What is It Like to Attend a Live Seminar?
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Included on this page is information on:
DaBen's transmissions
What preparation do I need to do?
I recently graduated from the light body course, will I understand what DaBen is teaching?
What is the seminar like?
Meet and talk with Duane and Sanaya
Be among the first to experience these energies
What are other seminar participants like
General seminar information
After the Seminar

We welcome all seminar participants, and hope you enjoy the seminar.
If this is your first time taking a light body seminar, welcome! Read below about our live seminars and what to expect.
Are you considering taking the seminar remotely? Read about ways to participate remotely.

DaBen's transmissions: the seminar begins with your registration!
Once you enroll DaBen will immediately begin transmitting to you to prepare you for the energies you will be exploring at the seminar. He asks for beings of light to join him in working with you, starting when you enroll and individually during each journey. You will have much inner assistance at the seminar and during the time leading up to it. You will also find that you can call upon these beings afterward to better integrate the spaces you have learned.

What preparation do I need to get the most out of DaBen's live seminars?
If there are any preparatory journeys, you can start preparing by listening to them. While they are not required, they will teach you skills that will assist you in becoming more familiar with the spaces DaBen will be using as a starting place for the seminar. Preparatory journeys are available immediately upon your registration, an in your Member's download area.

I recently graduated from the light body course, will I understand what DaBen is teaching?
You can have wonderful, expansive, and breakthrough experiences at all levels of study as you get into the energy spaces DaBen is transmitting. Success with DaBen's meditations is not about keeping up with the group or getting the same thing as everybody else is getting, (because everyone will have a completely unique experience as well). It is about opening to the individual opportunities that are the right ones for you. Each light body meditation can bring you incredible experiences and life-changing realizations. You will experience exactly what you need to shift into higher consciousness in whatever way is perfect for you. You can experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative as you participate in DaBen's seminar journeys. Each DaBen meditation offers you an opportunity to experience unique, memorable, and insightful experiences that will expand your consciousness.

During each journey DaBen transmits to you
whatever energies are next for you.

We have people at all levels of skill with their light body participating in these courses. The energies at a seminar, whether you come in person or participate remotely, are very high. Everyone lifts into higher spaces as DaBen transmits the new energies, amplified by the large number of people focused on receiving and expanding into these energies in a fairly close time-frame, all who are among the first to open to these new spaces. Your guide and many highly evolved beings will be present to assist you. We have had many recent light body graduates, those who have not yet taken many graduate courses, and those who are just picking up the light body after a significant break, report to us that they had wonderful experiences at the seminar during the DaBen meditations and were able to lift higher than ever before.

At the seminar - what is the seminar like?
The seminar beings with registration from 8:30 - 8:55 AM. You can either pay in full online, or complete your registration Friday morning during the seminar registration time. You will then fill out your name tag, and take a seat. Duane is very prompt, and will start the seminar at 9:00 with a welcome. Next you will settle into a light body journey with DaBen where you can experience wonderful feelings of flow and peace as you explore the first steps of the new light body skills you will be learning. Most people find that DaBen's meditations can be experienced in a deeper, more profound way in a group setting, either in person or remotely. Throughout the seminar you will be led on a number of 15-30 minute guided meditations, preceded or followed by Duane talks, times to share with others if you choose, and breaks where we provide trail mix, water, and many tea choices.
Go here for seminar times including break times and daily starting and ending times. 

Meet and talk to Duane and Sanaya
Duane is present during most breaks, so you can ask questions, hear other people's questions, and share your experiences. Sanaya is available throughout the seminar to talk to as well.

Be among the first to experience these energies - an incredible opportunity All of you who enroll in the live seminars are the first to open up these energies for yourself and for humanity. The seminars teach DaBen's latest work and are always about bringing through energies that are new to the earth plane. No matter when you listen to DaBen's guided luminous body meditations you will always be in the first group, the pioneers of opening this energy. You are at the edges of human consciousness as you explore these energies, playing with new energies and patterns of light and consciousness that have not previously existed on the earth plane.

By being among the first to experience these energies you will make an impact on these energies and how they will be released to humanity. As part of the original group opening these energies, you help set how these energies will develop, including what the range of the energy will initially be and the flavor that these energies will take on as they move out into human consciousness. You will be determining how easy or hard it will be later for other people who want to explore this consciousness.

