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Orin: The Journey Begins:  Why Awaken Your Heart Centers
Excerpt from
Soul Love Introduction

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Transcript of Orin's introduction below.  8:12 minutes

You will be taking a spiritual journey of discovery, adventure, and growth as you read this book. Making soul contact and awakening your heart centers can be one of the most important and transformative steps on your path of spiritual awakening that you will ever take.

I have presented the first and second sections of this book in the form of a guided journey. As you read, whenever you feel drawn to do so, close your eyes and let any insightful thoughts, deeper understandings, and loving feelings emerge from within you. Be receptive and open to whatever comes up as you picture blending with your soul and awakening your heart centers.

Whether or not you are aware of your soul, it is always with you. It will be working with you to awaken your heart centers as you read and use the processes in this book. Embrace new awareness as it emerges. Recognize it as your soul’s love unfolding within you.

The second section of this book guides you through some of the most powerful and transformative processes I know to aid you in loving as your soul. These processes will assist you in making the transition from personality love to soul love.

To love as your soul you do not need to use your willpower to force yourself to be and act more loving. Instead, I offer you a way to transform the way you love and your feelings of love by a process that involves raising the energy from your solar plexus center into your heart center, then lifting the energy from your heart center into your head center, and finally sending the accumulated energy in your head center down to your solar plexus center, creating a triangle of light. I call this “energy work,” and I call these centers your “heart centers.” Combining this energy work with an understanding of why you are doing it can create a great shift in your ability to feel and express soul love.

Because you are drawn to reading this book and to practicing the processes offered, you have already heard the call of your soul. You are definitely experiencing your soul’s immense, infinite love as demonstrated by the kindness, tolerance, love, and compassion you already show yourself and others.

You are ready to increase, expand, and deepen your ability to express soul love, and you will learn ways to do so in this book. You may want to love and forgive yourself and let go of guilt, regrets, or self-recrimination. You may want to let go of past pain, feelings that made you feel separate from others, or places within your heart that you closed off. You are ready to love and appreciate yourself as your soul does; to experience the release and freedom that comes from soul love.

In this book you will learn how to elevate personality love into soul love and understand what that means. Personality love is based in the ego-mind and often creates suffering, pain, and discord. Soul love brings wisdom, clarity, understanding, harmony, compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness, freedom, and joy.

As you experience and express soul love your relationships become more fulfilling and satisfying. Your soul’s love shows you the way out of friction and conflict into harmony and peace. You move out of the personality’s narrower view into your soul’s broader understanding of your life and the lives of others. With the shift to a soul perspective you no longer feel like a victim, because you know the power of your soul’s love to change any circumstance for the better.

As you use the guided practices in this book you can come into resonance with the divine perfection that is possible for your life, and are better able to bring it about. You are able to make wise choices, act with wisdom, and help awaken others through the radiance of your light and love. You are able to create an environment that supports you and relationships that lift and expand you.

As you work with the triangle of light between your heart centers you are building a magnetic, radiant aura. Your heart center becomes so radiant that you attract all that you need to you to fulfill your purpose in every moment. You can more easily hear and follow your soul’s inner guidance that will assist you in living a better life, aligned with your divine purpose.

As you continue to work with these practices and your heart centers awaken, the quality of your life will change. As you allow yourself to open to the loving consciousness of your soul, life becomes more flowing. Your priorities change. You feel more confident because you know that you are one with the source of all life and will always have all you need. There is a new rhythm of joy and lightness in your life. Your life becomes easier in many ways.

As you consciously link with your soul and awaken your heart centers you can take a quantum leap into loving and living as a soul, aware of the souls of others. With this awareness you can connect with the community of spiritual Beings -- the Enlightened Ones, Masters, angels, guides, and all those who are assisting humanity and you to experience more light and love.

As you join with your soul and awaken your heart centers you can experience what I have called the universal Presence of love. Experiencing the universal Presence of love, the Oneness of all life, opens doors to higher worlds and spiritual energies. When contacted, these spiritual energies bring more good into your life than you may even think is possible. They accelerate your growth, enlighten your mind, and provide you with the clarity you seek in each moment about how to live as a soul rather than as a personality. These spiritual energies also bring many great gifts of consciousness and spiritual rewards that are not possible to explain until you experience them directly.

As you awaken your heart centers you are making an important contribution to humanity. You are adding to the vibration of love that will assist others in awakening their heart centers. When enough people have made soul contact and have awakened their heart centers the problems facing humanity such as hunger, war, poverty, crime, homelessness, and environmental damage will be solved. Then people will cooperate, share, and work together for the good of the whole, and humanity will find solutions.

