Calling on the Spirit of Peace for Deep Inner Peace by Orin

product image   Orin's Spirit of Peace Audio Meditation
To increase your ability to experience deep inner peace
Music:  Thaddeus TH047, Spiritual Sun Lifting
Length 27:18 minutes  Transcripts below.

Join us every New Year's Eve for a Group Meditation to call upon the Spirit of Peace for Humanity.

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About Orin's Calling on the Spirit of Peace for Deep Inner Peace
This is a wonderful journey to both clear energies that keep you from feeling peaceful, and to increase the peace you can experience by connecting with many higher beings and the divine flame of peace.  You can let go of tension and feel more peaceful.  This is a wonderful guided meditation to play for your friends, either individually or as a group. You may want to play it on New Year's as a way to send out peace in ever-widening circles, and assist humanity by calling upon the Spirit of Peace to bring peace to all life on earth.

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Orin's Peace Guided Meditation Transcript

Greetings from Orin and from all the beings of light who are here.  As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in light, calling light to yourself.  With the peace that you have, imagine that in front of you is an angel of peace, a being of peace, one who is here to work with you. 

Feel yourself growing even more peaceful, as if the burdens and cares are being lifted from your shoulders.  Your solar angel is with you, the angel of your soul.  And you feel yourself, with this peace, attuned to the angelic kingdom -- the beautiful music, the rare and refined atmosphere, such love, harmony, joy, ease, play.   Waves of this energy are all about you that you can attune to when you are in a state of peace.  You are very magnetic to all the light and the angelic beings. 

And this angel of peace in front of you looks you in the eyes and asks if you are ready to sustain a new level of peace and harmony in your life, to play with the angels and the beings of light more often.  If you are ready, this being holds in his or her hand a flame of peace, a peace that comforts, that lifts. 

You might take this flame of peace in your hand and bring it into your heart, or let it grow large and surround your body, an emanation from the highest of levels, this flame of peace, from the All-That-Is, from the Oneness.  This is the flame that joins and unites where there has been separation.  So let it feel as if all the parts of yourself are coming together into one, unified whole; all the places where you have been divided against yourself, in battle with yourself.  You are releasing the inner battle. 

You can put this flame of peace into any area of your life where there has been a sense of disharmony, imagining as you do that you are bringing all into harmony with this higher vibration of peace.  So put this flame of peace anywhere you would like.  You might say to yourself, “There is no problem.  There is only peace and harmony.” 

From this state of peace you see in front of you your solar angel, the angel of your soul.  This angel is offering you a vibration of peace, an experience of peace that is deeper, more profound, and more palpable, more tangible at every level, from your physical, to your emotional, to your mental.  Begin to feel this resonance of peace as your solar angel works with you to take you in, now and in the future, to a new state of peace within yourself. 

Something at a very core level of your being is being realigned, reattuned to an even larger vibration, to the Spirit of Peace, a very real entity, who holds peace and the potential of peace for every single person and for the planet.  With the help of this angel of peace and your solar angel, and all the beings of light, you are being realigned, reattuned, refocused to this vibration of peace that is always available, so that you do not have to search so hard for it, so that it will be more immediately available, and you can be a conduit for this peace. 

All right, let this begin to happen, let the alignment start taking place.  And you might notice it as a feeling of increased harmony, more resonance, a great expansion, deep, deep peace, almost as if there is no thought, no need to do. 

And let the Spirit of Peace flow through you and out into your environment, into the molecules and atoms of your home and your furniture, into all the life forms around you.  You as a conduit; a conduit of energy where everything exists in its perfect relationship to everything else, where you are in harmony with the Universe, and the rhythm of the Universe, and the higher beings, where manifesting is easy, where your peace puts you in the flow of a greater life, that of the Divine Self, of all life. 

And let your peace flow into your bodies, first into your physical body; an ease, a peace. All the atoms, all the cells in your body beginning to realign with the Spirit of Peace. Releasing all the misalignments, all the patterns that have been out of harmony and flow.  Attuning at a cellular level, like antennae on the cells finding a new vibration, a vibration that is very stable, very harmonious, a vibration that they can attune to that brings light and energy, vitality and well-being. 

Let this energy of peace flow into your emotional body to still the waters and the vibration, to free the breath and the breathing, to cleanse and purify the adrenals, so you can face the world with a sense of security, a sense of trust, of surrender, of openness, and joy, through your increasing peace. 

