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General information on taking seminars remotely
What is remote participation?
Deciding to come in person or take seminar remotely
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We are delighted that you are thinking about joining us for a transformative seminar event, either by attending in person or as a remote participant. You may choose at any time to change from live participation to remote participation, or from remote participation to live participation; just contact our office and let us know. 

General information on taking live seminars remotely
Many hundreds of people have taken our seminars remotely, from their home, without attending in person. They report having amazing and wonderful experiences. Although they say the experience is different than attending the live event, they report that they definitely feel the energies and transmissions, and very much felt like they were a part of the group. From their very positive feedback, we realize that taking a seminar remotely can be as powerful (and yet different) an experience as attending a seminar in person. Both coming in person and attending remotely offer unique and special experiences and connections to the energies.

As a group, we are bringing through new energies and patterns of light and consciousness that have not been present on the earth plane before. The new energies DaBen is transmitting in the light body seminars can have a profound impact on your life. As you use these energies and work with them, you become a transmitter of these new energies to others who are following one step behind. Because you are pioneering these energies and will be holding the space for these energies to become available to others in the future, DaBen and many beings of light will offer you much individual attention and transmissions on the inner planes, both during and after the seminar.

What is remote participation?
During the times of a live seminar, you can participate in the seminar remotely, listening to DaBen's talks and journeys that will be posted online during the seminar weekend. Meditations and talks will be available for download or streaming, using an MP3 format. (You can decide at any time to come in person, just let us know prior to the first day of the seminar).

If you are planning on listening to the talks and meditations that will be posted online during the seminar, you will need the free Flash Player for using the streaming option, as well as a broadband or high speed Internet connection. Otherwise, you can download the meditations and talks and use whatever player you have on your computer to listen to the audio. Your browser should tell you if don't have Flash, and offer you the option to download it for free. Note: Flash Player has an option to download the free McAfee Security Scan indicated by a check mark in a box. We always uncheck this box before downloading Flash Player, however this is an individual choice.

If you have a dial-up connection, you will need to download the audio journeys to be able to listen to them on your own computer, using whatever player and software you have available.

Download Option:It is much better to download the journeys to your computer, using the "Download Now" button, as once the audio is on your computer you can listen using your computer's media player, and not need to be on the Internet to listen. Downloading the journeys and putting them on your computer will eliminate any interruptions of the audio as it plays, and give you a better listening experience.

Streaming Option: The "streaming" option is available for about 10 weeks after a seminar has been given until the final edited talks and journeys have been posted. After that, only the download option will be available.

Deciding to come in person or attend remotely
How do I decide if I should come in person or attend remotely? You can participate remotely or in person if you have completed the basic Awakening Your Light Body course. Both coming in person and attending remotely offer special experiences and connections to the energies. While there are many benefits to coming in person, such as meeting other people, getting away on a retreat where you can have an intensive experience of spiritual energies for 3 days, there are also many benefits to taking the seminar remotely. The seminar tuition is the same either way.

Deciding to change your remote participation to come in person
If you are registered as a remote participant and decide to come in person, please let us know before the seminar by contacting our office so we can have all of your seminar materials ready for you at registration.

You will need to be paid in full prior to the seminar start dates to have access to the seminar talks and journeys. You can log in to your Member's Area and click on "Order History and Seminar Payments." Then follow the instructions for making payments on your seminar balance, or paying it off completely.

View our page on Seminar Questions and Audio for additional information. 
For additional download information, go to our General Audio Download Information.

How to participate remotely in live events
If you choose to participate in a seminar remotely, make the weekend of the seminar a special weekend. Take the phone off the hook and create a special place in your home to meditate in. During the seminar weekend, when you meditate, imagine you are at the seminar, joining with everyone. Tune into DaBen during the seminar and the energy he is sending. Everyone at the seminar is aware that there are many of you joining us long-distance, and we will all include you energetically in our awareness during the meditations.

Even if you have other responsibilities, setting aside a few hours and meditating during the seminar times will assist you in being a part of the seminar energies and receiving DaBen's transmissions just for you. You can listen to the talks and meditations from the seminar as they are posted, or you can download them to an iPod type device or burn CDs of the journeys and listen to the journeys as you are able to. Additionally, you can run the energies on your own and find the energies of the seminar on the inner planes. If you are participating prior to live journeys being posted, such as during the first morning of the seminar, you may want to listen to the seminar preparatory journeys, or any other light body journeys you find very expansive.

