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Article and Meditation to Work with Using the Energies Present
Light Play: Asking for Soul Impressions
Light Play:  Recognizing Soul Impressions
Light Play: Receiving Soul Impressions Throughout the Day

Greetings from Orin and DaBen
Right now, in the new Millennium that has come, the higher dimensions of light are influencing your world more strongly than usual. The changes in the energies make it easier to sense the subtle energies of the higher dimensions, to awaken your light body, and to open your channel to your Higher Self, soul, and guide. These energies can hold more light than those of the past. You may be feeling these energies as a desire to add order, harmony, and beauty to your environment or the projects you are working on.

The energies influencing your earth plane right now come from the soul plane and even higher; they make it easier to feel your soul's energy and light. You may experience this as a desire to simplify your life, to live in a more peaceful rhythm, to enjoy nature, to slow down, and to release those things that no longer fit who you are. You may feel an increasing desire to embark upon new paths and directions, and to implement changes you have been wanting to make. You may be feeling urges to move to another home, to a different area, or to be more flexible and mobile. You may desire to free yourself of those things that are keeping you from living a more spontaneous, free, and joyful life.

These energies are changing
the way time and matter work.

These higher energies can create turbulence if you are not sensing the subtle energies, listening to your urges, and making those moment-by-moment choices that put you on a higher path. As these higher energies flow into your dimension, they change the way time works and the way matter is created and held together. These energies can present great opportunities if you have a sensitivity to the subtle energies and listen to and act upon your intuition.

If you have just begun your path of spiritual growth and do not feel as if you are aware of or able to sense the subtle energies yet, simply be alert to the various urges that you have, your heart's desires and the inner voice that is suggesting new paths, directions, or actions. Find some way to acknowledge your insights and urges. Let your actions and the forms you create evolve from that recognition.

With the turbulence that is present as these higher energies touch your dimension, it is a time for taking care in the choices you make. If you have insights, and take actions based on them in this time of more instability, those actions will probably have very good results and go out into time in a good way. It is important to not take action on those things you do not have a good feeling about.

One powerful way to increase your sensitivity to the subtle energies is to work with your soul. As you expand into your soul, you strengthen your intuition, it is easier to get insights, and you can receive guidance through soul impressions. Soul contact connects you with new, higher energies that you can then bring into your daily life as new perspectives, an expanded ability to love, and a greater sense of your soul's will and purpose. With soul contact you begin to sense the urges and directions of your soul. If you have not yet experienced your soul, we have included a guided meditation, Blending with Your Soul. If you have already blended with your soul, you may want to use this exercise again. Every time you blend with your soul you bring more of its light and love into your life and being.

It is important to pay attention to your inner urges
and act upon them.

If you have not been paying attention to your intuitive insights and taking action on them, you may find circumstances in your life becoming more difficult.   There may be a sense of a lack of forward movement. Or, things may be changing around you faster than you are ready for. You may have a sense that things are happening "to you" rather than your being in charge of the flow. The price for not keeping up with and acting on your insights and intuitions will be a bit larger with these energies.

If you are experiencing things happening around you that you seem to have no control of, or if your life seems to be getting harder, the most important step you can take is to acknowledge your intuition and take the actions that flow from the insights you are having. Do not try to hang on to things that are leaving your life. Trust that nothing ever leaves unless something better is coming.

Time is speeding up. To stay in the flow you need to operate with more consciousness in the moment. You need to be alert to the moment-by-moment choices you are making. Major changes do not come from large choices, but from a series of small ones. Each small choice you make is determining your larger direction. It is the moment-by-moment insights when acted on and followed that set the direction of your life.

You can increase your sensitivity to the subtle energies and have a moment-to-moment awareness through awakening your light body, working with your soul, or through meditation. If you have a sensitivity to the subtle energies you will find these times provide you with a great opportunity to play. They will assist you in having clear insights and receiving soul impressions. The more you notice the energies about you, your own energy, and your soul, the more you will experience these times as an incredible opportunity for growth and expansion. Things will be smooth and easy for you because you will receive and act upon your insights, urges, and soul impressions. You will sense the changing energies, be able to adjust to them, and use them. These energies will make it easier for you to know which insights to act upon and to then take action.

Create moment-to-moment awareness
to best use these energies.

