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Greetings from Orin!

I will speak of joy, compassion, and higher purpose, for many of you are searching for peace and a sense of inner completion. Most of you are aware that peace comes from your inner world and that the outer world is a symbolic representation of that which is within. You are all at different levels of perceiving the process by which you create what you experience.

What is the path of joy? There are many life-paths you can choose, just as there are many ways you can serve on a planetary level. There is a path of will, a path of struggle, and a path of joy and compassion. 

Joy is an inner note that you sound
as you move through the day.

What brings joy into your life? Do you know? Are you aware of that which makes you happy? Are you so busy fulfilling your daily obligations that you put off to some future time those things that make you feel good? The path of joy deals with present and not future time. Are you holding an image of what life will be like one day when you are happy, but not feeling that sense of well-being right now, today?

Many of you fill your time with activities that are not soul-directed but with activities of the personality. People may have taught you that self-worth comes from being busy. There are two kinds of busyness, however. Personality-directed activities are often based on “shoulds” and do not express your higher purpose. Soul-directed activity is always an expression of your higher purpose.

The senses often distract the personality, capturing its attention from moment to moment. The phone call, the child, the constant voices, the emotions of others -- all are energies that grab your attention throughout the day and can distract you from your inner-directed messages.

True joy comes from operating with
inner-directedness and
recognizing who you are.

 You may have many reasons why you cannot change your life right now. If you do not create reasons why you can, change will always be a future thought, and you will not be on the path of joy. In this world you have chosen to come into, you have been given physical senses and an emotional body. Your great challenge is to not be distracted by that which happens in front of you, or is pulling on you or calling to you, but instead to find your center and magnetize to yourself all those things that are in alignment with your inner being.

Are you setting it up so that people are pulling on you, so that your time is full, but you are not filling it with the things you want? You have the power to change that drama. It comes from your compassion for who you are and from your sense of inner freedom. 

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