Star Journeys
By Orin

Expand Your Consciousness Through Connecting With Extra Planetary Energy in Orin's Star Journeys Courses
Orin created these Star Journeys to assist you in making the most out of the new energies of light coming to the earth plane, and to accelerate your spiritual growth. You will learn how to align with the energy of the stars, including the Great Bear for Divine Will, Sirius for Divine Love, and the Pleiades for Manifesting. You will also work with the Spiritual Sun and Solar Light to illuminate your consciousness. These courses work well with Orin's Divine Will courses. It is recommended but not required that you work with the Millennium courses in order.

Orin's Increasing Your Inner Light MM010Part 1: Increasing Your Inner Light
Orin's guided meditations in these Millennium courses assist you in using the energies of light that are flowing into humanity. The light coming into the world at both the physical and the subtle levels is growing more intense.

As this light grows stronger throughout the next years, it will create many changes in civilization. Forms that cannot hold this spiritual light will leave. Those forms--businesses, careers, relationships, and so on--that are aligned with this incoming light will not only endure, but prosper.

You can work with these incoming energies to increase your inner light. In this course you increase your inner light through contact with your soul, through receiving transmissions of light from the Masters and beings of light, and by aligning with extra-planetary energies that are coming to earth from the Solar Light, Pole Star, Great Bear, Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Spiritual Sun.

You can use these incoming energies of light to awaken spiritually as they offer great stimulation for spiritual advancement. You will learn ways to use this light for soul vision, to see into the future, and to experience more of your soul's light, love, will, power, serenity, and joy.

It is your inner light that determines what you experience and draw to you. Consciously linking with these sources of light can assist you in drawing in new opportunities, being in harmony with the universe, and having doors open.

The meditations in this album assist you in moving through any of the coming changes in the easiest, smoothest, and most joyful way. You can use the light that is coming to expand your consciousness and potential, accelerate your evolution, and to be a positive force of love and light to everyone around you. 12 Guided Meditations by Orin, music by Thaddeus. Buy all four albums at the same time and save.

Orin's Expanding Your Consiousness MM020Part 2: Expanding Your Consciousness
All of these guided meditations by Orin are to assist you in knowing your soul; in being aware of your higher purpose; and in connecting with the higher forces of the universe and the many beings of light who are transmitting light to humanity.

Throughout these journeys, you will work with your soul and the Solar Angels to expand your consciousness. This will make it easier to manifest your higher path, stay in a higher flow, and become a light for others.

In these meditations, you expand your consciousness through awakening your chakras, making various triangles of light among them. You grow through meeting and blending with a Master who has been guiding you throughout your lifetime. You will receive spiritual energy from several world teachers (beings of light) who transmit to you.

You will journey to the plane of intuition to experience pure knowingness. You will learn how to open your channel upward and blend with higher levels of your being to receive the many gifts of light and awareness these higher levels have for you.

You will continue expanding by merging your consciousness with the soul of the earth and the Solar Light. You then grow through experiencing the Mind of God, journeying to Source, and becoming one with the All-That-Is.

You finish these journeys by linking with the Great Ones who are sending light to humanity. This assists you in knowing and living your higher path and purpose, and in bringing light into your life and to all life around you. 12 Guided Meditations by Orin, music by Thaddeus. Buy all four albums at the same time and save.

Orin's Accelerating Your Evolution MM030Part 3: Accelerating Your Evolution
In this third volume of The Millennium Journeys by Orin you will link with your soul and then draw in the light of your Spirit, the source of your soul. It is your soul’’s light that reveals the light of spirit. As you grow in soul awareness you can connect directly with Spirit, also called your Divine Self, accelerating your evolution with this contact.

In this course you will merge with your spirit, the essence of your being, all called your Divine Self, to transform your awareness and create new light within you. As you open to the essence of your being, you can change some of the basic patterns and harmonics of light within you to a higher frequency.

You will work with Spirit to activate a seed of light within you that carries your potential for enlightenment. You will explore dimensions of light that can transform your being at every level, initiate a new quality of feeling, and awaken your spiritual power.