The more you can stay in a moment-to-moment awareness, the more you will enjoy these energies. It will be an exciting time. Not exciting in the sense of challenging, but exciting because there are a greater number of potential flows that can be set up, more opportunities, and the potential of bringing into form those things you have been in the process of creating. It is a time when you can reap the rewards of all the inner work you have been doing to bring things into your life. You may find new circumstances and the manifestation of your past work coming about.

You may also find yourself too busy if you do not choose which opportunities you want to act upon carefully. It is important to make wise choices and to do those things that keep you in the flow from moment-to-moment.

During these times you may feel a need to take steps to change your outer forms in major ways, such as launching a new business, getting a new job, moving, having a child, changing something major about your life-style, and so on. If you have been making the small changes as they have been indicated, these changes may not seem that big, but instead appear as a logical next step. The changing forms are then just a recognition of the smaller choices that you have been making. It is only when you have gotten to a place through your small choices that your larger forms no longer support you, such as your relationship, job, home, and so on, that it is time to make those bigger changes.

If you have not been following the smaller steps as they appeared to you to make, nor making adjustments to allow for the changing energies, or if you have been trying to keep things from changing, you may find the need to make big changes in your life that do not seem as easy to make.

You may be feeling a need
to change some of the forms in your life.

Examine the forms you have set up. Do they still serve you? The old forms you created relied upon a certain energy to be there or a certain way in which the energies work. As the energies change, the old forms are not going to work as well as they used to. Forms rely upon the subtle energies; they take their substance and their ability to function from the subtle energies. If the underlying subtle energy changes, then the patterns cannot be supported in the same way. The changes in the subtle energies occurring right now means many forms will be shifting. You may feel this as a need to change things in your life to bring them up to the new levels of light you are sensing and feeling. These changes may not necessarily be outer changes. Your most major change may be in your perception of the way things are; perhaps very little needs to change in your way of doing things.

If you want to bring about new circumstances, it is a wonderful time to do so. As you set about to make changes, you will want to manifest those things that go out into time. What does this mean? If you create those forms that are perfect for who you are now, in no time you will have outgrown them. You may have experienced as a child buying clothes that just fit you when you bought them, and in a short time they were too small for you.

You will want to put your time and energy into those things that will last as you grow. To manifest in the new way, you want to create those things that are slightly beyond your reach, allowing yourself room to grow into them. Because there is "no time" in the higher spaces, you can more easily sense and create those forms that will work for you as time goes by, and not just immediately as you need them.

An efficient way to change is to work within your old forms until you outgrow them, so that you are not continually putting time and energy into changing your life and circumstances. If you recognize this as a process and do not let yourself get upset, dissuaded, slowed down, or anxious by keeping the old forms beyond the time they fit you, this is a good way to change. It is like fixing up an old car for several more years before buying a new one; saving for a new car that will go out into time and truly serve you rather than buying one that will barely get you around. When you do change the form, change the form into something that is slightly ahead of its time. In this way the amount of energy that you have to put into changing and shifting the form as you grow later is much smaller.

Create those things that are
ahead of what you need today.

Realize that what you create is usually only going to match your needs and wants perfectly for a short period of time. It is better to create those things that at first may be more than you need or ahead of you. There will be a time when they fit you perfectly, and a time when you outgrow what you have created. You will get much more done, with much less energy, if you create those things that go out into time as far as possible, anticipating your future needs as you create them.

Think of something you are creating right now. Make soul contact and blend with your soul. With your soul present, think of yourself two or three years from now. Is what you are creating going to serve you out into time? Can you expand what you are creating now so it fits you in several years or possibly even longer?

These are good times to create those things that set the stage for the future, such as doing those things that expand your business, simplify your life, allow you time to do those things that are your true purpose and to live as your soul. Choose those actions and forms that open up into time. Before you take an action ask, "Does this action close things down or box me in, or is it going to give me even more choices and opportunities after I take it?"

If there are actions you have taken in the past that have brought you to a place where you feel trapped, start by picturing those areas opening up. Add light to them simply by imagining that you are doing so. Build a strong foundation and create structures in your life that allow you to expand. Many wonderful, new energies are coming that bring with them many opportunities. Choose carefully what you put your time and energy into.

Create foundations and structures you can build upon without having to start from scratch every time. This can be as simple as organizing your files so you can find things easily in the future. It is doing those things that make it easier in the future for you to continue to expand and live in higher ways. It is setting those structures that create greater foundations for you to live a soul life, to live in the flow, and to continue to build on without having to frequently start over.

