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Welcome to Orin's Meditation Room!  There are many short meditations by Orin, given through Sanaya, for you to listen to expand your consciousness and to experience more light in your life.  Get quiet for a moment, and decide which area you want to work on.  Select a meditation to listen to by clicking on a meditation title below.  Each meditation is from 3-7 minutes long, so relax, enjoy, and join us for a moment of quiet reflection and light. We also have a selection of full-length Orin meditations, scroll down the page or use the link above. While the short meditations will be available indefinitely, the full-length journeys are only available for a limited time, so we suggest you download the full-length journeys to your computer using the green arrow, for those meditations you want to listen to over and over.

Explanation of graphic above:  Your soul is a beautiful, radiant light.  It is often pictured as a beautiful lotus, radiant with color. Your soul sends out streams of mental, emotional, and physical energy that create the "you" that you know, forming your personality, thoughts, feelings, and physical body.  The solar light shines upon your soul all the way down to the physical plane, lifting all life upward to return home, to live permanently in the higher realms of light and love. 

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Solar Light:

Receiving Solar Light
Bring Solar light, the light of higher purpose, evolution, and love into your being at every level.   Thaddeus Music: Solar Contact

Shower of Light
Take a shower of light to enhance your vitality and aliveness.   Thaddeus Music: Strands of Light

Soul Contact: 

Soul Contact
Receive a gift of light and energy from your soul.  Thaddeus Music: Initiation

Soul Vision
Work with the Master of Vision to enhance your soul vision and open your third eye. Thaddeus Music: Liberation.

Higher Self, Intuition, Mind:

Receiving Guidance and Answers
Connect with your higher self and soul to receive guidance and answers from within. Thaddeus Music: Silent Majesty

Clear Creative Mind
Receive mental illumination and creative ideas from your soul.  Thaddeus Music: Illumination

Living Your Life Purpose
Send light to your higher purpose, let it be energized by your soul and the Enlightened Ones.  Thaddeus Music:  Master of Light

Clearing Blockages
Send light to a situation to transform it, release any energy that is not yours, and call back to yourself any energy you have scattered out in the universe.  Thaddeus Music: Temple of Healing Love

Emotions, Love: 

Radiating Unconditional Love
Radiate unconditional love to someone and feel the love between you expand.  Thaddeus Music: Sanctuary of Peace  

Self Love
Become your wise, all-knowing Self that can assist you in being more loving to yourself. Thaddeus Music: Angels of Healing

Loving Relationships
Lift the energy between you and another into your heart center, making a line of light between your heart centers. Thaddeus Music: Angels of Love  

Open to receive your soul's note of joy.   Decide to grow through joy rather than through struggle. Thaddeus Music: River of Love

Opening to Receive
Open to receive whatever you want or even better. Thaddeus Music: Spiritual Sun Lifting

Receiving Extra Energy
Listen to this meditation if you are in a challenging situation and would like extra energy or light to be held around you. Thaddeus Music: Guardian Angels


Breathe deeply, draw in light, and take a quick relaxation break. Thaddeus Music: Sea of Light

Feeling Energetic
Bring a golden light into your solar plexus center to feel more energetic.  Thaddeus Music: Solar Light Transmissions

Cellular Activation
Connect with your soul and draw Solar light and soul energy into your cells, all the way to your atomic level, to activate more light within you and to accelerate your evolution. Thaddeus Music: Cellular Evolution 

Orin's Free Full Length Audio Meditations
These meditations may only be available for a short time, so download any you want to keep.

product image  Orin's Dawning of a New Light Audio Meditation
Music:  Thaddeus TH046 Spiritual Sun Opening
Transcript and Information  Length 28:11 minutes

product image   Orin's The Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame Audio Meditation
Length 25:55 minutes
The Sacred Flame transmutes negative human energy into divine energy. Work with this to transform your own energy and send that light to humanity.
Music: Thaddeus TH070 Sanctuary of Peace
Transcript and Information

product image  Orin's Receiving and Radiating Divine Love Audio Meditation
  Length 28:05
Music: Thaddeus TH065 Lord of Love
Transcript and Information

product image

  Orin's Starting a New Chapter in Your Life Audio Meditation 
  Length 25:52 minutes
Music:  Thaddeus TH024 Initiation
Transcript and Information.
You can work with this meditation by Orin if you are ready to start a new chapter in some area of your life, or to better sustain and maintain any positive changes you have recently made.

product image    Orin's Spirit of Peace Audio Meditation
  Length 27:18
Music:  Thaddeus TH047, Spiritual Sun Lifting
Transcript and Information
Increase your ability to experience deep inner peace. 

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Note that Audiobooks are read by Sanaya Roman, transmitting Orin's energy as you listen.

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Streaming and Download Note
Use the black button with the white arrow. Streaming will work on your mobile device or tablet.
Use the green button with the down arrow to download the audio meditations to your computer. Downloads are 128kbs quality audio.