I offer you the information in this book as a guide to assist you on your journey of experiencing all the love within you that is waiting to unfold. This journey begins and ends with love, for love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. ~ Orin

Introduction by Orin

Greetings from Orin!
You are embarking upon a wonderful adventure of meeting your soul and learning to love as your soul does. Many wonderful changes can happen as you read and open to your soul's love and wisdom. You will be planting seeds of growth and expansion that can unfold for weeks and months afterward. Some seeds may sprout immediately, and others may blossom over time.

In Section I, Blending With Your Soul, you will journey to the soul plane where your soul lives. You will receive transmissions from the Beings of Light to assist you in meeting and blending with your soul. As you become aware of the beauty of your soul, you will know how special, unique, and perfect you are. You will discover how to tap into your soul's love, light, will, power, and presence to create wonderful and powerful changes in your life.

In Section II, Awakening Your Heart Centers, you will blend with your soul to awaken your three heart centers. The first is located in an area around your physical heart. I call this your primary heart center or heart center (singular). The second is the heart of your head center, located in an area near the middle of the top of your head. I call this your head center. The final heart center is your solar plexus center, located in an area near your navel. I will call this your solar plexus center. When all three of these heart centers are working together, you can express a wise, expanded love called soul love.

Soul love is a steady, consistent radiation of the Universal Presence of Love that is the very essence of the universe. Soul love is a state of being a part of the oneness - where you are accepted and where you accept, where you are loved and where you love, and where you feel connected to the greater whole of which you are always a part.

Evolve and expand your love
through soul contact.

As you awaken your heart centers, you can use your expanded love to change your relationships for the better. You can love with a wise heart that empowers others. You can operate from the calm, compassionate, and loving serenity of your soul. You desire to love, and you surrender thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in the way of love. You let go of power struggles, release the barriers to love, and more consistently express soul love.

In Section III, Creating Soul Relationships, you will learn how to love as your soul and to create soul relationships. You will discover how to work with the magnetic love of your soul to attract a soul mate. You will explore finding and fulfilling the higher purposes of your relationships. You will learn how to work with the universal laws of relationship to create what you want in relationships. You will uncover new ways to love yourself and others. You will join with your soul to change aspects of your relationships that no longer serve you. You may choose to release or decrease your involvement with people who do not respond to your love, and draw to you people who do. All your relationships can be loving and supportive; they can all enrich and nourish you.

In Section IV, Receiving and Radiating Love, you will call upon the Great Ones in a celebration of love. You will draw their love into your heart center and become a beacon of love for humanity. You will make wheels of love to be in harmony with your family, friends, and groups of people. You will learn how to work with Masters, Beings of Light, and Enlightened Ones to radiate love to humanity. You will join them to send love to people in need, to children, and to other kingdoms, such as plants, animals, and the earth itself.

Before you continue, you may want to take a moment to close your eyes and make an inner connection with me. I will send you a special transmission of light and love to prepare you to awaken your heart centers. All you need to do is ask for it, and then open to receive my transmission of love. While you are receiving this transmission, affirm that you are willing to know your soul and to love as your soul does.

All you need do is ask if you want to receive transmissions of light, energy, and love from myself and any other Being of Light. From our realm there is no time and space, and we are aware of everyone who contacts us. Anytime you want to receive our transmissions of light, mentally give us your consent. You may sense our energy at those times, or you may have no conscious awareness of it. We will send light to your soul, under its guidance and with its permission.

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Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers
Book I of the Soul Life Series. By Sanaya Roman
Published 1997 by H J Kramer, Inc.
P O Box 1082 Tiburon, CA 94920
ISBN: 0-915811-77-4 $12.95

SOUL LOVE - Awakening Your Heart Centers

Table of Contents Introduction
In Appreciation ix
Preface by Sanaya xi
Introduction by Orin xv
How to Use This Book xxii

Section I Blending With Your Soul
1/ Preparing Your Personality 3
2/ Journey to the Soul Plane 9
3/ Meeting Your Soul 16
4/ Blending With Your Soul 23
5/ Living as Your Soul 29

Section II Awakening Your Heart Centers
6/ Preparing to Awaken 39
7/ Awakening Your Heart Center 4
8/ Soul Linking 53
9/ The Serenity of Love 63
10/The Oneness of Love 76
11/The Will to Love 88
12/Surrendering to Love 100
13/Soul Love 113

Section III Creating Soul Relationships
14/Attracting a Soul Mate 129
15/Discovering the Higher Purpose of a Relationship 141
16/Creating the Relationship You Want 150
17/Dissolving Obstacles to Love 161
18/Exploring New Ways to Love 174
19/Changing or Releasing a Relationship 185

Section IV Receiving and Radiating Love
20/A Celebration of Love 201
21/Making Wheels of Love 211
22/Radiating Love 220
Teaching the Soul Love Book 231