Welcome New U.S.A. Light Body Teacher!
Policies for U.S.A. Teachers
As noted below, revised and updated August 19, 2020

It is wonderful that you intend to teach others how to awaken their light bodies! All of us at LuminEssence are holding a vision for the success of you and your students as you bring more light to the world. Sanaya and Duane have been told that you will be teaching light body courses, and they will be glad to hear about these class dates so that they and DaBen and Orin can transmit light in support of your classes. We define light body teaching as transmitting the sounds of the centers as DaBen is doing, and sponsoring as playing your light body journeys for others.  

Teaching and sponsoring others in awakening their light bodies can be a rewarding path of growth. It can give you a way to place your light and to transmit light to others. Teaching and sponsoring others requires commitment to your continued growth, a willingness to play, explore, and be creative and inventive. There are many rewards as well as challenges when you undertake the role of a teacher and sponsor. Both offer you a rapid way to grow and to expand your light body skills and can assist you in bringing more awareness to each moment as you build your consciousness. Both require a commitment to your students and to being as solid, radiant, and consistent a light as you can.

Light Body Study Sequence Chart - to assist you in understanding how the light body classes fit together
Click on the small color image "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other.

A Web page on our site just for you! Important information on how to keep your Teacher's Webpage current: As a light body teacher you now have a web page on our site just for you!  You can access this page by logging in to your member's area, and clicking on the Light Body Teacher link off the Member's page. Please check this page as soon as you can to check that we have accurate and current teacher's information about you.

You will want to set up your page by entering your student's names and class dates, if you have any at this time. Your Teacher's web page contains links to the discounted prices, and how to set up your web page to order discounted light body courses for your students. You can view the Teacher's Website Information page for information on how to set up and maintain your teacher's web page.

Important Teacher links you may want to bookmark
A master index to all light body information with links. The best place to bookmark if you want a list of links and an overview of all light body Teacher's information available.

*** A Key Webpage *** Teacher's Website Information page
General Teacher's Information
Light Body
Teacher's Announcement page for updated teacher's information.
Qualifications to teach various light body courses

Current Light Body Seminar Information
DaBen's graduate light body seminars teach DaBen's latest work and are always about bringing through energies that are new to the earth plane. Participants are the pioneers of opening this energy. You are at the leading edge of human consciousness as you explore these energies, playing with new energies and patterns of light and consciousness that have not previously existed on the earth plane.
Go here to read about our latest graduate light body seminars. You can participate remotely online, from a place of your choosing.

Key Qualifications and Policies for Teaching

Awakening Your Light Body (read all qualifications here)
We have you on record as having ordered from LuminEssence or from your light body teacher DaBen and Orin's 6 volume Awakening Your Light Body (LB111-LB116) course. Please make sure you own this course so you can refer to it often as you teach classes. Please read the transcripts in the manual that comes with the light body course so you can study and better understand how DaBen structures the teaching of the light body skills. We need a signed teacher Agreement that you can also download Teacher's Agreement then sign, scan, and send to us ( as attachment.
View information about Light Body Teacher's Materials at this link.

How to Order for Your Students the Six Light Body Courses Which Are Required for U.S.A. Teachers
If you are teaching the light body in the USA you need to require that your students purchase the six-part DaBen and Orin Awakening Your Light Body course series (LB111 - LB116) as their class study materials. This is to assist your students in experiencing the centers as transmitted by DaBen.  These journeys by DaBen contain many transmissions of energy that no light body teacher has yet mastered in the completeness and in all the frequencies of light that are transmitted. DaBen transmits energies that will assist your students in making many internal shifts as they listen, in addition to all you have transmitted to them. You can also read about this in the teacher's manual that comes with your Radiance: Transmitting Light course (LB851).

You can go here to view your Teacher's discounts.

Light Body teacher orders for your students can not be placed on our website, they must be done by email to

Once your student or you have created an account for them, then to order, email us indicating:
What you are ordering (e.g. LB111E - LB116E set for each student below ...).
Full name and email address of student(s) for whom you are ordering.
Make sure your credit card information is up to date in your Member's Area, then let us know the last 4 digits of credit card that you have on file with us that we will charge for your order.

In order to qualify for Light Body teacher pricing all of these things need to be true:
1) You have ordered from LuminEssence for your own personal use and learning the light body course(s) you are ordering; OR we have it on record (in your account) that you have made such a purchase from a qualified Light Body teacher with whom you had studied the course(s).
2) You have all of the qualifications to teach the light body course(s) that you are ordering; AND you have an Agreement on record with LuminEssence to teach the course(s).

