Past Newsletter Messages and Light Play

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The Light Play Exercises that follow the articles are to expand your consciousness and create changes in your life in whatever area you are guided to focus on.  When these articles talk about the energies present, Orin and DaBen are referring to those that are here now and those that are coming. Feel free to copy and send these articles to others.

Orin and DaBen Earth Changes Articles

Millennium Message | Energy Present Now
Energies Present in the New Millennium | Divine Will and the Energies Coming
Orin and DaBen's Earlier Comments on Earth Changes
Orin and DaBen on New Light Coming
Orin: Wave of Light and Transformation | Star Energies

Newsletter Messages listed below start with the most recent:

1.  Sustaining Peace and Harmony  Article by Orin and DaBen on how to feel more peaceful, an have more harmony in your life.

2.  The Power of Affirmations Article by Orin and DaBen on the importance of positive thoughts during these times when our thoughts manifest more quickly than ever before.

3.  Article and Meditation to work with Solar Light to become a more perfect light as you find the light, draw in the light, and radiate light to others.
Light Play:  Finding and Knowing Light
Light Play:  Becoming Light; Radiating Light

4.  Divine Will Articles and Light Play: Divine Will and the Millennium Energies
DaBen: What is Spiritual Will?  
Light Play:  Linking with Higher Will
Light Play:  Receiving Divine Will
Light Play:  Transmitting Divine Will

5.  Article and Meditation to Grow Through Joy Rather than Through Struggle
Light Play:  Knowing Joy: Recognizing the Good in Every Situation
Light Play:  Creating Joy: Focusing on the Positive

6.  Article and Meditation to Change Beliefs of Scarcity into Abundance
Light Play:  Creating Abundance: Changing a Belief
Light Play:  Creating Abundance: Affirmations

7.  Article on the Energies of Each Season and how to work with them and the Solar Light to change your life.
Light Play:  Bringing Solar Light into your Chakras
Light Play:  Changing Your Relationships with Solar Light
Light Play:  Changing a Situation with Solar Light

8.  Article on Using the Energies Present Information on using energies present to sense subtle energies, make wise choices, change your circumstances, manifest the forms you need, and more as you listen to your soul's guidance.
Light Play:  Asking for Soul Impressions
Light Play:  Recognizing Soul Impressions
Light Play:  Receiving Soul Impressions Throughout the Day

9.  Article and Meditation to Awaken Your Heart Center
Light Play:  Changing a Situation with Soul Love
Light Play:  Radiating Soul Love to a Person