Connecting with Star Energies

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Sanaya's Story of Working with Star Energies
General Information on the Stars and Constellations Used in Orin's Journeys
Light Play Exercise: Aligning with Star Energies

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We have heard from many of you that these are very intense times, with many challenges coming up, either in your own life or in the lives of your friends and loved ones. Some of the energy that is stirring things up is coming from various stars and constellations through their alignments with each other and the Earth. This includes both major and minor star configurations that are radiating energy that is very stimulating.

You can learn how to connect with star energies to experience major expansions of consciousness and to feel more balanced and centered no matter what is going on around you. There are subtle shifts in star energy every day that you can tune into and use to grow spiritually and expand your consciousness. Aligning with some of the major star energies such as with the Big Dipper for divine Will, Sirius for divine Love, the Pleiades and the Solar light can lift you into the expanded consciousness of your soul and divine Self where answers are found and problems disappear.

For those of you who are ready, opening up to these higher forces of light can bring you many expansions of awareness.  Playing at this level will bring about changes in your life and consciousness that come from the light of illumination and initiation at a star level.  These are energies that are impacting the earth plane and are some of the underlying causes of the spiritual transformation that is occurring in humanity.  Opening to star energies can open up your spiritual path and bring you into harmony with a vast universe of forces, that once contacted, will manifest in your life as wonderful opportunities that would not have been possible before.

Sanaya's Story of Working with Star Energies
Many years ago, Orin began drawing my attention to the energy coming from the stars and constellations. He told me that aligning with these energies could open up one’s potential for spiritual growth and increase the light they could radiate to the world. The particular star energies he had me and others link with bring you into harmony with a vast universe of spiritual energies. Consciously contacting these star energies can manifest in your life as new opportunities, great expansions of consciousness, and an ability to become a radiant source of light and love to everyone around you.

In particular, by attuning to the star energies of the Big Dipper, Sirius, and Pleiades, as well as the Solar light and Spiritual Sun, you are aligning with some of the highest vibrational energies that are influencing the earth plane. Opening to their energy can accelerate your spiritual evolution; awaken your higher energy centers; increase your inner vision; and allow you to become more aware of the beings of light, the angelic, and other kingdoms of nature.

These star energies and the waves of light they radiate are becoming more intensely felt. By attuning to these star energies, you are drawing in energy that is the source of earth and societal changes. With this alignment you can better create forms and circumstances that express your inner light.

By attuning to certain star energies you are drawing in energy that assists you in being in harmony with all life. You are better able to ride the waves of energy as they come to humanity and stay in the light, peaceful and calm, untouched by lesser energies, current events, or mass consciousness. As you come into resonance with certain star energies, you can be in the right place at the right time; problems will resolve more quickly, and blockages and limitations will fall away. With star contact you can manifest in higher ways, so that everything you create is aligned with your higher purpose.

These star energies awaken your higher energy centers, increase your vision, assist you in developing more awareness of the beings of light, the angelic and devic kingdoms, and allow you to become an even greater source of light for others.

Orin feels that attuning to certain star energies is so important that he wanted to call these energies to your attention and help you connect with them. You can use the Light Play on this page to do so. In addition, to strengthen your alignment with star energies, Orin offers audio courses to do so such as Orin's Vision Courses, and Orin's Millennium courses, as well as Orin's Divine Will courses. If you already have any of these courses, you may want to listen to them again.

General Information on the Stars and Constellations Used in Orin's Journeys
The Big Dipper is located in the constellation of the Great Bear, the stars are seen as the embodiment of the Great Ones who radiate Divine Will to humanity. Orin feels that Divine Will energies are so important for you to know that he has created a series of courses for you to align with Divine Will. You will touch upon Divine Will in the Millennium Volumes, and explore it in great depth in Orin's Divine Will courses. Read more about the stars of the Big Dipper and Divine Will.

Sirius is known as the "Dog Star," and as the star of liberation, love, freedom, and initiation. Sirius strongly influences events on the earth plane. It is the magnetic energy that comes from Sirius that changes the earth's magnetism and creates pole shifts. You can work with the Sirius energy to stay clear and balanced, to have an open heart, to free yourself from negative energies, and to be magnetic to all you need to fulfill your purpose.

