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To join in the Wesak Meditation, follow the process of the Wesak Meditation.

We are joining with millions of people around the world to celebrate the annual Festival of Wesak during the full moon of May.

You can join in by meditating during the time of the full moon May. The rhythm of the full moon is used for these spring festival meditations as it marks the time each month when the impact of the divine energies of Light, Love and Power are at their peak and can be received by a group and radiated into human consciousness.

It is said that Buddha descends from His high place during the full moon of May to bestow spiritual blessings on the world.  He sends these blessings to the World Teacher of Love, the Masters, and many enlightened beings who receive this blessing and help make it available to a waiting humanity. You can receive this blessing of illumination by meditating during the full moon times, including two days before and two days after the time of the full moon.

As you join in anytime during this five day period, you can receive this blessing and send it out to others. This blessing is very special, and just what humanity needs at this time.  It will help humanity dissipate with light and love the darkness of the energies of hatred, ignorance, and greed.  Humanity can stand in the light of illumination, functioning as loving souls, working for the good of the whole and  joining in the oneness of all life. 

We have the power to help bring this about by our group work and inner connections. Together we can strengthen the power of light, and work with the Masters and Great Ones to experience more love, unity, tolerance, inclusiveness, and illumination ourselves, and becoming a source of these energies for others.

To join in this meditation, follow the process of the Wesak Meditation. Receive the potent spiritual energy that is coming from Buddha. Radiate light and love to humanity. 

Note: We meditate during the time of the full moon. Spiritual energies are at a peak during the full moon, because at that time the moon is out of the way of the sun. Most times, our moon stands between the light of the sun, stars and constellations, and us, shielding the earth from their light. During the time of the full moon, when the moon is completely out of the way of the Sun, we can receive energy directly from the Spiritual Sun, and from the stars and constellations that radiate very high spiritual energy.