You can meditate with us during the corresponding times in your time zone, or whenever possible during the seminar weekend. DaBen is aware that you will be joining the group on the inner planes, and will be transmitting directly to you when you are in a state of meditation and open to receive his transmissions. Remember there is no time and space in the higher dimensions, so the transmissions will reach you whether or not you are tuning in at the exact moment he is transmitting.

During the seminar weekends you are developing your ability to tune in on the inner planes and receive the energies that are being transmitted without audio or visual cues. Play with your ability to tune into the group energy and the spaces DaBen is transmitting. As a remote participant of the light body seminars, you can advance your ability to be aware of the subtle energies by playing in this way.

Availability of DaBen's meditations and Duane's talks

You can access the audio files after you have paid in full for the seminar(s) and log into your Member’s Area using your User ID and password. Remember, if the seminar has not started or you are not yet paid in full, there will be no audio for you to view or listen to other than the preparatory journeys.

We will be posting Duane's talks and DaBen's meditations from the seminar throughout the seminar weekend, starting around 1:00 - 3:00 PM California time, on the first day of the live seminar. Our sound engineers record the audio during the seminar, then do some preliminary clean-up editing and mixing, and then post the journeys for you to listen to. This is not a live web cast. While the audio quality is excellent and the preliminary editing is good, we do additional editing and audio clean up after the seminar.

We usually have the morning talks and journeys available by the afternoon of the first day of the seminar, and some of the afternoon talks and journeys available by the evening of the first day, and so on, Pacific Time. We will be posting additional audio journeys and talks each day so that you can practice from home or at a place of your choosing. We hope to have all the talks and journeys of the seminar posted by the end of following week after the seminar. View information on your time zone and use San Francisco, California time as our time. If you are in Asia or Australia, be sure to check the equivalent time zones. An example is that Friday in Oregon may become Saturday in your part of the world.

About 10 weeks after the seminar, we post the final edited seminar audio talks and journeys for you to download again, if you choose, and we will post information on the download page to let you know that the final edited journeys and talks are available.

Receiving DaBen's transmissions
If you are attending in person: DaBen is able to transmit to you individually whatever energy is appropriate for you during each meditation. As you listen to the meditation, either in person or through the Internet, open to receive the energy being sent, and know that DaBen is aware of and assisting you in exploring the energies that are next for you.

If you are taking the seminar as a remote participant:
DaBen is aware that you will be joining the group on the inner planes, and will be transmitting directly to you during the seminar weekend. Remember there is no time and space in the higher dimensions, so his transmissions will reach you whether or not you are tuning in at the exact moment he is transmitting. You can listen months later, and the transmissions meant just for you will be there for you to receive.

Let me know about your remote experiences after the seminar
I would love to hear from you about how you experienced the seminar as a remote participant. I look forward to joining you on the inner planes.~ Duane

Light Body Graduate Seminars

DaBen's Seminar Series includes:

General Information about All Seminars

  • Duane will be present throughout the seminar, and at most breaks where you can ask questions.
  • You have the option of coming to a live seminar, or participating remotely, from your home.
  • DaBen will transmit to you individually whatever spaces are next for you, whether you come in person or take the seminar remotely.
  • Sanaya will be available throughout the seminar.
  • You will be given an opportunity in many journeys to work with your guide.  It is not necessary to have prior experience with a guide, just a willingness to be open to working with one. And it is fine if you do not work with a guide as well.
  • Seven (7) Preparatory journeys are available to assist you in getting more out of each seminar with your registration, and are the same for each seminar. 
  • There will be 20 or more DaBen meditations and numerous talks and exercises in each seminar in addition to the preparatory journeys.
  • You will have online access to seminar journeys and talks which are posted throughout the seminar weekend.
  • Audio of the entire seminar, including Duane's talks and DaBen's journeys, are provided in MP3 download format shortly after the actual time presented.
  • Final audio is professionally edited, studio quality, available about 10 weeks after the seminar concludes.
  • Transcripts of the audio course are provided and posted as they are transcribed throughout the seminar weekend.
  • A PDF manual with transcripts of the seminar talks and journeys will be available about 10 weeks after the seminar.
  • Artwork is provided for you to print and use if you burn CDs, and should also appear on a video MP3 player.

