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product imageChapter 12 Choosing Your Reality: Creating Probable Futures

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To grow spiritually it is important to know you create your own reality. A major turning point in your growth comes when you begin to take responsibility for everything that happens. When you realize that it is possible to create the life you want (even if you don't yet know how), you and your Higher Self, you and your soul, become the captain of your ship.

You are the source, the creator of your life. You are the one who reaches upward, grows spiritually, and connects with your Higher Self. You create your reality through your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intent, which determine your vibration and thus the people, objects, events, and circumstances you attract to your life. Your emotions and your intent determine how fast you get what you are thinking about. Everything in your life comes from a thought or feelings you have, for your inner world of thoughts and feelings creates your outer world of events, objects, and relationships. Because you create your own reality, you can choose any reality you want.

Because there is a time lag between your thoughts and their appearance in your reality, some people do not yet realize they create their reality. Yet, you could trace every event that happens to people back to a thought, picture, belief, emotion, or intent they had at some point in their lives. Every decision and choice you make is shaping your reality.

You can create any reality you want;
there are no limits
to what you can have.

You can create your personal reality any way you want. Right before you fall asleep is a powerful time to create a new reality. Think of the day ahead. Visualize your ideal day, and imagine yourself waking up full of energy. These thoughts will go out to the future and meet up with you the next day. Challenge yourself to imagine having even more abundance than in the past–more energy, good feelings, clarity and focus, self-love, and compassion for others. As you master creating your ideal day, start visualizing even larger things. Allow yourself to daydream and fantasize, feeling the joy and good feelings you will have when you create the reality you want. Even five minutes two or three times a week can create enormous changes in the reality you experience.

You can choose to live in the reality where your loved ones fulfill their potentials and become all they can be. You can vibrate with the reality in which they do this by loving and accepting them as they are, and simultaneously holding the thought of them growing and manifesting their potentials. If you are disappointed in a loved one, you will vibrate to the probable reality where that happens. This doesn't mean you can get them to act the way you want. Your pictures of their higher purpose and how they might act if they expressed their potential may be different from that reality. You can, however, live in a universe where your loved ones grow and expand by picturing them doing so.

As you create a vision of the reality you want, don't make yourself wrong for where you are now, but applaud each sign that the new reality you are choosing is coming into your life. When you first start picturing what you want, it usually takes time for the vision to change from energy into form and to appear in your life. It must come from the higher dimensions of the Universal Mind into your physical reality. As time goes on, you will increasingly experience the results of your new, unlimited thoughts.

You do not need to accept others' view of reality that are based on fear and scarcity; you do not need to prepare for a fearful future. You can create your own personal economy of abundance by believing in abundance and choosing this as your reality. Your future can be one of love, laughter, and inner peace. You can create your own positive future and you can choose any reality you want.

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