Higher Self, Soul, and Divine Self

In Orin's book, Spiritual Growth, Being Your Higher Self, the concept of higher self and soul are used interchangeably.
In Orin's book Soul Love, Orin further defines higher self and soul as different from each other.

What is the Higher Self, Soul and Divine Self - Overview (article below)
What is Your Soul? (article below)
What is Your Divine Self (article below)

What Is the Higher Self, Soul, and Divine Self - Overview
Orin, and many other guides and teachers, refer to the levels of your being using such words as higher self, soul, spirit, and Divine Self.  When Orin refers to the Divine Self, also called spirit, God/ess and the Presence, he is referring to the source and essence of all life.  The Divine Self within you is eternal, infinite consciousness, free from all attachments and beyond all action; it is constant and unchanging, birthless and deathless.  This Self can only be known through a direct experience of It and cannot be known through the rational mind.  It is the Oneness from which all life comes, and to which all life returns. 

Out of the Oneness you were created as an individual.  Orin refers to your soul as that part of you that has individual consciousness, that is a bridge between the Divine Self and your personality. Your soul is a repository of all your lifetimes of experience, and grows as you grow.  It knows and expresses Divine Will and purpose, and makes this energy available to you, the personality.  Your soul's essence is love.  

"Higher Self" is a word Orin uses to define when you, at the personality level, can express your soul's light and the light of the Divine Self through your words, thoughts, actions, and all that you are and do.

Orin teaches Divine Will as a way to build a bridge between you and the Divine Self, for each quality of Divine Will embodies a quality of consciousness of the Divine Self.  Orin feels that working with Divine Will is a powerful and effective way to open to Divine Self consciousness. 

Orin refers to your soul as the part of you that is the link between your personality and your divine self. Your soul is light and its personality is pure love. Orin refers to the source of your being, the essence of you and your soul, as your spirit or Divine Self. Orin's book, Soul Love, has much more information about your soul and spirit.

When your personality is fully developed, integrated, and evolved, it becomes a tool for your soul to fulfill its goals. It becomes more than a personality–it becomes your higher self. However, fusion of your mind, emotions, and body–being your higher self, is not the same as being your soul.

Your higher self is a perfect instrument through which your soul can express itself on the earth plane. As your higher self, you carry out the purposes of your soul, instead of following the desires of your personality. You are being your higher self every time you align with your soul and carry out its goals.

Orin felt that it was fine to work with both your soul and higher self interchangeably for the purposes of the work he was doing in the past and for what he wanted to accomplish. To take you to new levels, he now feels you are ready to work with the concept of higher self as different from the soul.

What is Your Soul-More Information
Orin: Your soul lives on the soul plane, a dimension of light and vibration that is closer to Oneness, Source, God, Goddess, the All-That-Is, than the earth plane. Your soul is infused with Spirit, with your Divine Self. Spirit–your Divine Self–is the consciousness that permeates and gives life to your soul, just as your soul permeates and gives life to you. Your soul provides the medium through which Spirit can reach you. It is the link between your Divine, Eternal Self and your personality.

Your soul is more than a combination of your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It is the intelligence that directs the building of your bodies. It contains your essence between lifetimes and holds the patterns that created you in this lifetime. It has qualities of mind and mental awareness; it is intelligent and creative. It can draw matter to itself to create forms in your physical world. It lives in higher spiritual dimensions and brings the light and energy of those dimensions to you. Your soul is always evolving and growing, just as you are. It is the repository of all wisdom, love, and spiritual will and power that you have gained from every lifetime. It grows more complete and beautiful with each shift you make, as you add all that you are now learning to your soul's light.

Recognize that your soul
is a part of you.

Realize that your soul is not separate from you; it is a part of you. As you make soul contact, you are getting to know yourself as a soul. You are expanding your consciousness to experience your soul's greater light, wisdom, and love.

Your soul is made of light and is the embodiment of love. It is a master on its own plane, the soul plane. To grow and fulfill its higher purpose, your soul needs to become a master of the physical plane in which you live. Part of its purpose is to learn how to send its light into your personality, mind, and emotions to establish its higher light and rhythm in all of them. Your personality is your soul as it exists on the earth plane in the world of form and matter. Your level of spiritual evolution is determined by the mastery your soul has gained on the earth plane.

To reach enlightenment, you cannot sit around and wait for your soul to contact you and do all the work for you. Your soul is in a state of deep meditation. Most of your soul's attention is turned upward toward the realms of Spirit, of pure God-light, until you are ready to call its attention to you. Although it is always transmitting waves of soul energy to you, its work with you changes when you develop an awareness of it. Then you can use its stimulating, purifying, and transformative energies to grow spiritually.

You are the one who needs to draw your soul's attention to you. You do this through expanding your consciousness–seeking to be your higher self, to grow spiritually, and to awaken your light body. You draw your soul to you through your will and your intent to make your inner life real. When you consciously connect with your soul and continually draw it into your life, your soul begins to put more attention and energy into you. When this happens, your spiritual growth accelerates rapidly. You work from the earth plane upward, and your soul works from the soul plane downward.

As you blend with your soul, you can absorb the spiritual knowledge that is in and around its being. This will improve your daily life. Your soul knows the divine plan for humanity and all life; it knows the part you are to play in that plan.

As your soul sends its light downward, it experiences itself through your earth consciousness. It can more successfully express itself through you as your personality becomes more responsive to it. Your soul can fulfill its higher purpose of mastering and bringing its light into the world of form and matter that you live in. As you blend with your soul and radiate its energy in your daily life, you serve humanity in a valuable way. You become a distributor of soul energy. Through soul contact, you can radiate love, light, beauty, and joy to others.

What is the Divine Self- Overview
Your soul is an intermediary between you and your Divine Self until such time as you are able to directly experience and realize the Divine Self as who you are. It is the light of your soul that reveals the light of spirit, of your Divine Self. The light of your Divine Self, of spirit within, is at a different octave of light than the light of your soul.

What is spirit, your Divine Self? It is the divine essence of your being, the source of all light and life within you. Your Divine Self is omnipresent (everywhere at once), omnipotent (all powerful), and omniscient (all-knowing). It is eternal, infinite being, love, and wisdom. It is the Self that is free from all attachments and beyond all action; it is constant, unchanging, and indestructible.

It is the Self that is the observer, is the witness of the activities of mind, but not identified with them. All descriptions of Divine Self are inadequate; the Self is best known through a direct experience of It and cannot be known through the rational mind. What is the Divine Self? Contacting the Divine Self  

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