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Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light Audio Course by Orin
Light Play: Finding and Knowing Light
Light Play: Becoming Light; Radiating Light

Greetings from Orin and DaBen
In this article and meditation, we will show you how to work with Solar light to fulfill part of your soul's higher purpose: to become a more perfect light.

The first step of becoming a more perfect light is to find the light. There are many kinds of light you can work with. We will show you how to find and work with Solar light, for it is one of the most powerful lights in your universe.  It has been called the "Heart of the Sun." It sustains all life on the soul plane where you soul lives, much as your physical sun sustains all life on the earth plane that you live in.

The Solar light is a vast,
magnificent, living being.

Its energy reaches out into infinity and shines through to the earth plane. It is the sum total of all consciousness of all the dimensions and planes it exists in, including your earth plane. It holds within it the light of all souls, of all planets, of all light in your universe. It is a light of higher will, universal love, and creative intelligence. As you work with it you can reflect its qualities of light, and use the intense light it is sending to the earth plane to transform your life and to become a more perfect light.

To know and find light requires a mind that can be quieted, emotions that can be stilled, and a consciousness that can embrace the light. To find the light you will need a mind that can receive and clearly hear the guidance and knowingness of your soul. To find the light you will need an emotional body that is so calm it can know and feel the bliss, love, and peace of your soul. The light play below gives you a way to experience the mental calm and emotional peace that is necessary to find and know light.

To find light, you will need to open your channel upward, developing the ability to find and know higher levels of light, and to be able to bring more and more of your consciousness with you as you reach upward. Once you have found and are aware of light as it exists in the higher dimensions, you can more easily find and create this light in your daily life. As you draw it into yourself you can expand your vision of what is possible and have clearer ideas of how to carry through this expanded vision with concrete steps, words, and actions.

We will take you on a journey now to show you how to work with Solar light on its own plane to find light, draw light to you, and radiate light.

Call Solar light to yourself.
Imagine a cocoon of
Solar light all around you.

Start by getting quiet and calling Solar light to yourself. Imagine breathing in Solar light, until it fills an area of light around your spine and radiates out into the room around you. Keep calling Solar light to yourself until you are surrounded by a cocoon of light.

Start lifting your vibration by letting the Solar light pour into your emotions, calming them. Then let it come into your thoughts, adding light and clarity to them. Let go of thoughts of your outer world, the physical world of ever-changing forms and situations. Let yourself expand into the Universal Mind of higher wisdom and ideas, and from there into the soul plane where the Solar light has its home.

Take a moment to sense the soul plane. Feel the light, beauty, joy, and love that is present here. Find yourself as you exist here as patterns of light and energy. Send your awareness out into the sea of light of the soul plane, observing how easily you can expand, becoming more radiant as you do. Observe the Solar light above you and feel its warmth. Notice how easily you are finding light all about you!

As you watch the Solar light, observe how it is spinning. Note how with each turn, it reassembles itself into an even more beautiful and perfect light. Imagine as you watch that you, too, are becoming a more beautiful and perfect light. As you focus on the Solar light you are beginning to draw the light to you, so that you can become the light.

You are ready to draw light into yourself, taking the next step of becoming a more perfect light. Think once again of yourself as light here in the sea of light of the soul plane. Focus on the Solar light, and feel its qualities of expansion. All the light around you is moving and expanding.

Imagine you are drawing this quality of light into yourself, so that your own energy is expanding outward from the core of your being. You are expanding into higher and higher levels of light, bliss, and joy. As your light expands, it can translate later into new thoughts, a broader vision of what is possible, and unlimited thinking.

Allow the Solar light
to increase the light within you.

Focus on the Solar light, and notice that it has the ability to intensify all the light that is there. Draw this quality of Solar light into yourself, and imagine that as you do all the light within you is growing brighter. Take a moment to picture all the light within you becoming brighter, so that you can see and recognize more of your own light. This can translate later into a greater recognition of all your strengths, higher qualities, and love that you are.

Focus on the Solar light, and notice that more light is being born within you at every moment. Imagine you are drawing this "birth of light" quality of Solar light into yourself. As you observe all the light that is already there, imagine that more and more light is being born within you at every moment. Watch light being born in your energy field. This can translate later into light coming into your life, mind, emotions, and body in places where it never existed before.

There are an infinite number of ways to become the light, and we have shown you just a few as you work with Solar light. What you have just done is very real, even though it may feel as if you have just been using your imagination. You have begun to draw Solar light into yourself, and it will manifest as changes in your perceptions and in your ability to find and become the light.

Imagine you are radiating Solar light.

You are now ready to explore the next step of becoming a more perfect light, that of radiating light. As you play with qualities of Solar light, and draw them into yourself, you are becoming radiant. Observe the "glow" or radiance that you are beginning to have. You are becoming magnetic, for all life is drawn to this quality of light.

Think of all the souls who are around you in this sea of light. These are the souls of others, such as yourself, the souls of great beings, and the souls of other life-forms, such as animals and plants.

