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Complete this form if you would like to be listed on this internet site ( as an Awakening Your Light Body, Radiance: Self-Exciting and Frequencies teacher, and/or Light Body Consciousness teacher.  When we have you listed as a teacher, you will have a teacher's web page on our site that you can use to track your students, let us know about your classes so we can transmit to you and your students, and view light body teacher discounts. 

Once you are a light body teacher on our site you can use the link on the main Members page called "Light Body Teacher" to access your teacher's web page.

Additional Information: Read our teaching requirements to make sure you qualify to be listed.  Please also read important teaching information.
International teachers go here for special information on teaching light body courses internationally.

Read our Light Body Teacher's Announcements for our most current information about light body teaching, courses, new materials, and so on.

Presently we are just listing city, state, country, and phone number on the teacher's listing. By requesting to be listed on our website you give your permission for us to use whatever contact or qualifications information that seems appropriate for the listing.

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 Please indicate the courses you have taken in the box below. Indicate your teacher's name if these courses were given by a light body teacher other than DaBen and Orin. 

Note: Be sure to click on the "Send Teacher Information" so we receive the information you provide below:


I have taken the following light body courses:

1.  Please provide this information to be listed as a teacher of the Awakening Your Light Body course:

If we do not already have it, please send us your signed Awakening Your Light Body Teacher's Agreement in addition to this Teacher's Internet Listing form. 
You can download the Awakening Your Light Body Teacher's Manual if you do not have one.
Read a Welcome to new USA Light Body teachers or International Light Body teachers and important information on being an Awakening Your Light Body teacher.

How many cycles of light body classes do you intend to teach this year?  
When do you plan on teaching Awakening Your Light Body classes? (date)  
Are you currently teaching Awakening Your Light Body Classes: Yes No

Do you intend to teach light body classes for at least one cycle per year for the next two years?        Yes No
USA Teachers: I will require all students to purchase the 6 part DaBen and Orin audio course in my next cycle of classes. Yes No
International Teachers:  I agree to play the 9 DaBen audio journeys as required.  Yes No
Meeting these teaching requirements allows you to teach the basic Awakening Your Light Body course.

2. Please provide this information to be listed as a teacher of the Radiance: Self-Exciting and Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Courses

Visit teaching requirements for more information.
Please send us the Radiance: Self-Exciting and Filling in the Frequencies Agreement
You can download the free Self-Exciting and Frequencies Teacher's Manual here.
Are you currently teaching Radiance: Self-Exciting?   Yes No
Are you teaching/do you plan to teach the frequencies as part of your Self-Exciting classes?   Yes No
Are you teaching/do you plan to teach the frequencies as separate classes? Yes No

Note:   To teach the Frequencies of Harmony, Brilliance, and Transparency, and to teach the fifth frequency set of each frequency, you will need to take DaBen's Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Expanded audio course. 
How many Radiance: Self-Exciting classes have you taught?  

Approximately how many self-exciting students have you taught?  

When will you begin teaching Radiance: Self-Exciting classes? (date)  

USA Teachers: I will require all students to purchase DaBen’s Radiance Self-Exciting audio course in my classes.    Yes No
Meeting all requirements for Self-Exciting allows you to teach Radiance: Self-Exciting and the first four frequencies of vision, precision, intensity, and clarity.
It also allows you to teach the Ceremonies of Initiation Series, the Celebrations of Radiance Series, and the Vision Series.

3. Please provide this information to be listed as a teacher of the Light Body Consciousness courses:
Visit teaching requirements for more information.
Please send us the Light Body Consciousness Teacher's Agreement that comes with the PDF of the Light Body Consciousness Teacher's course.

What Light Body Consciousness courses do you plan on teaching:
Light Body Consciousness Levels 1-5 Yes No
Applications courses such as Connections and Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness Yes No
Building Consciousness Yes No

Meeting all requirements for teaching Light Body Consciousness allows you to teach the five (5) level Light Body Consciousness series, Transitions into Balance, Building Consciousness Series, and the Light Body Consciousness Applications courses such as Exploring Connections and Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness.

Please enter any additional information that you would like us to know about you and your teaching.

Thank you for sending us the information so that we can include you on our Light Body Teacher's List on our website. We will post your name within the next  week or so, providing we have your signed Teacher's agreements. If you have not sent us this agreement, we will await receiving it before posting your name. If you need a copy of this agreement, you can contact our office and we can send you one.

By submitting this form you agree to let us know if you are no longer teaching light body, self-exciting, frequencies, or light body consciousness classes so we may remove your name from our teacher’s list. You also agree to send us a list of your students with names and addresses for each course you teach. 

You can view the current listing of light body teachers

Light Body Teachers - To be listed on our website and to stay listed on our website, we require that you send us a list of your students, with names, addresses and email addresses.  This makes it possible to keep track of your student's progress.  If they contact us we will know you are their teacher and can refer them back to you as appropriate for questions or purchasing light body courses.  In addition, this allows us to know their eligibility for LuminEssence graduate light body seminars and graduate light body courses.  It allows us to be aware that they are your students and better help them, including guiding them into your graduate light body classes as their next step. Only those teachers who have sent this information within the last year will remain on our teacher's list, as we will assume you are no longer actively teaching if we have not received this information from you. 

All names and addresses are completely confidential. We never sell or rent names to anyone for any purpose. Please read our light body privacy information about sending us your student's names and addresses.  Please enter your student's names by logging into the members area, and using the Teacher link.  You can also let us know your class dates and review your teacher's agreements here.

When we receive the names and addresses of your students, we will send them a newsletter upon receipt if they are in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. If your students are outside of these countries, your students will receive a newsletter at the time of our next printing usually in February/March and August/September. Your students will receive 1 or 2 newsletters. After that, your students will hear from us only if they have ordered from us.

We would appreciate Email addresses. We usually send several Emails a year, to notify light body students of courses, sometimes offering free light body meditations, and information about seminars, audio, books, or Thaddeus music. If your students do not wish to receive these notifications, indicate "no Email" after their Email addresses.