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To Light Body Teacher's - Website Features Just for You:
Light Body Teachers: Be sure to create a Membership Account.  If we have you as a light body teacher in our database, once you log-in you will be able to:

  • Enter your Class Dates in the Teacher's Area
  • Enter your Student's Names in the Teacher's Area
  • View the list of students we have on file with you as their teacher
  • View your teacher's agreements with LuminEssence
  • See your teacher's prices for LB111-LB116, LB121-LB126, and LB221, and order using our store.
  • View any special offers and members discounts you are eligible for.
  • Manage your records, addresses, credit cards, and much more.

Download prices:  Please call us and ask about teacher's discount download prices for the light body albums (LB111-6) and the Frequencies albums (LB121-LB221) and ways you can offer these to your students.

Links and Information for Teachers
Go to Qualifications to Teach for requirements to teach all the various Light Body courses. 

Go to Teaching Materials for teaching materials information and discounted pricing.

Go to International Teacher's for information for special information just for International Light Body teachers.  

Listing on Our Website
We have a listing of light body teachers who have chosen to be listed on this website and who meet all requirements, have signed a Teacher's agreement with us, returned our Internet form, and are teaching in accordance with our policies.

We list Awakening Your Light Body teachers, Radiance: Self-Exciting teachers, Radiance: Transmitting Light, Radiance Transmitting Self-Exciting, Ceremonies of Initiation, Celebrations of Radiance, Vision, Awakening Your Light Body Expanded, Focusing Consciousness, and other light body course teachers.  

If you are interested in teaching these courses, go to Qualifications and Requirements for more information on how to qualify as a teacher of these courses.  

To remain on our online light body Teacher's list, you will need to keep us informed of your class dates, and send us the names and addresses of your students at least once a year. Only those teachers who have sent this information within the last year will remain on our teacher's list, as we will assume you are no longer actively teaching if we have not received this information from you. 

Color Light Body Image Available to Use for Your Flyers and Website
Light Body ImageWe have prepared an image that we are making available to all Awakening Your Light Body Teachers for a small fee and a signed agreement.  We are hoping that by providing an image of the light body that all light body teachers can use, it will be an easy way for people seeking light body classes to identify light body teachers who are teaching the light body as originally taught by DaBen through Duane. We are allowing all Light Body teachers the use of this background image, without the words, in specific ways to promote your light body classes, with a signed agreement with LuminEssence. 

We realized there are many ways to use an art image, and want to keep the light body image special, as something that identifies that you are teaching Awakening Your Light Body classes.  To do so we realized we needed to be clear (thus the agreement) about how the art image of the light body can be used.  You can view the agreement here

To support you in your teaching, we will:

  • Suggest to your students who contact us to continue their light body education by taking your graduate light body courses.
  • Provide office support for questions you have about teaching.
  • If you have well thought out light body questions, write them out and send them to us. Duane will answer your light body questions, and assist you as time permits.
  • You can use Thaddeus' music for your classes, royalty-free.   To listen to Thaddeus music samples, and to order, go to the Thaddeus' Music Listening Room. If you want to sell this music to your students and purchase it at a discount, go to our wholesale policies.

We ask from you:

  • To support us in keeping the light body as a pure teaching, and to make this an equal energy exchange, we ask you to provide us with:
  • Your signed Teacher's Agreement. This agreement is available in the free PDF Teacher's Guide, in the back of the manual that comes with the Radiance: Transmitting Light course, LB851, and can be downloaded for free: Teacher Agreement Form
  • Your class dates.
  • The names and addresses of your students.
  • Email addresses of your students. You can indicate if they do not want to receive an occasional Email or newsletter from us.

Send Your Student's Names/ Privacy Information
Please enter your student information once you register and log in. Use the "Teacher's Link" on the Member's page that will appear in your Member's Area if you are a light body teacher who has fulfilled all the light body teacher's requirements and signed and sent us the appropriate agreements.

