Orin's Solar Radiance:
Becoming a More Perfect Light
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Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 8 Guided Meditations
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 3.25 hours

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Product Number: SL104
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Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light

This audio course by Orin teaches you how to work with Solar light, a powerful force in the universe, to create profound changes in your consciousness, in your spiritual path, and in your daily life. 

As you work with Solar light you can fulfill the essence of your soul's higher purpose: to become a more perfect light. The essence of your purpose on earth, and a way to become a more perfect light, is to find light, to draw light into yourself, and to become the light as your radiance lights the way for others.

In this step-by-step process of working with Solar light, you will be guided to meet the Solar light and draw it into your mind, emotions, body, aura, atoms, and every part of your life. You will learn how to bring Solar light and its qualities of radiance into your circumstances, projects, relationships, and activities to enhance all the light that is there, and to release anything that is not light. You will discover how to recognize who and what increases your light, and how to release those things that decrease your light.

You will birth a consciousness of light so you can better recognize and use light. As you do this your vision of what is possible in your life can expand and you can know what steps to take to create what you want. In this course you will learn how to manifest those forms that hold the most light for you. You will learn how to create matter and form out of light. You will learn easy-to-use processes to manifest those things that increase your light and that are in harmony with your higher purpose. You will link your mind with the Universal Mind to know what actions to take to bring about what you want.

You will work with and become aware of Solar light from moment to moment. As you become aware of both the higher dimensions of light and your ordinary reality simultaneously, you can consistently see and choose your path of most light in everything you do, making those choices in every moment that assist you in becoming a more perfect light.

Start working with Solar light now. Think of it and imagine you are drawing its light into yourself. Let a ray of its light touch your heart center, opening and expanding it, and preparing it to hold more light. Every moment you think of Solar light, you become a more perfect light. 

Orin guided meditations include:
Program 1: Increasing Your Radiance Expand your consciousness and align with Solar light. Bring it into your mind, emotions, and physical body to become a more radiant and perfect light.
Program 2: Transforming Your Life With Light Work with the qualities of Solar light to transform any circumstance, situation, habit, or blockage for the better. Work on the plane of light that is matter before it becomes form.  
Program 3: Creating More Light About You View the people and situations in your life from a higher level, and recognize those that increase your light and those that do not. Transform those situations that decrease your light.
Program 4: Birthing Light and Awareness Gain insight, understanding, and awareness in any area of your life as you birth light where there has been none. Find your next steps and discover new ideas, directions, and answers, including what is next in creating your life purpose and your path of enlightenment.
Program 5: Becoming a More Perfect Light Work with three Masters who will transmit Solar light to help you expand your ability to love, to align with the higher will, and to express the creative intelligence within you.
Program 6: Liberating the Light Within Journey to a special place where you can release old thoughts, beliefs, denser emotions, and old patterns that have kept you from knowing the light. Become more aware of your inner guidance, and have new and powerful insights.
Program 7: Condensing Light Into Matter Manifesting With Light Find those things you want to manifest as they exist as light in the higher dimensions, add the qualities of Solar light, and condense this light into matter.
Program 8: Building a Solar Consciousness With a Solar consciousness you can learn to find and use the light in every moment. This consciousness of light allows you to increase your radiance with every choice you make.

Course contains 8 Orin journeys with music by Thaddeus. PDF booklet with transcripts is an online product (there is no printed version that will be sent to you). The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.

Read and enjoy free light play articles and exercises on our website to connect with Solar light and to work with Solar light to transform your relationships, change a situation, and bring Solar light into Your Chakras, Mind, and Emotions.

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Information About Orin Seminars and Orin's Newest Course, 
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There are currently no scheduled Orin live seminars.  Please read more about DaBen's current seminars for information.

You can read about Orin's newest course Connecting with Your Guide, Receiving Clear Guidance (C201).  This course will assist you in making a good, clear, strong connection to a guide whose purpose is to assist you in receiving clear guidance, either directly into your mind, or through channel aloud. You will then learn more about how guidance comes about, how to view the bigger picture, see into the details, go out into time, and get guidance so clear that you can take action on it.

Orin has a new series of audio courses called Orin's Path of Self-Realization audio courses.  This is a major work by Orin that has been several years in the making.  This is composed of three series of courses so far: 
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Announcement by Sanaya About Future Events With Orin
As you can read in Orin's message about the path he is offering, all of his work from his first book and audio course, to his current work, is offering a step-by-step path for you to realize the Divine Self, the true Self as who you are.  Read Orin's Path of Self Realization. Realize that the key to Self Realization is in your hands. You have the ability to realize your full potential, to become a fully realized Self. When you are ready, Orin and all of the guides and inner teachers are there to assist you. All you need will be provided for the next phase of your journey to Self Realization. ~Sanaya