Because of your role of being among the first to open to this consciousness, you will receive much extra support by DaBen and many beings of light. DaBen's transmissions are different for the people who learn this consciousness after the initial opening; then the energies are more set up, easier to find, and more stable. Those who follow later will be helping to solidify the development of the consciousness that supports the energy spaces being taught. DaBen's transmissions to you who are among the first to seed these energies for humanity are more intense and include great opportunities for you to move into much higher consciousness, made possible by your help in opening this energy for humanity.

As you use these energies and work with them, you become a transmitter of these energies to others. Because you are pioneering these energies and will be holding the space for these energies to become available to others in the future, the guides will offer you much individual attention and transmissions on the inner planes from the time you register, and during and after the seminar.

General Information if this is your first time attending a seminar in person
What are the other students like? At the seminar, there is a wide range of skill and experience with the light body. A number of people are coming for the first time, and others have attended many light body seminars. Some people have just graduated from the basic six-volume Awakening Your Light Body course, others have taken a few graduate light body courses, and some are picking up the light body after a significant break. Everyone we hear from has told us that they have had wonderful experiences at the seminar during the DaBen meditations.

People at the seminar are very friendly. They come from all over the world, representing a variety of professions. Some people are very fluent in English, others are not, some speak no English at all but find that they can participate in the energy that DaBen transmits.  People have formed lasting friendships at the seminars. Many people come by themselves for the first time, and feel welcomed by the people they interact with. Most people say that they have a wonderful time, and that the seminars are a lot of fun as well as allowing them to have many breakthroughs at a spiritual level. 

We welcome first-time seminar participants and are happy to have you come. During the first lunch break you will have an opportunity to meet with and introduce yourself to others who are new to the seminars, in a meeting with Sanaya.There will be plenty of opportunity to interact with others during the seminar, if you choose.

For your comfort: There are padded hotel chairs to sit in. You are free to leave the room at any time, however you will need to leave quietly if a meditation is in progress, and wait to return until after the meditation is over. There will be plenty of bathroom breaks.  We do not have space in the ballroom for yoga mats or lying on the floor.

What clothes should I wear? What is the weather like? 
April and late October are the most variable months of the year in the Medford area.  It can be hot or cold (we have had heat waves in April and October, as well as snow), so you might want to wear comfortable clothes that you can add to if you are cold or take off layers if you are hot. Check the weather right before you come, as it can go from summer one week to winter-like weather the next week. Most people dress informally, and all types of clothing are worn. Wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in.

We recommend you check the weather online before coming for an idea of what to expect.  For information on weather, before you come, check out weather or a second site, accuweather. The zip code for Medford is 97501.  

Do I need a car? (It is not necessary)
You can arrange transportation from the airport to your hotel by either contacting Rogue Regency Inn if you are staying there, or your hotel or a shuttle service. Rogue Regency offers a free shuttle service if you are staying at their hotel to any place in Medford; they will take you there and pick you up afterward. There are restaurants and a shopping mall within walking distance of the Rogue Regency Inn where the seminar is being held.  Go here for seminar hotel, shuttle, and airline information. If you have a car, Ashland is nearby with the Shakespeare festival and nightly performances.

Can I pick up products at the seminar, or buy products at the seminar? 
You will be able to pick up products at the seminar, however we only have a small amount of each product on hand. If you want a quantity of any product such as music CDs, we strongly suggest you order them at least 1-2 weeks before the seminar.

After the seminar
You will continue to receive DaBen's support, as well as the support of the beings of light you worked with during the seminar, to continue the shift that you started during the seminar. All DaBen meditations and talks will be posted online by Sunday evening for you to stream or download. Transcripts of DaBen's meditations and talks will be available during the seminar as they are typed and posted. About 10 weeks after the seminar ends we will repost the seminar, with all the talks and meditations digitally edited, (coughs removed, etc.). At that time a zip file will be available of the entire seminar, that will also include a PDF of the transcripts with notes of what music used during each journey.