This allows us to better serve you and your students, so when they call us we can be aware that they are your students, and better help them, including guiding them into your graduate light body classes as their next step or if they want to purchase light body albums from LuminEssence or come to a live seminar, since we will know that they qualify as a light body graduate. 

Please note that all names and addresses are completely confidential. We never sell or rent names to anyone for any purpose.  See our full Privacy Policy.  When we receive the names of your students, we will send them a newsletter. Your students will receive one or two newsletters. After that, your students will hear from us only if they contact us first. If your students do not wish to receive a newsletter, please indicate "no mail" after their names.

We would also appreciate Email addresses. We usually send a few Emails a year, to notify people of worldwide meditations, Orin and DaBen seminars, new audio journeys, books, or Thaddeus music. If your students do not wish to receive these notifications, indicate "no Email" after their Email addresses. 

When you send us the names and addresses of your light body students, we will consider them to be graduates, even if they have just started your course. If someone does not graduate, please let us know.

Being Listed On Our Website
You can view the current listing of light body teachers.  If you meet all qualifications, after receiving relevant information, we will post your name within a week of receiving your information.  Use this form to apply to be listed as a light body teacher on our site.

Linking Your Site to Our Internet Site
It is fine to link your site to ours if you wish your students to see your name on our teacher's list or to read more about the light body. Please let us know that you are linking your site to ours.  Preferred link is to our home page at

Do Not Copy Orin and DaBen Audio Recordings
Please review our detailed information about Copyright and Permissions, including information about specific Light Body courses.
You agree that you will not duplicate any the Orin and DaBen light body audio recordings or the written materials.  You can, however, make copies of your own seminars/classes for your students who attended that class.  

We appreciate your enthusiasm in assisting others in awakening their light bodies! Please know that your support and willingness to purchase the albums from LuminEssence provides the income to LuminEssence that makes it possible to keep this work out. We have repeatedly found that when people do not purchase or make an investment in the course, they usually do not value the course enough to finish it. Know that when people are ready for the light body course, their soul, higher self, guides, and the Divine within will provide them with all the resources they need to take this course.

Making Audio Recordings of Your Classes
You can record your live classes and make these audio recordings available to those students who attended that particular class.  You agree that you will not sell any light body recordings you make of your classes to people other than those who come to your live classes.  You may not make a set of light body audio journeys in advance that you make available to people who come to your classes, unless you are producing audio recordings in a non-English language and have signed agreements with LuminEssence to produce and sell light body albums as the official set in your language.    

We ask that you not post information on the internet advertising that you are renting out, charging for, or sharing your audio journeys for a fee or for free. You may not sell the light body journeys you make for your classes commercially through any medium. Please do not post your or Orin and DaBen's journeys on Internet sites; once they are posted it is very easy for others to find them and to post them on other sites. Please do not burn CDs or share your MP3 or other format copies of DaBen and Orin journeys with class members; each member who wants the journeys needs to purchase and own their own set.

Guidelines for making DaBen and Orin's journeys available to your students/Internet Policies

~Orin and DaBen Light Body journeys:
Streaming:  Because it is too easy for people to capture and copy streaming audio, and then to post it on the internet or other sites, we do not give people permission to stream any of the Orin or DaBen audio courses or single journeys or Thaddeus' music by itself, openly via the Internet, Skype, or other applications. 

Teacher's light body journeys:
Internet Applications: The light body journeys given by a teacher can be posted on a website type application where they are only available to the students who've opted to join the class and are password protected for those students only.  The light body journeys may not be shared with others who have not taken that class. No Orin and DaBen meditations may be posted online or through any social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

