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Where do I start?
Path of Self Realization offered by Orin, explains his courses and how they relate to Self-Realization
Light Body Study Sequence Chart, guide to the light body study courses

Requesting and receiving extra energy, healing energy
Getting answers to your questions

FAQ Customer Service Index
Deciding what Products to Order
Creating Money and Abundance resources and Free Information
Channeling resources and assistance, questions
Can I Listen to Orin meditations online?
Thaddeus Music questions
Do you have a study group in my area?
Will you come to my area to teach?
May I teach classes based on your books?
Do you have any new books out?
May I link my website to yours?
Who did your web graphics? Are they available as posters?
I would like to send art, music, manuscript, books to you; can I do that?
Information About Using Thaddeus' music Royalty-Free

Where to Start
If you need help deciding where to start, we suggest reading an important message from Orin about his courses and the Path of Self-Realization that he is offering. This message and article can assist you in selecting what courses may be right for you at this time. We also have a list of  recommended products to help you decide what audio, books, or music might be of interest to you. If you have read any of our books and wish to deepen your experience and skill with that area that is a great place to start. Read about the audio courses that have been designed to go with that book.

Will I Be Able to Stream or Download Audio that I Order?s
Digital audio that you order will be in your Member Area and as long as you are logged in you will be able to stream it to your listening device.
You can also download the audio from your Member Area. With Apple devices, after downloading programs to your computer, you will then need to bring the audio into iTunes or a similar app, then sync to your iPad, iPhone, or other Apple devices. Except for digital content purchased directly from an Apple website, Apple does not allow users of other websites to download the digital files directly to and iPad or iPhone.
If you are unsure about whether you will be able to stream or download a purchase that you are considering: please practice on the free meditations that we offer in Orin's meditation room. Downloading or streaming from our website is easy, and very similar to many other websites.

Stores Where I Can Purchase Your Audio Courses and Books
You can search the internet for places that sell our printed books, as well as in eBook format. Our audio meditation courses are available only from us on this website, and from a small group of our qualified teachers. Any other audio meditations that you find online are "pirated" audio, and are likely to be of inferior audio quality or will come with Malware. We appreciate you for supporting our work which is protected by U.S.A. and international copyright law by ordering directly from LuminEssence.

FAQs by Topic
Channeling resources and questions, including, "do we have channels in your area, do Sanaya and Duane give individual readings, suggestions on how to improve your channeling"

Creating Money and Abundance: Links to assistance, free website features, and Orin and DaBen products to assist you in becoming abundant and prosperous.

Are Orin and DaBen Meditations Available as CDs  - No
All of our Orin and DaBen albums, and Thaddeus music, are available in download and streaming formats. 

Can I Listen to Orin Meditation Samples?  
Orin has made many 3-4 minute sample meditations for you to enjoy and listen to for relaxation, serenity, and to expand your consciousness. Visit Orin's Meditation Room to enjoy Orin meditations. These meditations are provided free for your online enjoyment, they are free and not available for sale nor are they included on any of Orin's audio journeys.

Thaddeus Music Questions
Can I listen to Thaddeus' music? If you would like to hear 1 minute samples of all of Thaddeus' music, go to Thaddeus' Music Listening Room.

Royalty Free Music
If you want to use Thaddeus' music as background for your own guided meditations, MP3 files, CDs, DVDs, or other media, you may do so if you meet all the requirements and use the music as we request. We do not allow permission to use the music with subliminals or with sound frequencies added to the music.

Do you have a study group in my area?
We do not track people who are holding Orin and DaBen study groups except for light body teachers. If you want a study group in your area, we suggest you post a notice in your local metaphysical bookstore or check the newspaper for classes. We do have many facebook groups that other people have organized. You can search Facebook for Orin and DaBen online study groups.

Will you come to our area to teach? 
At this time, and into the foreseeable future, Orin and DaBen material is only accessed in download and streaming formats.

May I teach classes based on your books?
You are welcome to teach classes based on our books. For suggestions, go to the book that you want to teach classes on: Living with Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, Soul Love, Opening to Channel, Creating Money. If you send us flyers of your classes and dates, All of us at the Orin DaBen Foundation send you and your class energy during your class times. If you want to offer the LuminEssence audio meditations to your class members, you may purchase 2 or more of the same album for a discount. Click on the above links for more information. Visit our general information on teaching Orin and DaBen classes for more information and links to appropriate teaching pages. Be sure to read the linked pages which include how to reference LuminEssence, Orin, and DaBen so that you are in compliance with our copyright protections.

Will Orin have any new books available?
For a list of current Orin books available visit the Book Index page.

In addition, you can study Orin's Part 1: Transforming with Divine Will and Part 2: Living a Soul Life with Divine Will will teach you much of the information that will be made available in a book.
Read a summary of what people have gained from studying Divine Will and add your comments if you have worked with Divine Will before! 

May I link my website to yours?
You are welcome to link our website to yours!  We only ask that you let us know and send us your website address, we will send energy and hold a vision of the success of your site bringing light to others. Please use our Linking Website Form

Why don't you email daily affirmations?
If we were to send an affirmation email, we would be sending the same affirmation to every person requesting that service. But when you visit our Daily Affirmation Room, you will receive a message from your higher self and soul as something to pay attention to.

Who did your web graphics?  Are they available as posters?
Most of the artwork on this site was created by Mitch Posada, including the banners and download artwork. This art was created with the purpose of assisting people in being better able to sense light, so they carry much energy of light as you look at them. 

You can print copies of the color covers for your personal use: If you are not using the art commercially, but for your own personal use, you may print the graphics from our website on your color printer, or save the graphics to your computer to view.

Please Note: Please read the copyright permission information provided. All artwork used on this website is copyrighted and may not be downloaded or used without permission from LuminEssence, except for your personal use on your own computer as noted. If you would like to use artwork from our website, please email us, telling us who you are and what artwork you want to use, and for what purpose. We are not licensing the artwork on our site for use by others except for a few images, with permission given by LuminEssence. The energy in the art is very specific to Orin and DaBen's work.

I would like to send you my art, music, manuscript etc.
Unfortunately we are unable to view, listen, read or return any of your wonderful art, music, books, or manuscripts, so please do not send them to us. However, we would love to hear about your wonderful creations. Please sign our Guestbook, let us know what you have created. All of us at the Orin DaBen Foundation send you and your class energy for the success of your work and hold a vision that your work will reach everyone who can be assisted by it.

Below is an index of all our FAQ pages:

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