1. Permission to Use Thaddeus' Music, Royalty Free

Greetings! We assume you are reading this page because you are interested in using Thaddeus' music, royalty free, as background music for your voice on a product you are releasing on CD, MP3, streaming, DVD, or other audio/visual media formats for the purpose of spiritual growth and transformation.

We are glad to know that you are going to make audio recordings to assist others in their transformation.  Thaddeus' music was created for the purpose of enhancing the work of others, such as yourself, who are teaching and adding light to the world with your spiritual work.

We do not ask for signed agreements or contracts. We do ask that you notify us that you are using the music as background to your voice and let us know a little about your project. Sanaya and Orin will energize your work and hold a vision of it reaching everyone who may be assisted by it.

You have our permission to use Thaddeus' music, royalty free on your products, including those available for commercial sale, if you meet the following requirements:

  1. This music is to be used only on spiritually-oriented products of a positive, uplifting nature. We do not license or allow music rights to be purchased.
  2. You may not embed and sell Thaddeus' music with subliminal audio messages. Subliminal means that all you can hear is the music, with inaudible voice instructions. Sanaya does not want Thaddeus' music circulating with various subliminal messages; she wants people listening to Thaddeus' music to know that it contains just the music and nothing else. To the ear, there is no difference between subliminal messages and the music, so in a sense it would be giving you permission to copy and sell Thaddeus' music.
  3. You may not embed and sell Thaddeus' music with brain wave technology, such as with alpha or theta waves. Please do not put out the music with anything embedded in it. If the music gets circulated we do not have any control over what is placed inside the music, and Thaddeus does not want any additional overlay of frequencies, subliminals, brain waves, and so on.
  4. You may not overlay the music with sound effects or nature sounds, such as ocean waves, water sounds, birds, whale songs, dolphins, thunderstorms, rain, crickets, and so on. 
  5. Do not put out the music unless you have a voice-over with it. Royalty permission is given for this music to be used as background for your voice. Do not circulate the music as just music without a voice recording. 
  6. You may not use this music as background on your website.  It is too easily captured and copied. Thaddeus music cannot be used in phone apps or computer programs.
  7. Physical products:  Please put somewhere on the cover or back cover "Music by Thaddeus." On the back or inside cover, please indicate:  Music: name of song used by Thaddeus. Used with permission. For more information or to order, visit www.orindaben.com
  8. Download products -YouTube, Phone Apps 
    On your website page that has your offering or a link to your offering, please indicate
    Music: name of song used by Thaddeus.
    OrinDaben.com (
    if room on page then: For more information or to order, visit www.orindaben.com)
    Used with permission 
  9. You are welcome to link people to Thaddeus' music listening room where people can listen to samples of Thaddeus music at Thaddeus' Music Listening Room.

General Information
You can select the music you want by listening to the online Thaddeus music samples. However, you will want to order the actual album before you use the music, as these are only 1 minute samples.  The full music track will have variations through the 30-minute song. All music is very peaceful and meditative, throughout the entire length.  To read about each of the music pieces and how they might be used on your audio meditations by visiting the following link: Thaddeus Music.

We let people know who use Thaddeus' music as background to work they created that the single mediation by Orin on Public Recognition (SI015) may be of value, for it contains the processes Orin gave Sanaya to assist her in getting out their work.  Orin's album, Becoming a World Server (M200) may also assist calling people to your work, and in preparing to expand your world service. You can sample and work with Orin's online meditations in Orin's Meditation Room.

We send you love and light and hold a vision of success for you and we hope Thaddeus' music enhances your work.