Blending with Your Soul

Learn more about what is your soul. To listen to a short Orin meditation to make soul contact, go to Orin's Meditation Room.  To receive a soul message as your personal affirmation, visit our Affirmation Room.
You can also use Orin's written alignment exercise called Aligning with Your Soul. 

To assist you in blending with your soul, you may want to listen to Sanaya and Orin's audio album, Soul Love-Awakening Your Heart Centers.   As you blend with your soul, you may want to listen to Thaddeus' music, Becoming Your Soul which calls forth the energies of the Enlightened Ones to assist you in connecting with your soul. 

Greetings from Orin:
Prepare now to blend with your soul. Find a comfortable position, one that allows you to stop and picture what you are asked to do. Let this be a special occasion. Take time to get quiet and call light to yourself. Focus on your breathing until you feel your thoughts becoming quieter and your awareness turning inward. Calm your emotions and relax your body.

Join us and many beings of light to journey now to the soul plane, to call your soul to you and blend with it, and to work with your soul to awaken your heart center. You can sense the soul plane and your soul by expanding your consciousness. Focusing on the Solar light is one of the most powerful and effective ways to expand and lift your consciousness to the soul plane where you can meet and work with your soul.

What is the Solar light? It has been called the Heart of the Sun. It sustains all life on the soul plane much as your physical sun sustains all life on the earth plane. The Solar light is a vast, magnificent, living being. Its energy reaches out into infinity and shines through to the earth plane. It is the light of Higher Will and Universal Love.

Receive a stream of love from the Solar light
into your heart center

You can work with the Solar light to journey to the soul plane. Imagine it above you, a beautiful, radiant sun. Greet it as a living, loving being. Picture a stream of love coming from the Solar light directly to you, lifting you upward. Let the Solar light draw you upward into a world of incredible, beautiful light, the light of the soul plane where your soul lives. As you look, you see sparkling, moving points of light everywhere; the souls of others. You are in the sea of light of the soul plane. Think of the Solar light above you until you have a stronger and clearer sense of it. It is fine if it feels as if you are using your imagination.

In the soul plane is a place I will call the "Temple of the Enlightened Ones". You are invited to come to this Temple to meet and to blend with your soul. You can go to the Temple simply by thinking of this high, beautiful place. Picture what this Temple looks or feels like as you approach it. Feel the love, joy, and peace that is here. You might feel or sense the presence of the highest of beings, whose hearts are filled with pure love. You can feel calm and peaceful here, happy and free. You no longer need to protect yourself; you are safe and loved in this wonderful place. As you think of this place, it comes into view. A being of light meets you and leads you inside to an enormous courtyard in the middle of the Temple.

Look around with your inner eyes and see the light of the souls of all the others who have come to do the same work of joining with their souls as you are doing. All of you are in the center of a courtyard. A ceremony of joining is about to begin. You are being joined by many Beings of light who are here to assist you in calling your soul and blending with it. Imagine that row upon row, tier upon tier of beings of light are joining you.

It is time to begin. Call your soul to you by sounding an inner note. There is a part of you that knows exactly how to do this. You have sounded this note before in those times when you called out for greater strength, wisdom, love, or assistance. This note may be a feeling, a tone, or a sound. There is no right or wrong way to call your soul, so do not worry if you have the right note or sound. Your soul knows your intention to call it. It will hear you. Or, you may simply think of your soul, focus upon it, and ask it to come to you.

Greet your soul as a living, loving being

Your soul hears your call. It is now making itself visible to you. You may sense it off in a distance, moving closer and closer until it is standing directly in front of you. Feel its vastness, its beauty, its living presence. Observe your soul closely. It may appear as an enormous sphere of light. Take time to appreciate its greater light of oneness, perfection, and beauty. Acknowledge how powerful, magnificent, and beautiful it is. Can you feel it as a living presence, a consciousness of great love, wisdom, and intelligence?

Your soul is preparing to blend with you. It moves closer and closer, until its enormous light is in front of you. Feel its peaceful, loving presence. It is moving nearer to you in a way that is very gentle and very respectful of you. Your soul sends a beam of light from its center into your heart center. Absorb this wonderful light and allow it to open your heart. As your heart opens up all is being healed. Nothing may change immediately, but the work is now being done to lift some of the suffering and pain you may have experienced. Let the light of your soul open any areas of your life that need more love.

As your soul prepares to blend with you, it asks you once again, "Are you ready to blend with me?" Go deep within and make sure you are ready before you take the next step. When you are ready, your soul lovingly begins to surround your body. Sense its brightness. Even with your eyes closed it is so bright that there is a sense of enormous radiance, as if your inner world is getting brighter and brighter. When you think it can be or feel any brighter, it grows even brighter still.

Sense the power, love, and light of your soul

You have blended with your soul. Feel its powerful presence all about you. Thank it for its ever-present love and caring for you. Stay here in the Temple of the Masters until you are ready to return. You may take as long as you want to work with your soul and your heart center.

You may want to go back and read this again, doing the complete exercise several more times. Each time you may sense a more complete alignment with your soul.

You can call upon the power of your soul any time you need. You can call upon its light to assist you any time you want extra light, love, or wisdom. Simply imagine your soul coming to you, blending with you, and adding its light to yours. Be open to new thoughts, feelings, and ways of being that your soul will bring to you as it adds its light to your consciousness.

We send you our love and greetings! ~ Orin

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