Guide for Meditation and Light Body Teachers
Using Thaddeus Music for Your Classes

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About Thaddeus music by Sanaya
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Temple of the Masters
Temple of the MastersTemple Gardens: Very calm, soothing, works well with many types of journeys, has melody. 
Temple of Healing Love: Flowing, stately, uplifting heart music, very stable, not a lot of variations, floating, loving. No angelic voices. Good for any space that requires stable music.
Solar Contact:  Stable, emotionally flowing, works well with a number of types of journeys, has some twinkling and movement, uplifting. Has a melody. Similar to  Healing Treatment and  Blending with Your Soul from album, Becoming Your Soul.
Silent Majesty: This is very stable, has a melody. Very popular as a background, uplifting music.
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Becoming Your Soul
Becoming Your SoulBlending with Your Soul: Has bells, not as flowing for light body journeys, better for general guided meditations. Somewhat like "Temple of Healing Love," stable, no twinkling, strings, chords, good for relationship journeys, masters, etc.
Strands of Light: Good for light play, devas, transmitting, has a lot of twinkling movement. Similar to Divine Spark in the Initiation album.
Cellular Evolution: Harp, nice, friendly, twinkling sounds, stable, good for all basic awakening your light body journeys, general guided meditations. Some bells.
Healing Treatment: Good for relationship journeys, compassion, forgiveness.  Is soft, loving music, stable, with twinkling sounds, good for basic light body and general guided meditations.
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InitiationDivine Spark: Sounds like Strands of Light in the Becoming Your Soul album, with a little more deep notes.  Has a lot of twinkling sounds, strings.
Rising into Light: Angelic voices, harp, stable, hypnotic cycling beep that goes from ear to ear, harp/piano melody.
Surrendering: Angelic voices, twinkling sounds like Divine Spark, stable, good for many types of journeys.
Initiation: Steady notes, with twinkling sounds, shimmering, pulsing, angelic voices, deeper notes, more melodic. Has a stable note held throughout with variations, good for journeys where you want to keep returning to a stable base or to your center.
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AngelsAngels of Love: Some cycling-type beat, strings, somewhat like Master of Light and Temple of Healing Love. Simple, solemn, heart type (Not same as Angels of Divine Love) with angelic voices.
Angels of Healing: Very majestic, like Temple of Healing Love, has  angelic voices.
Guardian Angels: Simple harp, choir, calm, emotional flowing, twinkling sounds, angelic voices nice, simple music, good for general guided meditations. 
Angels of Beauty:
Some harp in the beginning, harp cords, melodic.
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Solar Light Transmissions
Solar LightMaster of Light: Very majestic, stable, use for going higher journeys, good for many higher states, holds a variety of states.
Solar Light Transmissions: Good for uplifting, more joyful journeys, works with many spaces.  Melodic, twinkling, lots of angelic voices, harp, high cords.
Raising Cellular Light: A lot of harp, angelic voices, use carefully, somewhat active, may not work with light body journeys.
Songs of the One Suite 1: Good for far-out journeys, listen carefully before using, must be matched to journeys carefully.
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Awakening Your Heart Center
Awakening Your Heart CenterAngels of Divine Love: This is very similar to Light Emerging, cycling beep not as prominent, has swirling sounds, more piano notes, some bell-like sounds. Not melodic or steady, useful for journeys that need more active music. Good for traveling journeys.
Spinning Wheel of Light: Has spinning sounds. Not melodic or steady, good for traveling journeys.
Light Emerging: Has spinning, swirling, high twinkling sounds, OK for traveling, far-out journeys; not melodic or steady.
Heart Radiance: Similar to Light Emerging in instruments, high swirling sounds, some harp, and steady rhythmic twinkling (cycling beep). Traveling OK, far out, not melodic and steady.
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Star Journeys
Star JourneysGreat Bear: Has a lot of activity, musical swirls, far-out traveling.
Polestar: Lots of small swirls, very high notes, twinkling, used to go out to the stars and to bring in high energies during journeys.
Pleiades: Very light, twinkling, some very, very high notes. Traveling, far out, more active music.
Sirius: Swirling, lifting, pulsing, circles around ear to ear.
