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Orin and DaBen, and Sanaya and Duane, invite you to join us and light workers around the world to celebrate the annual Festival of Goodwill at the full moon time of June. The rhythm of the full moon is used to schedule these meditations as it marks the time each month when the impact of the divine energies of Light, Love and Power are at their peak and can be registered by a group and radiated into human consciousness.  

The Festival of Goodwill is the culmination of the three spring festivals, where divine will that was transmitted during the Festival of Light and Divine Love that was transmitted by the Great Ones during the Festival of Love, are now fully available to distribute throughout all kingdoms of nature. These energies touch the heart centers of humanity, offering all who are open and receptive the Will to Good that brings about unity, cooperation, right human relationships and beneficial world conditions.

At this time the energies transmitted by the Great Ones to humanity bring the power to efficiently and wisely build the needed forms. These energies will stimulate the will-to-love, so humanity will seek to live together cooperatively, and the will-to-action that will lead people to start those activities which will lay the foundation for a better and happier world. The will-to-know and to think correctly and creatively will become the outstanding characteristic of humanity. 

Follow the process to call upon the Great Ones. Take a few moments during the 2 days before this time to prepare.  Send love to humanity for the 2 days following this Festival. Imagine Divine Love coming into the hearts of humanity.You can stream or download free Orin meditations here. 

General Information about all three Spring Festivals:
The 3 Spring Festivals are celebrated during the full moon. A door is opened wide at the time of each full moon, for 2 days before and for 2 days afterward. Through that door, we can contact energies of transformation, sent to us by the Enlightened Ones, which are otherwise not as easily available.

The purpose of these Spring Festivals, which are celebrated Worldwide, is to come together as a group to invoke spiritual energy and to receive the inflow of energy that we have called to us.

Together we can create a unified field of thought that can telepathically reach the Great Ones, those spiritual beings who are sensitive to and responsive to this call. Their response is sent out as spiritual energy first to those who are awakened, and through these people this energy will eventually reach the minds of humanity, carrying inspiration and revelation that will lead to the needed spiritual unfoldment.

Millions will be meditating during these times, creating a wonderful group energy that we will join, adding our light and love to this group energy. The remaining full moons constitute lesser festivals but are also of great importance.