Orin's Becoming a World Server
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Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 8 Guided Meditations
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 3.5 hours

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Product Number: M200
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Becoming a World Server

These guided meditations by Orin will assist you in getting your work out to the world.  You have a special purpose, a reason you are here, something you came to do that is your contribution to humanity. We will call this your world service. No matter what you are doing–-if you are self-employed, in a job, or retired–-you can start, deepen, and enhance your world service.

If you are self-employed, you can use these meditations to call to you clients, business, and a greater opportunity to serve. If you are a teacher or healer, you can call to you your students and increase the effectiveness of your work. If you have a feeling that you have something special you are here to do but do not yet know what it is, you can use these processes to help you discover your path and purpose.   There are eight meditations by Orin.  Music is by Thaddeus.

These are the processes Orin and DaBen gave us to get our work out to the world. Orin and DaBen want us to share these processes with you so you can use them to empower your work and launch your higher path with greater success. We send you our blessings as you discover and follow your world service. ~Sanaya and Duane

Journeys by Orin include:
Program 1 The Awakening What Am I Here to Do? Journey to the Temple of the Masters, become your higher self, and work with the Masters to lift the veils of unknowingness. Awaken to your true path and purpose.
Program 2 Sounding Your Note Put your soul's note out into the world and send out your call for world service. Tune into the plan of humanity and join your note with it. Awaken the qualities you will need to succeed.
Program 3 Expanding Your Vision Increase your belief in the worth of your work, see the bigger picture of your work, and develop right timing. Clear blockages and create an environment that supports getting your work out.
Program 4 Meeting Your Spiritual Community Learn how to call upon all the assistance that is available from the higher realms. Open your higher centers of telepathy to receive guidance and messages. Meet many high beings who can help energize your work.
Program 5 Calling to You Those You Can Serve Call to you those you can serve: your students, clients, or customers if you are in business. Build a bridge of light to their hearts, working with them on the inner planes to draw them to you.
Program 6 Navigating the Flow Learn how to draw to yourself opportunities, to make right choices, to develop clear vision, and to see beyond illusions to find your path of most light and to know you are on the right path.
Program 7 Being a Source of Light See yourself as a leader, develop spiritual radiance, and recognize the level of other people's souls. Draw to you those whose higher purpose is to help you carry out your work.
Program 8 Becoming a World Server Dedicate your work to the light, join with the Masters and Beings of Light to have your work energized, receive guidance and energy work, and celebrate your expanding path of world service.

Course contains 8 Journeys by Orin with music by Thaddeus. PDF booklet with transcripts is an online product (there is no printed version that will be sent to you). The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.

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Information About Orin Seminars and Orin's Newest Course, 
Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance

There are currently no scheduled Orin live seminars.  Please read more about DaBen's current seminars for information.

You can read about Orin's newest course Connecting with Your Guide, Receiving Clear Guidance (C201).  This course will assist you in making a good, clear, strong connection to a guide whose purpose is to assist you in receiving clear guidance, either directly into your mind, or through channel aloud. You will then learn more about how guidance comes about, how to view the bigger picture, see into the details, go out into time, and get guidance so clear that you can take action on it.

Orin has a new series of audio courses called Orin's Path of Self-Realization audio courses.  This is a major work by Orin that has been several years in the making.  This is composed of three series of courses so far: 
Orin's Transcending Your Ego courses (six volumes, with 72 guided journeys and manuals). You can read a short description of all six at this link.
Orin's Becoming Your Divine Self courses (three volumes, with 36 guided meditations and manuals). 
Orin's newest course:  Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self

Announcement by Sanaya About Future Events With Orin
As you can read in Orin's message about the path he is offering, all of his work from his first book and audio course, to his current work, is offering a step-by-step path for you to realize the Divine Self, the true Self as who you are.  Read Orin's Path of Self Realization. Realize that the key to Self Realization is in your hands. You have the ability to realize your full potential, to become a fully realized Self. When you are ready, Orin and all of the guides and inner teachers are there to assist you. All you need will be provided for the next phase of your journey to Self Realization. ~Sanaya