Deposit to hold your place, making seminar payments
Deposit and Registration: You can register by following the links off of the Master Seminar Index Page, or click on the current seminar link off of the Seminars and Events menu on the left side of every web page.  Find the link to the seminar you wish to enroll in, go to that seminar page, and use the "Add to Cart" button to add either the deposit or the payment in full to your shopping cart, and check out as you normally would for any product. You can also register by calling us at (541) 770-6700 or by sending your payment to LuminEssence at PO Box 1310, Medford, Oregon, USA 97501.  Find out the current conversion rate for your currency and US dollars.

Upon receiving your seminar deposit or payment in full, you will be sent an Order Confirmation by email. When you make payments, you will also receive an email confirmation of this.  You must be paid in full to come to the seminar in person or take the seminar remotely and have access to the seminar audio course. When you have paid the seminar tuition of $575, you will have access to the seminar journeys if they are available.  (Seminar journeys and talks are available usually between 1:00 and 3:00 PM California time of the first day of the seminar.) This is not a live webcast.

Online Payments: To register for or make seminar payments via our website, you will need a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover credit card, or PayPal.  If you have already made a deposit, you can complete your payment online by logging into the Member's Area, and going to the "Order History and Seminar Payment" link, click on the balance due amount, and you will be taken to a page that allows you to pay your balance off, or make many payments toward the full seminar fee.

To pay at the live seminar: To pay at the live seminar during registration, you will need to use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover (no PayPal can be processed at the seminar) cash, money order (payable in US dollars), or travelers checks.

Save time registering: You can save time completing your registration on Friday morning if we have received your full seminar payment by Thursday prior to the seminar start time.

Seminar Logistics

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Accommodations/Lodging  | Roommate Information
Plan a Vacation Information  |  Seminar Dates and Information
What are live seminars like?
Taking a Seminar Remotely
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Schedule and times of seminar
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DaBen and Duane's Upcoming Live Graduate Seminars

Work with your guide, travel into realms of light, and receive energy from Luminous Beings for

Evolving Into Your Luminous Body

A Series of Live Seminars by Duane and DaBen

2016 - 2017 Live Seminar Schedule

In this series of seminars you will join with your guide throughout DaBen's meditations. You will meet and work with Luminous beings who have many gifts of consciousness to offer you to assist you to evolve into your Luminous Body. This is a body of light that exists in a higher realm than the light body, but also includes your light body. Your Luminous Body allows you to receive and open to more of the illumined consciousness and infinite potential that lies within you. You do not need prior experience channeling a guide to participate in these courses, however you will have an opportunity during the journeys to work with your guide as you explore new realms of light. You do need to be a graduate of DaBen and Orin's Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course.

DaBen’s Individual Transmissions
DaBen will transmit to you individually whatever energies are next for you as you listen to his meditations or call upon him, whether you come in person or take the seminar remotely.

Seminars are Open to All Light Body Graduates
No light body graduate courses are required to participate, however you do need to be an Awakening Your Light Body basic course graduate as stated above, so you will understand DaBen's instructions. You can take any course in the Luminous Body series whether or not you have studied the prior course, and the courses can be taken in any order. With each course you will gain ever-expanding consciousness.

While the seminar courses are sequential and build on each other, DaBen does a quick review of earlier stages of the Luminous Body in each seminar so you can participate in any seminar without studying the previous seminars in this series. Any previous graduate light body courses you have taken will allow you to experience in more depth the spaces being offered.

Duane has provided 7 Preparatory journeys, the same for each of the six seminars in this series to assist you in preparing for this course that are available to listen to with your seminar deposit.

Luminous Body Courses Available

product imagePart 1: Discovering Your Luminous Body
23 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited. 
This course was taught as a live seminar.  (LB961E)

product imagePart 2: Building Your Luminous Body
22 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited.
This course was taught as a live seminar.  (LB962E) 

product imagePart 3: Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body
24 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited.
This course was taught as a live seminar, and currently offered at the seminar price.  (LB963E) 

product imagePart 4: Expanding Your Luminous Body
22 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited.
This course was taught as a live seminar, and currently offered at the seminar price.  (LB964E)

product imagePart 5: Refining Your Luminous Body
22 DaBen meditations, exercises, and talks.
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited.
This course was taught as a live seminar, and currently offered at the seminar price. (LB965E)

product imagePart 6: Expressing as Your Luminous Body on the Earth Plane
22 Duane/DaBen meditations and talks.
Recently taught as a live seminar, this course is now available!  (LB966E)