This Spirit of Peace, and the angel of peace, and your solar angel, and many other beings of light are working with you at a very profound level since you have set your intention to reach a new level of peace, let this vibration flow into your mental body to release all mental concepts that have kept you bound to the battle, to the fight, to the struggle.  Just feeling these being loosened, like balloons that are let fly away. 

All the places where you have been tied to mass beliefs and mass consciousness being freed in this energy, so that you can believe that it is possible to live all the time in a state of harmony and peace with the Universe, yourself, and others. 

You begin to harmonize with, to resonate with those thoughts and beliefs that make it easier to sustain this peace.  You know that you deserve peace and harmony, and that you can stay in this state no matter what the energies are around you.  In fact, as you stay in this state of peace, you offer it to everyone around you.

You are being given more consciousness so that you can observe and know instantly when anything has disturbed your peace, anything that even might disturb your peace.  You now release any reaction.  You turn away from all temptation to be out of the flow, and you are being supported in every way by all the beings of light who are cheering for you, who want this with you, and Divine Will that wants this for you as well.

Now open the top of your head, just with your imagination, to be a conduit of peace.  From the Spirit of Peace let it flow into you like a river of light, surrounding you with a beautiful light, a river of qualified, pure, perfect light.  Filling up your aura with its beautiful, organized, snowflake, diamond-like patterns of light that bring the consciousness of peace, and harmony, and well-being. 

And sense your aura becoming magnetic and larger and larger as you join together with everyone else who is holding this same intention.  Building a reservoir of peace and the consciousness of peace and harmony within you that you can share with others, and an increasing ability to turn away from anything that would take you out of this state of peace. 

You are being strengthened now, realigned, given this beautiful substance of light that carries peace, that has been qualified and imprinted with the patterns of peace from the Spirit of Peace, to draw to you all that is magnetic to peace, abundance, well-being, joy, harmony, purity, freedom, vision.

So with this light pouring through you and through everyone in the world, in every place that is holding the intention for peace, seeing a unified field being created, energized by many beings of light.  The more peace you radiate, the more you will bring in.  So begin to radiate this peace to everyone in your life, to all your friends, loved ones, coworkers, clients, and students.  Sense what it feels like to become a radiating center of peace, holding that resonance with the Spirit of Peace. 

Let this circle expand.  What might it feel like to be so powerful, such a conduit of peace that you could hold peace for your city, and that you could actually make a difference?  Your peace is so profound, so stable, that you could make a difference for your city.  Join with all the beings of light and all the people in your city who are also holding this intention. 

Sense the peace that you are creating for the animals and the plants in your city, and the interactions between people, and the thought forms, and the emotions.  Look with your inner eyes at all the levels you can work with in this way. 

And notice as you do, that you begin to expand into an even larger awareness, that of the beings who are holding peace for your country, who are acting as conduits for the Spirit of Peace into everyone who wants this vibration.  Become a part of this group work, and notice how it also enhances your ability to hold and sustain peace in your own life. 

And let this expand you into an awareness of the beings who are holding peace, steadily, stably, and without any wavering for all of humanity, all the planet.  Open up to, sense these beings now.  All of you who are in this light, join with them, let us add to their power your peace, the peace of the group.  All that you have ever learned about peace and every moment you have radiated peace, every decision you have made to turn away from disharmony, let this be added to the group light that is focusing peace on humanity. 

Know that your presence, every ounce of energy you add at every level to the contribution of peace, is recorded and noted.  Your presence has been felt and noted by all of these beings.  A conduit is now opened from them to you, to have the power to create more peace, more harmony, more flow in your life, to be a greater conduit for all of these light patterns that are magnetic to good, that put you in the flow, in the synchronicity.  You do not have to work hard; you only need to be open to all the opportunity that is being presented to you in every moment, like picking the flowers in a field all around you. 

As you resonate with the light of peace, and flow, and harmony, look around as if all the opportunities for you in their potential, in their unmanifest, are as if a field of flowers, of beautiful flowers, lotuses beginning to open up in the light of the sun. 

And there is one flower for you to pick, the gift back to you, a flower that you may put in your heart that will unfold as a new vibration of peace within you.  So I will bid you good day for now.

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