Exploring the Immense Scope of Your Life:
and the Nature of Reality Part 3
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Series Title: Luminous Body: Portal to Your Consciousness 3
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 22 DaBen Meditations, 2 Orin Journeys, Talks
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: LB116

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22 DaBen Meditations, Duane Talks, 2 Orin Meditations
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DaBen's Luminous Body Graduate Light Body Course
Series: Luminous Body, Portal to Your Consciousness Part 3

Luminous Body: Exploring the Immense Scope of Your Life and the Nature of Reality

The theme is playing bigger, living your purpose, and making a difference.
Course is appropriate for every level of graduate light body study.
Courses in this series can be taken in any order.

 Read comments from participants about their experiences with DaBen's previous Luminous Body courses. 

 In this third course of the Luminous Body: Portal to Your Consciousness, called Exploring the Immense Scope of Your Life and the Nature of Reality, you will expand your experience of who you are, into the immense scope of awareness that is you, your presence in these vast dimensions of light. We will be going beyond the levels of your self in these dimensions explored in any other course so far.
Opening to new levels of your being brings you an amazing universe of discoveries.
You become conscious of new perspectives and thoughts.You are able to recognize and converse with highly evolved beings. You become more aware of the nature of reality and the energy you are around on the earth plane.
As you expand beyond earth plane consciousness, you can then look down at the earth plane and your consciousness as if viewing them from above. You can have a clearer understanding of the energies, thought forms, beliefs, cultural conditioning, and higher and lesser energies that make up earth plane energy. From this elevated perspective you can feel more at choice about what energies you might choose to act on or ignore. You are more aware of the choices that were not visible to you from a less expanded viewpoint. You gain the ability to make better, more productive, life-filled  choices based on your larger vision of your life and who you are.
With the expanded consciousness
from beyond the earth plane
you can be more at peace with "what is" in your life
You can learn to use the power of "what is" to join the flow and be lifted higher. Resistance to "what is" is no longer an issue as you simply embrace all that is happening as a way to find higher flows and more opportunities. You are no longer pushing or resisting the flow, but joining the flow and letting it take you to wonderful new experiences. From that context the statement, "don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff" becomes real and meaningful.
You contribute to the energies simply by your presence, but you also draw to yourself opportunities to take action and make a contribution on a larger scale. With this expanded consciousness your personality transforms in the light of greater understanding of who you are and how you can make a difference in the world.

In this course you will open to the divine within you, to the immense scope of your being for a greater ability to:
  • Explore and deepen your connection to Source and the divine.
  • Radiate more light, on a larger scale.
  • Recognize and choose energies and circumstances that are good for you, ignore or release those that are not.
  • Receive insights and fresh answers and solutions that come from these higher energy states and viewpoints.
  • Experience your consciousness not only from an earth plane, personality level, but from a level where you can see human energy as a whole, in context with a larger universe.
  • Make a greater contribution from this expanded perspective of human energy, and knowing more about the nature of reality.
  • Bring earth plane energies up to the higher vibration of the luminous energies and light that you are capable of reaching.
  • Develop the skill to know what state of consciousness you want to experience, and then be able to create that state at will, such as a flowing, peaceful, creative, energized, alive, or joyful state.
  • Enjoy some very high, flowing, blissful states of consciousness.

Message from Duane on How You Might Experience the Spaces Taught in this Course:
Imagine that you can experience the energy and the space about you as flawless, seamless, and fully connected, where you can travel with your awareness anywhere you direct it to without effort. In this state there is an amazing feeling of peace and well-being, no matter what turbulent or discordant energies are flowing around you in ordinary reality. You will be amazed at how easily and smoothly you can move into this peaceful space. 
Any thought you have about what you are experiencing opens to a peace so profoundly complete, so filled with luminous body light, that the dynamic nature of your energy carries you into a deeper state of inner peace. You become immersed and absorbed into a greater and more sustained feeling of well-being.

In this space even discordant thoughts become such an integral part of the bigger picture you are experiencing that your sense of peace and well-being increases. Any disharmonious thoughts, feelings, or situations simply enhance your ability to feel the perfection and peace that is possible in this state.
You are able to focus higher and see beyond the illusion of ordinary reality.
In this state you are more fully connected to Source, able to hear your inner guidance and act from a state of knowingness that goes beyond the mind.

For me this state has become an effortless opening into stillness, even in the midst of all the chaotic energies coming from ordinary reality.  This space is like a refuge of peace that can provide a perspective and an invitation to dynamically join the energies in more meaningful and fulfilling ways as you learn to play bigger and direct your life from above. 

Prerequisites To understand DaBen's instructions and experience the wonderful expanded states of consciousness he offers, you need to be an Awakening Your Light Body graduate with knowledge of the 7 vibrational energy and 3 light body centers as taught by DaBen through Duane Packer. 

What preparation do you need to get the most out of DaBen's journeys in this series?
You can have wonderful, expansive, and breakthrough experiences at all levels of study as you get into the luminous body spaces. Each DaBen light body journey can bring you incredible experiences and life-changing realizations, offering you unique, memorable, and insightful experiences. Throughout each meditation you will experience exactly what you need to shift into higher consciousness in whatever way is perfect for you.
The Luminous Body states of consciousness are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative. We have people at all levels of skill with their light body taking the luminous body courses.
Your guide and many highly evolved Beings will be present to assist you. During each journey DaBen transmits to you individually whatever energies are next for you, whenever you take this course or listen to these journeys.
You can take the courses in this series in any order, however they do build one on the other, and you may have a deeper experience of the luminous spaces by working with all 3 in the series.

Awakening New Potential:Part 1: Accessing Greater Depths of Your Being

Other Courses in this Series: This is DaBen's Awakening New Potential, Accessing Greater Depths of Your Being, Part 1 of the Luminous Body: Portal to Your Consciousness series.
product image
You are so much more than you are aware of! In this Luminous Body course you will explore going deeper within, to the core of your being, to discover more about who YOU are. You will learn how to bring more awareness to your innermost being so you can better match what you create in your life with whatever truly empowers and lifts you.

You can be true to yourself more completely than ever before! You will use the luminous body as a portal to higher dimensions where you have a presence, and then connect with that presence to be aware of the totality of your being. What you create then allows you to express more of your full potential, even potential that you are not yet aware even exists as a choice. Connecting with more of your self as you exist at other levels makes it easier to drop old patterns.

You will connect with many highly evolved luminous beings DaBen and the highly evolved luminous beings you will connect with can assist you in opening to receive as much luminous energy as is possible. DaBen has been working with these beings who have agreed to sponsor you in taking this quantum leap into a new consciousness. Read more...
22 DaBen meditations, talks, PDF with transcripts.  Download format. Courses in this series can be taken in any order.

Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Within and Without Part 2

Other Courses in this Series: This is DaBen's Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Within and Without Course, Part 2 of the Luminous Body: Portal to Your Consciousness series.

Message from Duane: The luminous body state you will learn in this course is one that DaBen has been wanting and preparing us to attain for years, and is now within our reach. This state provides a profound, almost tangible physical experience; peace with emotional range and dimensional depth. It is peaceful and pleasurable, insightful and physically rejuvenating.

I found myself wanting to play in and sustain this space for hours. I realized that experiencing this state comes from crossing a threshold of consciousness that has never before been available to humanity, one that we are now ready for as a group. The space is so compelling, so real, I can almost touch and feel it physically.  

DaBen and I invite you to experience this shift into a new energy of dynamic peace and harmony, doing a dance with the Universe, being in the flow, and learning more about effortless creation. As you make these shifts into luminous consciousness you become a transmitter of this energy to everyone who is in resonance with you, including family, friends, and loved ones. DaBen will guide you to explore exciting new dimensions which open up your ability to connect to Source. These spaces are beyond the pull of earth plane energies and are incredibly peaceful and flowing.
Read More...  23 DaBen meditations, talks, PDF with transcripts. Download format. Courses in this series can be taken in any order.

Companion Course - Expanding Your Role in the World, Living the Light Body

Take the spaces you learned in this luminous body course and apply them to your daily life to play bigger, life your purpose, and make a difference in the world
DaBen's Expanding Your Role in the World (LB703). These courses were taught together.

Question: How does this work with the Living the Light Body course that follows it?
The Luminous Body series opens you to new awareness, perspectives, and consciousness. The focus is on greatly expanding your consciousness, allowing you to see more of the bigger picture of your life and the world around. The Living the Light Body series teaches you ways to use the expanded consciousness that you have gained from all your light body studies to transform your daily life and experience.

Awakening Your Light Body Path InformationIn this series of courses you will be opening to your luminous body, working beyond the light body level. Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for informati

DaBen's New Graduate Light Body Seminars

Seminars are at the Rogue Regency Inn and Suites in Medford, OR. Join us live or participate online.
Follow the links for more information and to register:

Series: Transforming with Light

This new series is composed of a 3-day Main seminar, and for those of you who want to explore these energies further, there is a 2-day Light Play seminar following. The Light Play seminars build on what you learn in the Main seminar, further enhancing and developing your ability to transform yourself and your life with light. The Main seminar is a prerequisite for the Light Play seminars that follow.

product image2019 April 26-May 1  Part 1
Main Seminar: Playing the Layers of Light: Opening the Portal LB974 Friday - Sunday April 26-28
Light Play Seminar:  Your Opening in Light: Finding Your Unique Energy with the Layers of Light
LB711, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday April 30-May 1 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB974)

In Part 1 you will learn how to open the portal to new types of light as you play the layers of light. This new light can transform your consciousness. You will meet some amazing beings who live in the light realms and help you open the portal so that this new light can be consistently available to you to live and play in. 

product image2019 October 18-23 Part 2
Main Seminar: Assimilating Light: Your Nature as Light LB975 Friday - Sunday, October 18-20, 2019
Light Play Seminar: Discovering Your Light Signature: Openings and Dimensions of Light   
LB712, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday October 22-23 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB975)

product image2020 April 17-22 Part 3
Main Seminar: Inventing Avenues of Expression for Light: Playing at Creating with and in Light  
LB976 Friday - Sunday, April 17-19, 2020Light 
Light Play Seminar: Creating Your Light Realities: Insights and Actions in Ordinary Reality   LB713, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday April 21-22, 2020  (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB976)

product image2020 October 23-28 Part 4
Main Seminar: Living as Light: Beyond Earth Life
LB977 Friday - Sunday, October 23-25, 2020
Light Play Seminar: Living in the Light of Earth  
LB714, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday October 27-28, 2020 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB977)


 2018 October Seminars now available: Evolving with Peace and Evolving with Vast Consciousness

product imageproduct image
These two seminars work together, however they can be taken together or separately.
Being Luminous Light course Evolving with Peace
and the Living Your Light Body course: Evolving with Vast Consciousnesses 

Prerequisites You must be an Awakening Your Light Body Graduate to take any of the Transforming with Light courses above. To participate in the two-day Companion seminars, you will need to have taken the Main Seminar as a prereqisite, as the Companion seminars build on what was taught in the Main seminars. You can have profound, life-changing experiences throughout DaBen's journeys at any level of light body study.