You will work with your soul, spirit, and the Enlightened Ones to receive sacred codes and symbols that can activate the potential within your cells and DNA to accelerate your evolution. You will journey into the Oneness, learning how to surrender to the currents of light there, and increase your ability to find and surrender to the light in your daily life.
You will receive the light coming from Sirius and the Spiritual Sun to accelerate your evolution. You will then receive your crown of light as you let go of pain and accept joy, abundance, and love.

You will work with your soul, spirit, and the Enlightened Ones to release limitations and energy blockages, and to enhance and strengthen your unique frequency of energy that is your gift to the world. As you touch upon the light of spirit, the essence of your being, you can increase your vision, gain new insights and perspectives, release attachments, have greater clarity about your inner truth, and experience greater wholeness.

Orin’s guided meditations in this album can assist you in aligning with the powerful energies of light that are reaching the earth from Sirius and the Central Spiritual Sun, so you can open to all the opportunities that are present right now in these changing times. 12 Guided Meditations by Orin, music by Thaddeus. Buy all four albums at the same time and save.

Orin's Building a Radiant Aura MM040Part 4:  Building a Radiant Aura
In this course you will meet and work with the angel who directs the devas--small angelic beings--to assist you in building a radiant aura. The focus of this course is to build the energies into your aura at the devic level that will allow you to express the energy, light, love, harmony, and peace of your soul and spirit, also called the Divine Self.

The radiance of your aura determines how you think and feel, and the well-being of your physical body. The radiance you build in your aura is the substance of light that clothes your thoughts in light and gives them the power to manifest and bring you wonderful, positive experiences. Your radiance determines the situations and circumstances of your life, and the type of energy you live in and around.

Your aura is made up of streams of mental, emotional, and physical energies that come from your soul and spirit. These streams of energy weave together to form your etheric body, which contains the patterns upon which your mind, emotions, and body are built. Where many of these streams come together they form chakras. Energy flows from your chakras through lines of light to every part of you.

The radiant angel of the devas will work with you in these journeys to connect you with tiny angelic beings called devas. They will assist you in weaving the light of spirit; your Divine Self, Solar light; light from the Pleiades, Sirius, the Great Bear, and the Spiritual Sun into your aura.

The devas will work with you to purify your aura of denser energies, to enlighten your mind, to build a network of light around your eyes to assist you in becoming clairvoyant, and to create an aura filled with the substance of light that will allow you to tap into the subtle dimensions and all the spiritual riches that exist there.

Use this course to deepen your understanding of how you can work with the angelic and devic kingdoms to build finer matter into your body, emotions, and mind, to open the way to become your Divine Self and express its light in every area of your life. The incoming energies are opening humanity to a greater awareness of the devas, and increasing cooperation between the human, angelic, and devic kingdoms of nature.

You will work with the devas that create a blue mist so lower energies cannot penetrate your aura. The chakra devas will assist you in evolving your chakras to expand your creativity and let go of power struggles. The oneness devas will assist you in linking with the oneness of all life, knowing yourself as a point of light within a greater light.

Use this course to deepen your understanding of how you can work with the angelic and devic kingdoms to build finer matter into your body, emotions, and mind, and to open the way to become your Divine Self and express its light in every area of your life.  12 Guided Meditations by Orin, music by Thaddeus. Buy all four albums at the same time and save.

Orin's Vision Courses also work with the same star energies and will assist you in getting more out of any of Orin's courses, as they will open your third eye.
Orin's Vision OR917 Vision:  Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies Awaken your third eye to see and sense subtle energies. Learn to see beyond illusions, without doubt, fear, or emotions that cloud inner vision. Develop etheric vision and clear your aura. Learn to better see your higher purpose, what to manifest, and your path of spiritual growth. 


Orin's Vision OR918Vision: Creating Your Highest Future Learn ways to see into time, to find the future you are now creating, and to create an even better, higher future. Find those choices, decisions, and paths that create your highest future. Read your soul's records to learn more about your soul's purpose for being on earth. Unfold your higher potential and live your life purpose.


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