Conference Call: It is fine to offer light body meditations by conference call to students, as long as they are not the actual Orin and DaBen meditations being played, but the teacher's meditations. The only thing we ask is that they journeys not be posted on the internet unless they are password protected and only available to the students taking that class, and that students do not share or make them available through the internet to other people.
Skype or Video Conferencing: It is fine to hold video conferences teaching people the light body as long as the students own the six-volume Orin and DaBen light body courses if being taught in English or the Japanese version if being taught in Japan, just as if it were being taught in person in a live class setting. Orin and DaBen journeys may not be played on Skype, just the teacher's meditations.  We ask that the video conference or Skype sessions be kept private, not open to the public, and not be shared with any one who is not taking that class. If the teacher is playing the audio journeys by DaBen and Orin, they must not be available to the public in any way to be captured and shared.
PDF: We do ask that students not share or post the PDF material that comes with the courses as each student should have their own to work with.
Selling downloads: If the downloads will be the actual Orin and DaBen meditations from the audio courses, we request that the teacher not make them available for download in any format as they are copyrighted and we do not allow people to offer them via other websites as we want to make sure the quality is maintained. USA: Students are required to own the six-part Awakening Your Light Body course. International: While students are not required to purchase the course, if the teacher is teaching in a manner other than a live class setting, the teacher is required to either transmit the journeys themselves as DaBen does, or have each student purchase the official language version of the course, if one is available, like Japanese.
Orin Meditations you can play and share online:
You can lead meditations by using the exercises at the end of each chapter in the books, or base them on Orin's meditations.
You have permission to play Orin's FREE full length guided meditations and/or his short 3-5 minute guided meditations for teleseminars or like classes. The Orin meditations on this web page are fine to play for an audience.  We would appreciate your mentioning our website, so people can explore our site and learn more about the source of the meditations and others they might be interested in.  If you go to Orin's Meditation Room on our website, you will see the following:
Go here to start listening to Orin's short 3-5 minute meditations
Go here for full-length free Orin Audio Meditations
You may not post any of the other Orin journeys, including those from seminars, on any media, including YouTube, FaceBook, your own site, and so on.

Awakening Your Light Body Teacher's Guide
The Awakening Your Light Body Free PDF Teacher's Guide is current as of January 1, 2006. In the 2006 version, we made only minor modifications to a similar version dated 1999. This contains information on all the centers and what to be sure to include in your classes as well as a fun quiz to take to review your light body knowledge.  This is the same as the manual that accompanies the Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher's course.
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Internet Rules for Advertising Your Awakening Your Light Body Classes
You may announce your Awakening Your Light Body classes on the Internet. If you do so, it is assumed you are following all the rules and agreements for being a teacher. You may not sell or rent DaBen and Orin's six-part Awakening Your Light Body audio course or any other light body course over the Internet or at a retail outlet. 
A Recap:

  • You may announce your Awakening Your Light Body classes over the Internet.
  • You may not rent or sell any light body products over the Internet or at a retail outlet. We ask that you charge the same amount that we do for any other LuminEssence products you offer on the Internet.
  • You may not post or play any LuminEssence audio over the Internet.


Note from Sanaya and Duane to Light Body Graduates

If we have your Email address, you can receive special messages from us just for you, a Light Body graduate, in our Light Body eNewsletter.  We send these once or twice a year, and they may include links to online audio light body meditations, as well as current seminar information, and other light body news.  If you have not yet given us your email address, need to change your email address, or if we do not know you are a light body graduate, please create a membership, log-in and let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter.  You can also sign our Guestbook to let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter.

Light Body Teacher's Links

Read our Light Body Teacher's Announcement page for updated teacher's information.

Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other.

Stay Current with our Light Body Teacher's Announcement Page 
Welcome New Teacher USA
Welcome New Teacher International
Awakening Your Light Body Basic Teaching Agreement
Agreement for Self-Exciting Teachers
New!  We now have light body artwork you can use for your flyers and website. 

General Teacher's Information
Read Qualifications to Teach for all the requirements and qualifications for teaching Light Body courses.
View Teaching Materials for teaching materials information
Visit the wholesale policies for other products you may want to sell to your students.
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A suggested list of how to use Thaddeus' music with light body journeys.
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