Channeling Information for
DaBen's Exploring Infinite Being Series

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You will want to have met your guide, or be open to working with your guide. See below for more details. 

We are delighted that you are considering taking courses in DaBen's Exploring Infinite Being series.  These are light body, spiritual courses that will teach you how to use your light body skills and your connection to your guide to explore more of who you are as an infinite being. You will be exploring various aspects of your consciousness, the world of guides and higher Beings, and vast, Divine Consciousnesses.

DaBen will support you in every possible way throughout these courses. You will need to be a graduate of the six-part Awakening Your Light Body courses by DaBen and Orin or by a qualified teacher.  DaBen has provided 5 Preparatory journeys called Opening to the Immense Space with Light Body Consciousness to teach you how to get to the Immense Space, the space from which you will be working in during these six courses. These are the same for each course (LB951-LB956) and are included with the course downloads under the product number LB949.

Channeling Information for DaBen's Infinite Being Series

What will I learn about Channeling in these courses?  What will I work on with my guide?
Throughout these courses you will learn how to use light body skills to greatly expand your connection to your guide and broaden the scope of what you can experience and work on with your guide.  You will discover ways to work with your guide to reach insightful and useful information, and find exciting new areas to explore.

Most of your connection to your guide will be during DaBen's guided meditations. You will be linking with your guide, one you have already met or a new one, throughout many light body journeys.  In these journeys you will explore many dimensions, meet and connect with very evolved Beings, and explore more about who you are in other dimensions and on the earth plane as well.

Your guide will assist you in discovering the experiences, Beings, and spaces that will be the most beneficial for you to explore, those that will offer you the most spiritual growth and expansion. Your guide will aid you in having richer, more detailed experiences of the light body spaces and the Beings DaBen and your guide will open up for you to experience.  You can take your connection with your guide to new levels with these courses, have a deeper, fuller sense of your guide's energy, and more awareness of the places you can explore together.

How do I learn to channel or get more experience connecting with my guide prior to taking these courses?
You will not need experience in channeling aloud or for other people to participate in these courses.  It is also fine to come if you have not met or connected with a guide; you will have many opportunities to meet and work with your guide during the courses.

If you have no channeling experience and would like to meet your guide prior to taking these courses: 
If you have not yet experienced channeling or connecting with a guide, we recommend the Opening to Channel book (OTC) and audio course (C101), Orin's new course, Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance (C201) or the single journey, Meeting Your Spirit Guide. (O14).

 What won't be covered about channeling?   How much channeling experience do I need?
DaBen will not be teaching you the beginning stages of connecting with your guide, such as overcoming doubts that you are really connected to a guide. We will assume you have read the Opening to Channel book (OTC).  You will have already pondered and answered for yourself such questions as, "Who are the guides?" and, "Am I connected to a high-level guide?" or, "Am I really connected to a guide, is my guide real?"  It will help if you have already gone through the initial meeting with your guide, and you have had some experience connecting with a guide, feel comfortable with working with a guide, and are ready for an expansion of your connection to this or to a new guide. 

You may still have doubts that you are really channeling or connected to a guide; that is fine and seems to be a natural part of opening to channel.  However, you are still able to continue working with your guide, even if you have doubts, and are willing to further develop this relationship.