To enroll, use the "Add to Cart" button
Enroll with either a Deposit of $125, or use the Pay in Full $575 option.  Select if you are participating by coming in person or remotely, then using the "Add to Cart" button. You will checkout as you normally do when you purchase a product, going to your shopping cart and following instructions to checkout. You will need to create a member's account as part of the checkout process the first time you are enrolling in a seminar. 

You can make payments: The invoice for this seminar will appear in the Member's Area after you Log In, under "Order History and Seminar Payments."  If you want to make payments, you can click on the balance due that will show up in your "Order History and Seminar Payments", and enter whatever payment you want to apply to this seminar.  You will need to be paid in full by the beginning of the seminar to attend in person, and to have access to the seminar journeys if you are participating remotely. Note: The $125 deposit entitles you to DaBen's preparatory journeys and is non-refundable.

Viewing Your Seminar Audio Journeys:  You can view the seminar audio journeys by logging in to the Member's Area, and then clicking on "My Downloads and Seminars."  When you Log In you will have access to any seminars you have enrolled in, once the seminar is underway and the audio journeys have been posted. View and use links to enroll in DaBen's upcoming seminars here. You can read more about registering for and accessing your seminar audio online here.

DaBen and Duane's Upcoming Live Graduate Seminars

Work with your guide, travel into realms of light, and receive energy from Luminous Beings for

Evolving Into Your Luminous Body

A Series of Live Seminars by Duane and DaBen

2015 Live Seminar Schedule

In this series of seminars you will join with your guide throughout DaBen's meditations. You will meet and work with Luminous beings who have many gifts of consciousness to offer you to assist you to evolve into your Luminous Body. This is a body of light that exists in a higher realm than the light body, but also includes your light body. Your Luminous Body allows you to receive and open to more of the illumined consciousness and infinite potential that lies within you. You do not need prior experience channeling a guide to participate in these courses, however you will have an opportunity during the journeys to work with your guide as you explore new realms of light. You do need to be a graduate of DaBen and Orin's Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course.

DaBen’s Individual Transmissions
DaBen will transmit to you individually whatever energies are next for you as you listen to his meditations or call upon him, whether you come in person or take the seminar remotely.

Seminars are Open to All Light Body Graduates
No light body graduate courses are required to participate, however you do need to be an Awakening Your Light Body basic course graduate as stated above, so you will understand DaBen's instructions. You can take any course in the Luminous Body series whether or not you have studied the prior course, and the courses can be taken in any order. With each course you will gain ever-expanding consciousness.

While the seminar courses are sequential and build on each other, DaBen does a quick review of earlier stages of the Luminous Body in each seminar so you can participate in any seminar without studying the previous seminars in this series. Any previous graduate light body courses you have taken will allow you to experience in more depth the spaces being offered.

Duane has provided 7 Preparatory journeys, the same for each of the six seminars in this series to assist you in preparing for this course that are available to listen to with your seminar deposit.

product imagePart 1: Discovering Your Luminous Body
23 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited. 
Taught as a live seminar, this course is now available! (LB961E)

Pproduct imageart 2: Building Your Luminous Body
  22 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
  Audio is studio quality, digitally edited.
  Taught as a live seminar, this course is now available!  (LB962E) 

product imagePart 3: Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body
24 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited.
Taught as a live seminar, this course is now available!  (LB963E)

product imagePart 4: Expanding Your Luminous Body
22 DaBen meditations and talks, PDF with transcripts, and artwork. 
Audio is studio quality, digitally edited.
Recently taught as a live seminar, this course is now available!  (LB964E)

product imageApril 17-19, 2015
Refining Your Luminous Body
Duane/DaBen Graduate Light Body Seminar
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

product imageOctober 23-25, 2015
Expressing as Your Luminous Body on the Earth Plane
Duane/DaBen Graduate Light Body Seminar
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday