DaBen's Audio Journey: Expanding Beyond Your Previous Limits: Exploring the Energies of Expansion

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DaBen's Expanding Beyond Your Previous Limits
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Read transcript below.  Length 32:41 minutes
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About DaBen's New Expanding Beyond Your Previous Limits Audio Meditation
This is useful to read before listening to the above meditation.

This is a brand new, never-before released audio light body journey made by DaBen just for the October 24-26, 2014 Worldwide Light Body event. It was made for you who are light body graduates to use to explore the nature of expanding energies, and to explore integrating these energies to expand beyond your previous limits. As you may have observed, every shift and expansion you experience at an energy level translates into definite earth plane, ordinary reality changes. As you play with the energies of expansion, you may find yourself opening to new experiences, concepts, insights, and ideas in many areas of your life, including those parts of your life you weren't even aware could be better!  You may find that your emotions have changed in some way, or that your ability to feel physically vibrant and to experience physical well-being has expanded in some way. This guided meditation introduces some of the energies of expansion you will expand and build upon during the Expanding Your Luminous Body seminar in October.

Do not worry about following DaBen's instructions exactly.  There is no right or wrong way to experience DaBen's meditation; your experience is all that matters.  Let whatever experience you have be the perfect one for you.  This meditation was made for repeated listening; each time you listen your consciousness will expand in some way and you will probably have a different experience of the meditation and the energy each time. As you play with the energies of expansion you will expand in new areas of your life, in ways of thinking and being, bringing new life and light to whatever you are doing.

Please note, the experiences of DaBen's meditation, Expanding Beyond Your Previous Limits, come from listening to the live meditation, and not from reading the transcript.  We have provided the transcript to assist you in better experiencing the meditation, so you can review what you have learned after listening, if you feel guided to do so, and to assist you in understanding the meditation if English is a second language for you.  

product imageIf you enjoy exploring the energies of expansion, you may enjoy DaBen's Expanding Your Consciousness (LB921) light body graduate audio course.

 DaBen's Expanding Your Luminous Body Seminar Information

Read about DaBen's Expanding Your Luminous Body Live Seminar October 24-26, 2014.
Read people's feedback about their luminous body experiences. 

Seminar includes:

  • Duane will be present throughout the seminar, and at most breaks where you can ask questions.
  • You have the option of coming to a live seminar, or participating online, remotely, from your home.
  • DaBen will transmit to you individually whatever spaces are next for you, whether you come in person or take the seminar remotely.
  • Sanaya will be available throughout the seminar.
  • You will be given an opportunity in many meditations to work with your guide.  It is not necessary to have prior experience with a guide, just a willingness to be open to working with one. And it is fine if you do not work with a guide as well.
  • Seven (7) Preparatory meditations are available to assist you in getting more out of each seminar with your registration, and are the same for each seminar. 
  • There will be 20 or more DaBen meditations and numerous talks and exercises in each seminar in addition to the preparatory meditations.
  • You will have online access to seminar meditations and talks which are posted throughout the seminar weekend.
  • Audio of the entire seminar, including Duane's talks and DaBen's meditations, are provided in MP3 download format shortly after the actual time presented.
  • Final audio is professionally edited, studio quality, available about 10 weeks after the seminar concludes.
  • Transcripts of the audio course are provided and posted as they are transcribed throughout the seminar weekend.
  • A PDF manual with transcripts of the seminar talks and meditations will be available about 10 weeks after the seminar.
  • Artwork is provided for you to print and use if you burn CDs, and should also appear on a video MP3 player.

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Transcripts of DaBen's Expanding Beyond Your Previous Limits: Exploring the Energies of Expansion

DaBen: Welcome. This is DaBen. Let us explore now expansion — expanding, an inherent energy that you can experience at every level, if you are observant, of your experience of the earth plane.

So as we explore that now, notice with your experience with the light body, your skills at opening to sensing these energies of the light body, that you can notice deeper and deeper levels of that inherent expanding energy; that drive, perhaps, to open, to expand, to explore your consciousness and all that comes from that.

Relax now, finding the energy of the light body, finding the harmony in the vibrational energy bodies — emotional flow, mental fluidity, physical ease, as we open our awareness to each of the vibrational energy body centers.

Nuu eee yah…Letting that cone expand outward now just to the right level, just at the right angle, opening to that flow of energy, beginning to experience that flow.

Nuu eee yah…at deeper levels, and noticing the expansion there as well as you move inside, into a more complete experience of these energies of the Nu’a.

And flowing with that energy to the Dinia now, that plane, just at the right angle, at the right extent, those waves moving outward now. Din eee yah…din eee yah…

And moving to the Leow now, that expanding energy there as well, just the intricacy of the pattern now, the spheres rotating about each other and creating more and more energy, building that energy now, letting it build. Lee oww…

Letting the Mumin be transparent to all expanding energies, all opening and expanding energies. Mu min…

Now settling in to that constancy of the Ranthia now. Rahn thee ahh…Rahn thee ahh…

Tray eee ohh…Floating on that, these flight-like qualities now of expanding and being.

Pe eee ahh…pie eee ahh…

Ree nawr ree nawr ree…And following that energy now up and around and down, forming the Renawre cocoon, that smooth energy, the harmony here.

Good. And now, using your experience and skill now to find that harmony of the Renawre cocoon, bringing all of that shimmer into that point of light of the Fullonia as it gets smaller and smaller, brighter and brighter. Using that as a way to build the energy so that you might expand out into now, expanding out into the light body, the light body cocoon.

Fuhl lon eee ahh…Fuhl lon eee ahh…

Good. And being in that energy now and your experience of the light body, finding the cocoon boundary, however far out assists you in experiencing and building your experience, to notice that building, to notice in that building an experience of expanding — whether it be that your experience of the light body energies becomes larger, a larger volume — or perhaps more in depth, so that it fills out, expanding into more and more of your experience, of your experience in the light body, in your ability to be.

Good. Now, as you explore this expanding, as you play with this opening, let us look now at this inherent quality of all of your consciousness, of you as a focus of consciousness on the earth plane as just one of the many places that you have a consciousness.

That you begin to explore inside this experience as well, expanding inside, so that these expansions — larger volume and more depth, and inside your experience — an opening begins to tap into a natural quality that you have played with in many ways before. But you may have at many times taken for just the nature of these energies of consciousness, of your ability to explore and be.

So for this journey let us go more deeply into observing and being inventive in playing with this expanding consciousness, expanding being. So that as you explore expanding you begin to see how that develops, that expanding is also developing your ability to sense the energy, your skills with the energy — allowing the energy to develop and evolve, as it were, to the next level.

So that as you observe, you are influencing the development, the expansion of these energies that are your consciousness; whether that consciousness is something that you notice as consciousness, or as energy at these levels, or perhaps as thoughts, or thoughtforms on the earth plane, or concepts in the higher energies of the earth plane, or ways of being present.

So that as you explore, your expansion includes your presence in these ways, in these areas, even perhaps noticing expanding what you can hold at the same time, the consciousness you have in a number of other areas. Expanding what you notice perhaps, your perceptions of the time that you normally include as a part of your awareness and being able to hold as a part of your experience in any given moment.

So that as you expand now, using this energy of expansion by observing, by opening to this expansion, by developing your ability to be present, to be present, to have a greater and greater presence and opening to the expansion of that presence just by being, by observing, by being conscious, by translating that energy into thought forms, or ideas, or concepts.

Perhaps even expanding what you can express; whether it be in an emotional flow, or mental fluidity, closer to the physical plane, or even physical ease or physical athletic prowess perhaps. Expanding, using that natural inherent energy of consciousness to expand.

So that as you play here, as you find that flow, that opening becomes more and more a part of your awareness of your energies, of your consciousness, of being in the light body, of being at all levels of these energies. To going beyond — beyond boundaries or limits that you have just accepted perhaps, or just not applied these energies to carry you to new levels of experience, new depths, new developments in your experience.

Good. And play with this now. Pick an area at any level, light body level or higher personality that is a part of your experience, or easily can be — something that you enjoy, something that gives you a sense of being.

And now using this natural energy, this expanding energy, using that now to explore. Including in your experience a larger time frame within this lifetime on the earth plane, perhaps beyond, at your choosing, perhaps well into the past. Or, from what you can experience at the level of the light body of the potential for energy beyond.

So that as you explore in this way you are noticing, expanding your experience into finer and finer details within this experience, within this energy, within this expanded timeframe, within this increased scale of your experience, deeper into that experience as well. Such that your presence and developing of this energy all comes together, unifies your consciousness in such a way that you have expanded, that you are in the process of expanding your consciousness, your expression of the consciousness at any level that you might choose.

Choose now another level to include as a part of your experience, perhaps ideas or insights on the nature of your consciousness on the earth plane; indeed perhaps consciousness of the earth plane, or of the various groups that you have your consciousness, that you can bring to your awareness where your consciousness is. Perhaps of the immediate environment of the earth plane itself, or the groups of people that you know, the nature of the energy that forms those connections as a part of your ability to be aware and observe, in such a way now that your presence, your ability to be present, is enhanced and increased, expanded, as it were.

Good. And now, using that experience to bring a consciousness that you can easily translate back to your presence in time and space of the earth plane, just noticing that now.

And then noticing more, in such a way that the act of noticing and expanding in this way brings about consciousness, manifesting consciousness, and then finding the expression at all the levels that your consciousness expands into, is, is being.

Good. Now, just letting that go for now at this level of the light body and bringing your energies, your consciousness, your noticing of this expanding back to that point of light of the Fullonia. And then smoothly and easily, holding all of this expansion, all of this potential, [coming back] to the time and space of the earth plane, through the Renawre cocoon, through that point of light of the Fullonia and then to the Renawre cocoon, and then to the time and space of the earth plane.

And noticing as you come back now, that inherent quality of your being consciousness, of your being aware on the earth plane, of the potential for expanding, of indeed the expansion that is there, available to you with but the simplest of observation and inventiveness, and being, enhancing, expanding your presence.

Good. And with that now, we bid you most pleasant journeys.