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Ascent to Heaven
Ascent to HeavenAscent to Heaven: Can be for more traveling journeys, going upward, lifting.
Heavenly Choir: Very stable, angelic voices, peaceful, steady, calming has long piano beginning.  Very slow, relaxing.
Sea of Light: Very stable, emotional flow and calm, full cocoon for flowing states, is useful for all kinds of states where you want peaceful feeling or emotional flows. Also good for heart opening, group processes.
River of Love: Very happy, uplifting, could be where joyful celebratory feeling needed, to feel happy about your life, going up.  Is very melodic.
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Spiritual Sun
Spiritual SunSpiritual Sun, Opening: These musical pieces use long, sustained notes, with strings and other background sounds that slow down the listener, and are good for deep states of meditation and upliftment. These pieces add to a sense of sacred, spiritual spaces.  They work with almost all journeys that need a sacred feeling.
Spiritual Sun Lifting: Good for ascending, going up, emotional lifting, heart awakening, etc. Keeps lifting and expanding. Works with almost any light body journey, sacred spaces.
Spiritual Sun Vortex: Really high music, good for final journeys, traveling into oneness. Has angelic voices, strings, is very lifting and expansive, has some melody, good for emotional lifting, inspiring journeys.
Illumination: This is very ethereal, high notes.  Includes strings and angelic voices, very nice, lifting and goes with most journeys. Works with almost any light body journey and with mental illumination type of guided meditations.
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Sacred Journeys
Sacred JourneysSacred Journey:  Soft, moving, harmonious music with angelic voices, works well with almost any guided meditation. Is very stable.
Sacred Ceremony:  Soft, moving, harmonious music with angelic voices, works well with almost any guided meditation. Is very stable.
Ever-Unfolding Expansion:  Good for very deep meditation, continually unfolding music, very quiet spaces, chords with some angelic voices.
Sanctuary of Peace:  Contains angelic voices, strings, and other instruments for a peaceful feeling, some melody.
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Emotional Flow
We use the music on this album for our deepest meditation journeys at our live seminars. 
Emotional FlowEmotional Flow:  Very deep meditative music, also makes nice background music.
Emotional Flow Calm:  Angelic voices, wind, very deep, flowing music to calm you, and take you into the stillness where you can experience the calm and peace that is within you, that is the truth of your being, and that links you with your Divine Self.  Works well with all deep meditation states.
Emotional Flow Into Oneness:  Contains instrumentals with flowing water.  Very deep meditative music, also makes nice background music for creative work, or to relax, read, or sit in peaceful silence with a clear mind and calm emotions.
Radiating Emotional Flow:  Bubbling brooks, water, dolphins, strings, and other instruments, for a very deeply meditative experience.
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Into the One Divine Self
Into the One Divine SelfFourth Dimensional Shift:  Strings, angel voices, cycling beat. Somewhat active music, similar to some of the Star Journeys music.  
Songs of the One–Suite 2: 
This music is "space music" that will take you traveling into higher dimensions, is somewhat active but also good for deep meditation.
Stillness: Consciousness at Rest:  This music assists you in opening your consciousness to experience the stillness of the Divine Self, so you can experience even more deeply the core of your being.  Very deep meditation music, stable, sets a good background for deep journeys.
Manifesting Potential: Consciousness in Motion:  Very relaxing, deeply peaceful music.  Some cycling beat, into and out of the oneness. 
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Receiving Blessings from the Enlightened Ones
Receiving BlessingsLord of Harmony:  Thaddeus' music calls upon the Lord of Harmony who radiates peace and harmony. 
Lord of Love:  Thaddeus' music calls forth a great being transmits Divine Love.  Allow your heart to open and experience more of the love within and about you.  Open to a higher expression of love in your life as you expand your compassion for yourself and others.  Very harmonious, relaxing music, with long sustained notes, strings, and more.
The Blessed One:  This is one of the highest beings you can call upon to assist you in receiving the blessings of consciousness that lead to enlightenment and expansion of every level of your being.  Music is very peaceful and relaxing, with long sustained notes and harmonies, strings, and more.
Liberation:  Good for journeys where you want to have very reverential feeling, contains harmonies, angelic voices, strings, and more.
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