The 7 stars of the Pleiades, sometimes called the "7 sisters," are found in the neck of the Bull, in the constellation of Taurus. These are related to the 7 stars in the Big Dipper. The energies coming from Pleiades are part of the intelligence aspect of the universe, and influence the form side of manifestation. You can work with these energies so that everything you manifest will be the highest possible embodiment of the seed of divinity within it.

Pole Star The two stars on the outside portion of the cup of the Big Dipper point to the Pole star, known as the star of Direction. It is currently Polaris, found in the Little Bear. It brings humanity back to its originating source. You can focus on this star energy so you can always know the true goal, that of Self-Realization, and find it in the most efficient, effective possible way.

Spiritual Sun This is the "light of all lights." It is the light of unity, coherence, and synthesis. When you "see" in the light of the Spiritual Sun, you can see the oneness of all life, and know your connection to it. When the Spiritual Sun arises in the center of your being, within your heart, then pain, struggle, and suffering is dissolved. You can contact the Spiritual Sun to illuminate the "veil of unknowingness" that separates you from your Divine Self, for in the light of the Sun the veil disappears. You can then see in this light the one absolute Reality that pervades and illumines all life.

Solar Light, Heart of the Sun
This is the "soul" of the Sun, just as the Spiritual Sun is the "spirit or one life" that is the source of life of the Sun. It is connected with the 7 rays, the consciousness, magnetism, and vitality of life itself. It radiates Divine Love. Orin's album Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light is an in-depth course on working with Solar light.

Orin's Millennium Journeys and Star Energies
Orin has made 4 courses in the Millennium Journeys series to assist you in aligning with the higher light that is coming to humanity from star energies. MM010In the first course, Increasing Your Inner Light, you work with star energies to expand your inner light, and thus change what you draw to you.

product imageOrin's Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050) Work with the star energy of Divine Will to experience more spiritual power, love, vision, wisdom, harmony, illumination, inspiration, and more

 OR917OR918Orin's Vision courses, Vision : Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies and Vision: Creating Your Highest Future are to assist you in knowing what to manifest as you contact higher energies.  The Vision skills bring you a greater ability to accurately translate the star energy you contact into thoughts, ideas, insights, revelations, activities, forms, circumstances, relationships, and new conditions so that what you create will best unfold these higher energies and all the opportunity they offer.

product imageOrin's Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light teaches you how to work with Solar light, a powerful force in the universe, to create profound changes in your consciousness, in your spiritual path, and in your daily life.

Light Play Exercise:  Aligning with Star Energy
There is a cosmic golden web of light that connects all galaxies, stars, planets, beings of light, humanity, and all kingdoms on Earth. You are connected to this web of light through your etheric body, also called your aura, that acts as a conductor of these energies.

The quality of energy flowing through your etheric body, be it from your soul, Divine Self, the stars, the Solar light and Spiritual Sun, or from mass consciousness, determines how you feel, think, and act, and thus the circumstances, relationships, and forms in your life.

To bring in star energy, start by thinking of the Big Dipper (divine Will), Sirius (divine Love), and the Pleiades (divine Creative Intelligence). Imagine a triangle of light connecting them, and ask for this energy to permeate your consciousness. You might also connect with the Solar light and Spiritual Sun, imagining them shining upon you.

Envision yourself standing in the center of this triangle of stars, basking in and drawing in their light and consciousness. You are opening to all the special opportunities they offer. Your connection to your soul and Divine Self is growing stronger as you do this. You are balanced and peaceful.

Imagine that these divine energies are flowing into you bringing you illumined thoughts, clearer vision, and the ability to manifest the divine blueprint of your life. Simply thinking of these energies begins to open the channel to these wonderful, positive, loving sources of light and transformation.

Picture your day being illuminated with this light, showing you the way forward to unfold your greatest potential for that day. Ask for the highest and best within you to reveal itself, and for obstacles to be cleared away. Ask for this consciousness to permeate your being and lift you higher so that all you do is aligned with the higher forces of the universe.

I find it useful to focus on the Spiritual Sun when waking up, imagining a path of light from the morning to the evening, with the Spiritual Sun at the end of the path, illuminating the day and guiding me on the journey to enlightenment and to whatever service I can offer during the day.

You might find connecting with these energies right before you fall asleep to be a powerful way to bring them into your life.

I feel I have had a great acceleration of consciousness since working with these star energies. I am also aware of the many gifts of consciousness I have received from studying all of Orin's courses that provided the foundation for taking the quantum leap in consciousness that working at this level has provided.~Sanaya

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