Please note, we are unable to make exceptions to your students not needing to use DaBen and Orin's 6 part Awakening Your Light Body course series. When we made the decision to require the courses, we realized that it would have to apply to all teachers. Once we allow special privileges to one person, or a change of the rules, shortly thereafter we have a large number of people wanting the same special privilege, and soon the rule no longer applies to most of the group. Your students would also want to teach the way you do, and we would soon have two groups of teachers, those using the volumes and those not using them. Because all U.S.A . teachers must use these six courses with their classes, you will not be the only teacher requiring them.

(revised and updated August 18, 2020) Guidelines for making DaBen and Orin's Light Body journeys as well as your own meditations available to your students

Original Orin and DaBen Light Body journeys and manual - do not make these available by streaming, downloading, or by any other means
Students are required to own the six-part Awakening Your Light Body course.
Selling downloads: If the downloads will be the actual Orin and DaBen meditations from the audio courses, you must not make them available for download in any format as they are copyrighted and we do not allow people to offer them via other websites as we want to make sure the audio quality is maintained.
Streaming:  Because it is too easy for people to capture and copy streaming audio, and then to post it on the internet or other sites, we do not give people permission to stream any of the Orin or DaBen light body audio courses or single journeys or Thaddeus' music by itself, openly via the Internet, Skype, or other application.
Playing of audio for your students is only allowed in a live and in person setting (versus via conference call; Skype; Zoom; etc.) as the live and in person setting is the only one that makes it likely that students will hear good audio quality.
PDF: We ask that your students not share or post the PDF material that comes with the courses as each student should have their own to work with.

Teacher's Light Body journeys
You may not record any light body journeys you produce for your students, but can live stream (offer via audio or video conference) your own meditations as long as they are not recorded by students who are listening. We also require that access to your live meditations be password protected so they are only available to your group. We have had an increasing number of situations with light body audio being made available online for free or at a discounted price. This leads to a confusing situation where there are many versions of the light body course taught by various teachers available online, so we ask that you not record your journeys for your students.

To support you in your teaching, we will

  • Transmit to your light body classes and students during your class times. 
  • Suggest to your students who contact us to continue their light body education by taking your graduate light body courses.
  • Allow you to use Thaddeus' music for your classes, royalty-free. Suggestions on what music to use is here.
  • Provide office support for questions you have about teaching.  

Artwork to use for your advertising of teaching classes

Light Body ImageWe have prepared an image that we are making available to all Awakening Your Light Body Teachers for a small one-time fee of $40 USD and a signed agreement.  We are hoping that by providing an image of the light body that all light body teachers can use, it will become an easy way for people seeking light body classes to identify light body teachers who are teaching the light body as originally taught by DaBen through Duane. We realized since there are many ways to use an art image, we needed to be clear (thus the agreement) about how it can be used. If you are interested in using this artwork image for your website and class brochures/flyers, please view the Image Artwork Agreement, then email us and let us know you have read the agreement and will follow it.

To order, contact us by email, and let us know the last 4 digits of the credit card you want to use for your artwork order.

You may also want to refer to the free Light Body Teacher's Guide (available in PDF format), particularly on page 10 where it talks about what to say to advertise for your classes.

Thaddeus Music Guide for your classes
To assist you in picking what Thaddeus music to use for your classes, you can view our suggested music list here.  In addition, if you have the six-volume DaBen and Orin Awakening Your Light Body album, the online PDF that comes with the download version of the light body courses contains a list of what music has been used for each journey.

Note: The Six-Volume DaBen and Orin download albums are reedited, you can order for 50% off for your personal set 
The six-volume Awakening Your Light Body album was upgraded in February, 2010, and if you downloaded it before then, you may want to download it again. The new version shows up in your Member's area under My Downloads, then by album number, such as LB111 (volume 1).  This new version automatically appears in your Member's area, and is ready for you to download at any time. If you own the tapes or CDs of the six-volumes, you can upgrade to the download version for 50% off.  If this offer does not show up in your Member's area, contact us. The download version of the albums now contain an online PDF with color pictures of the light body.

All information you send us is entirely confidential
Please know that any student information you send us is entirely confidential. You can view our teacher's information for more about sending student's names, privacy information, and more. You might want to take a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the light body.

Be sure to keep up your light body skills and learn new skills
As a light body teacher, it is important that you continue to upgrade your light body skills. Coming to one of our seminars is a wonderful way to meet and connect with other light body teachers, and to experience Sanaya, Orin's, Duane, and DaBen's direct energy transmissions. All the most current light body teachings are presented at seminars. You can read about our seminars including about our seminar option of taking the seminar remotely, from your home.

Additionally, we have many graduate courses you may enjoy. Please read about our graduate light body courses and to help you decide which ones might be next for you.

Suggestions on what to charge your students and other information is in the Light Body Teacher's manual that comes with the Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher's course (LB851) and is available for free on our website.