A.  (FL)
I am writing to share gratitude and feedback about LB969, which I recently completed. The experience of bringing softer Luminous Light into cells was blissful and energizing. Other journeys allowed me to stop efforting and just let the personality be a means of expressing and extending Luminous Light in the ways it can, which uplifts the experience of the personality to a new joy. My experience of the journey ‘Consciousness of Consciousness Space, Experienced and Expressed as Realized Grace’ allowed me to be carried in one of the fullest, most expansive, secure, uplifting, liberating, and visually clear expressions of the Luminous Body I have yet experienced. Orin’s journeys (in other courses) assisted me in discovering new ways of visually observing and tangibly experiencing Luminous Light as readily available to share with the earth plane. I have felt more loving, and I have gained insights that bring closure to deeply rooted patterns, resulting in a sense of freedom. Thank you for all the light.