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Free Meditations on Love in Orin's Meditation Room. (Scroll down, love meditations are near the end of the page)

Orin and DaBen, and Sanaya and Duane, invite you to join us and light workers around the world to celebrate the Festival of Love, during the April full moon. The rhythm of the full moon is used to schedule these meditations as it marks the time each month when the impact of the divine energies of Light, Love and Power are at their peak and can be registered by a group and radiated into human consciousness. 

What you can do: Listen to or read and use the meditations on Love, see below or go to Orin's Meditation Room. This festival occurs annually on the full moon in Aries in April, or occasionally late March. (You can search online for information on the time of the full moon at your location.) Take a few moments during the two days before this time to prepare. Be in a state of receptivity to love and join in the group call to the Great Ones as close to the full moon time as you can. Send love to humanity for the two days following this time of meditation and receptivity to the incoming energies of love. Imagine Divine Love coming into the hearts of humanity.  You can stream or download free Orin meditations here.

Note: We meditate in the Festival of Love during the full moon. Spiritual energies are at a peak during the full moon, because at that time the moon is out of the way of the sun. The moon itself has no light (it can only reflect light) whereas the sun is a star and it is also reflecting the light of the Spiritual Sun--that disk of golden light that is the highest spiritual light.

Most times, our moon stands between the light of the sun, stars, and constellations and us, shielding the earth from their light. During the time of the full moon, when the moon is completely out of the way of the Sun, we can receive energy directly from the Spiritual Sun, and from the stars and constellations that radiate very high spiritual energy. The full moon is the mark of the time of highest spiritual energies available.

During the full moon time we will join together as one united group to ask for love to be sent into the hearts of humanity. The Great One we will call upon is the World Teacher of Love, an avatar also known under such names as the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, Krishna, Messiah, Imam Mahdi and the Bodhisattva. On this spiritual day the nature of Divine love will be emphasized, a love that brings cooperation, unity, and world peace.

General Information about all Three Spring Festivals:
The Three Spring Festivals are celebrated during the full moon. A door is opened wide at the time of each full moon, for two days before and for two days afterward. Through that door, we can contact energies of transformation, sent to us by the Enlightened Ones, which are otherwise not as easily available.

The purpose of these Spring Festivals, which are celebrated worldwide, is to come together as a group to invoke spiritual energy and to receive the inflow of energy that we have called to us. Together we can create a unified field of thought that can telepathically reach the Great Ones, those spiritual beings who are sensitive to and responsive to this call. Their response is sent out as spiritual energy first to those who are awakened, and through these people this energy will eventually reach the minds of humanity, carrying inspiration and revelation that will lead to the needed spiritual unfoldment.

The rhythm of the full moon is used to schedule these meditations as it marks the time each month when the impact of the divine energies of Light, Love, and Power are at their peak and can be registered by a group and radiated into human consciousness. Millions will be meditating during these times, creating a wonderful group energy that we will join, adding our light and love to this group energy.

The remaining full moons constitute lesser festivals but are also of great importance.

Orin's Free Audio Meditations

product image    Orin's Spirit of Peace Audio Meditation
  Length 27:18
Music:  Thaddeus TH047, Spiritual Sun Lifting
Transcript and Information
Call upon the Spirit of Peace and increase your ability to experience deep inner peace.

Orin's 4 Alignments Short Audio and Written Meditations
for Living Your Life Purpose

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experience life happening magically. Know and express your purpose by aligning with your soul, divine Self, Divine Will, and Star Energy. Meditations are 6-9 minutes long, click on the links to listen or to read a transcript.

product image

 Orin's Opening to a Higher Path Audio Meditation
   24:46 minutes
Music:  Thaddeus TH067 Liberation
Transcript and Information 

A wonderful, uplifting meditation to realize more of the infinite possibilities for your life. Link with your Divine Self to step onto your higher path, realize who you truly are, and experience more love, courage, and inner strength as you open to fresh opportunities and new ways of thinking and being. As you align with your higher path, you will naturally experience an abundance of all that you need.

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