As you become more radiant, picture the souls of those around you beginning to respond to your radiance by receiving it and radiating it back to you. Think of the Solar light and its quality of love and harmony. Imagine you are radiating the most loving, harmonious energy you can imagine to all the souls around you. Say to yourself, "I am in harmony with all life in the universe. I love you self, I love you universe." Imagine yourself in complete harmony with all life and in harmony with the higher purpose of your soul, the planet, and the Solar light.

Next, radiate this light of harmony into your daily life. Think of a situation in your life right now. Notice if you can stay in this space of light and joy, of expansiveness and love as you think of it. If you cannot think of it and stay in a high space, pick something else to work with that you can think about from this high space until you have more practice. Do not work on getting any thoughts or ideas about this situation, simply think of it for a moment.

Radiate harmony and love
into a situation in your life.

Remember the Solar light quality of harmony and love. Bring this quality into yourself as you think of this situation. Ask that every part of this situation come into harmony with the Universe and all life in it, including coming into harmony with you and your soul.

Imagine all that is light about this situation is growing more visible to you. Let more light be born in and around this situation. Tell yourself that the universe is perfect, and it is always working for your higher good. This work with light can translate later into an increased ability to sense and increase the good that this situation is bringing you.

Sense yourself becoming
a more perfect light.

As you watch the Solar light, imagine that your own light is becoming more beautiful. You are fulfilling your soul's purpose of becoming a more beautiful and perfect light each moment you spend thinking of the Solar light. You become a more perfect light by finding within everything–including within yourself–the light, joy, love, expansiveness, and beauty that is there. Sometimes it is hidden and you will have to work to find these qualities of light, but they are always there. Your focus on the light is what draws light into you and gives you the ability to radiate light to others.

You have just learned ways to work with the Solar light to become a more perfect light. Since the Solar light is one of the most powerful lights in your universe, you can work with it in many ways to transform your life with light.
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Light Play: Finding and Knowing Light
You can find and know light from moment-to-moment. To do so, you will first need a clear mind and calm emotions. This exercise gives you one way to quickly quiet your thoughts and emotions so you can find the light in the moment.

This exercise focuses on breathing, because the way you breathe can change your feelings and clear your thoughts. Changing your breathing is one of the most important tools you have to quickly change your reality, increase your vibration, and to increase your ability to sense the light in every moment.

  1. Start by sitting quietly. Relax your body, and focus on your breathing.
  2. Put your hand on your abdomen, so you can feel the movement here.
  3. Think of the Solar light, and imagine you are breathing in Solar light with each breath. Breathe in, pulling in your abdomen as you do. This sends your breath into your upper chest.
  4. Feel your diaphragm expanding, at about the base of your breastbone, as you continue breathing in.
  5. Continue to fill up with light as you breathe, bringing your breath all the way up into your upper chest. Breathe easily and naturally as you do this.
  6. Release your breath, following the same rhythm and timing as your in-breath. Breathe in and out several times until you can feel your mind calming down. Continue to do this breathing rhythm at least 10 times to enhance the feeling of peace that this method of breathing can bring.
  7. Picture yourself in a situation later today, or tomorrow, one in which you want to sense light. See yourself breathing in Solar light several times during this situation as you just practiced.

Use this process to get calm anytime you are having trouble quieting your thoughts, or if you are experiencing confusion, too many things to do, stress, or a sense of rush or overwhelm. You can only know and sense light when your emotions are calm and your mind is quiet.

If you would like more assistance in learning how to stay in a calm, flowing emotional and mental state, Volumes 1 and 2 of the Awakening Your Light Body course will teach you those centers that create the emotional flow and mental fluidity necessary to find and know light, to become the light, and to become a more perfect light.
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Light Play Becoming Light; Radiating Light
You can use this in any situation you are in to bring light to yourself. Think of a situation you will be in today or tomorrow. Practice the following steps, and then see yourself doing this process while you are experiencing this situation.

  1. Breathe in Solar light at least twice as you just learned in the previous Light Play exercise. Feel yourself growing calmer, and your thoughts growing quieter.
  2. Imagine that the Solar light is pouring down upon you. Let it purify and cleanse your aura of any unwanted energies.
  3. If it is appropriate to the situation, let the Solar light refresh and rejuvenate you as it pours down upon you.
  4. As the Solar light pours down upon you, imagine you are filling up with its light. Think of the qualities of Solar light, and let its quality of expansion fill you.
  5. As the Solar light pours down upon you, let it light up everything that is light within you.
  6. Let new light begin to emerge within you as you continue to fill up with Solar light.
  7. As you think of the Solar light, let a ray of its light come down through the top of your head, all the way down to your heart center, an area around your heart. Allow your heart to open, bringing love into the moment.

You can choose to do all or just a few of these steps in whatever situation you find yourself. Invent several ways to work with Solar light on your own as well. After you bring in Solar light, notice if anything changes. Perhaps something about the way you feel or think will change. Notice any shift, and continue to play with Solar light as often as it feels right to do so.

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