Manifestation can happen more easily and smoothly than usual during these times if you are paying attention to your intuition. You can increase your intuition and insights by asking your soul to give you soul impressions. What are soul impressions? These are the ways your soul can reach you with its higher wisdom, directions, and goals. It can send you "impressions," while you sleep, or throughout the day if you learn to open up to them. These soul impressions are more than guidance; they can actually add energy to certain directions and take energy out of other directions or actions you may have been thinking of taking. Do the light play exercises that follow to receive soul impressions.

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Light Play: Asking for Soul Impressions
Soul impressions are those intuitions, understandings, urges, and insights that come from your soul. You can bring more of these into your life. You can ask your soul for them, open to receive them, and recognize them when they come.  To ask for soul impressions:

  1. As you fall asleep, think of the day you have planned upon arising.
  2. Release your plans and be open to new thoughts and ideas, so that when you wake up you are facing the day freshly and are open to new soul directions.
  3. Bring in your soul before you fall asleep. Surround your heart center with your soul's light until you can feel its presence.
  4. Take a moment to think of yourself as if you are your soul, realizing that your soul is a part of you and that you are not separate from it.
  5. Sense the souls of people in your house. Think of the souls of any nearby animals, and of the earth itself.
  6. When you feel your soul's presence, mentally ask your soul to send you impressions during the night.
  7. As much as you can, follow yourself into sleep with your consciousness. Can you observe yourself crossing the awake/asleep border? Can you take some of your waking consciousness with you into your dreams?

You are now ready to learn how to recognize soul impressions when you wake up.

Light Play: Recognizing Soul Impressions
How might you recognize a soul impression if you awaken with one?

  1. As you begin to wake up, recall any important dreams you had as you go in and out of sleeping and dreaming. This is a good time to catch some of the impressions that your soul has sent you.
  2. When you are more fully awake, think of the day ahead. Notice what things seem to draw you, that seem important, or have a sense of joy or light as you think of them.
  3. Think of those things that you had planned on doing that no longer seem appealing to you.
  4. Imagine being playful and letting go of everything you have planned for the day. Let ideas come into your mind about new things you might do with your day. Think of the most wonderful things you can imagine doing. Include not only recreational activities, but also things you might do in areas of your work or daily activities that might be fun and joyful.
  5. In the beginning you might not notice much difference in your day, insights, or thoughts as you ask for soul impressions. The effects are cumulative, so continue to ask for them and to work with your soul.

When you ask for soul impressions, your soul not only sends you guidance, but sends you energy with its guidance. It will energize certain paths for you. It will light up those things for you that put you in a higher flow and on a higher path.

Your soul will withdraw energy from other paths, particularly those that are not in alignment with its higher purposes or that do not add light to your life. You will know those things because you will find you have no energy to do them, or the feeling to do them is not very strong, or it is almost a forcing or a pushing to do them.

Your soul can also show you new directions. Its energy is a force of flowing light that can highlight those things in your life that reflects its goals and directions.
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Light Play: Receiving Soul Impressions Throughout the Day
You may experience the unfolding of the soul impressions you received during the night throughout the day. Learn to recognize them when you do.

  1. Before you start an activity, stop for a moment and think of your soul, feeling its light around your heart center.
  2. Think of several choices you have about what to do next.
  3. Pay attention to those choices that seem the most attractive to you. You will know by listening to your heart and by your positive thoughts and joyful feelings about them.
  4. As you start the next activity, be fully present with it as often as you can. Notice when your thoughts wander to other things, and practice putting all of your awareness into what you are doing. As you develop this moment-by-moment awareness, you can notice when you are in the flow and when you are not.
  5. Pay attention to any thoughts that seem to drop into your mind that have an "ah ha" sense to them, that give you new solutions or directions. Your soul energizes certain thoughts so you will notice them.
  6. Observe how you feel throughout the day. Is what you are doing making you feel more energized, or less energized? If you are feeling energized then you are following your soul's impressions and the directions it is lighting up for you.
  7. If you are not feeling energized, if the desire to do something is waning, then let it go and do something else that you do feel like doing.

As you take these steps, you are preparing yourself to receive, to recognize, and to act upon your soul's impressions.

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